My Little Brony
Fanfic Information
Author Lolwutburger
Genre Parody/Crossover
Rating T
Written May 1, 2014
No. of Chapters 4
Status Incomplete
Link My Little Brony
Fic Chronology
My Little Brony Burger's Origin Story or Something, I dunno!

My Little Brony is a crossover fanfiction written and published on DeviantART by Lolwutburger. Each chapter of the story is written in the form of a script, and can vary from pretty short, or quite long. 4 chapters are released, with more coming soon, as indicated by the small text at the end of the chapters.


Stan and Kyle go to Bronycon, Randy starts a religion based on ponies, Cartman gets sent to Equestria, and a Shipping war starts. Hilarity ensues.


Chapter OneEdit

The story starts with Stan and Kyle waiting for a new Terrance and Phillip movie, where the titular duo gets abducted by aliens. When a promo airs, it is revealed that the episode was pulled to make way for a sneak peak of a new episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Stan and Kyle get surprised, and Kenny arrives bringing Pop tarts. Stan and Kyle tell Kenny about the episode's cancellation, in which Kenny reveals that he actually likes the show. They then check out the show because there's nothing else on TV. After an episode involving a pony sticking a screwdriver into another pony's ass, Stan and Kyle decide to tell everybody at school about the new show. Cartman, however seems to hate the show, because he believes that it turns people into "Super Queer Gaymos". They then try to make Cartman become a brony with a help of Mark, a kid from the other class. Their attempt of turning Cartman into a brony ends with Cartman calling Mark a sick queer and tells him that he'll make him eat his parents. After a small discussion between Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the other boys, they decide to go to Bronycon. Cartman, however decides to go to the Hasbro offices to have a word with the executives. He then finds out that the executives are only being paid to make toys, and the one in charge is actually a machine. Meanwhile, Randy watches an episode of My Little Pony, and instantly becomes hooked.

Chapter TwoEdit

The story opens in Bronycon, where the Midget in a Bikini is interviewing various people, including Bill and Fosse, on what they think about Bronycon. Meanwhile, Cartman decides to destroy the Hasbro machine to put a stop to the Brony Fandom, but he and the executives get zapped by the machine instead. At Skeeter's Bar, Randy's closet Brony identity is exposed, and the other males reveal themselves to be bronies too. Cartman and the Executives are then revealed to be alive, and floating in a wormhole vortex portal, in which the executives blame him for the mess. Stan, Kyle and the other kids arrive at Bronycon, where Kenny goes to a Rule 34 booth. Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle meet Tweek at Bronycon. Mark is then talking to a mysterious girl who has some information about the wormhole.

Chapter ThreeEdit

The chapter opens in the swirly vortex, where Cartman is revealed to have Cheesy Poofs. Stan and Kyle meet Bebe at a roleplayer booth, where she reveals that Wendy and Red are also in the convention. Randy's Brony religion seems to have a huge following, where they recap various episodes. The church of Scientology bursts in the Brony church, where they threaten to sue Randy Marsh for taking their followers. Meanwhile, the events happening to the other kids are revealed. The Boy in the Blue Cap is in a fanfiction booth, Wendy and Red discuss a new episode, Craig and Clyde get cheated out of an exclusive toy, and Kenny tries into the Rule 34 booth. At the end, Cartman is revealed to have landed in Equestria, or more specifically, landing on the dead bodies of the Hasbro executives.

Chapter FourEdit

The chapter begins with Craig and Clyde at the toy booth, where Craig starts a riot among the bronies because they won't unveil the exclusive convention toy. Cartman, having landed in Equestria meets Pinkie Pie, who introduces him to her friends. Cartman, seeing the events as a potential scheme, decides to tell the ponies that he's the Grand Wizard of a faraway kingdom. He then proceeds to introduce profanity into Equestria. Stan and Kyle then witness the events in the form of a new episode, with Cartman ridiculing Kyle, then they, Kenny and Wendy then decide to get to the bottom of this, and they get sent to Equestria the same way Cartman got sent there at the end of the previous chapter. Meanwhile, Mark from the first chapter and a boy named B. Garrett start a shipping war, which parodies real life flame wars on the internet. Mark and his accomplices then go to the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch(referred to as Mephisto's Lab in the story), where Mark is revealed to have a history with Terrance Mephisto. They buy some genetically altered weapons from Dr. Mephisto, who has some in his failed experiments room, mostly because the weapons don't involve asses. The chapter ends with B. Garrett, who hid secret cameras around the laboratory, decides that they can play dirty too, so he, Francis, and Bradley Biggle decide to get some weapons at Area 51.


  • In the descriptions, the author claims to have "saved the fanfiction from the hellhole called", referring to the fact that FanFiction.Net doesn't accept Scriptfics.

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