My Best Friend
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Author [1]
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating M
Pairing(s) Style
Written July 3, 2012
No. of Chapters 25
Status In Progress
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Warnings Rape
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My Best Friend

 My Best Friend is a fanfiction written on Fanfiction.Net by Gumball2.


After professing his love for Kyle, Stan is abducted and murdered by a gang of homophobic monsters. Stan, however, is revived by God and must now undergo the burdens that he and Kyle will face back on Earth.


For a homework assignment, Mr. Garrison's fourth-grade class must write poems. Stan decides to write his about Kyle and plans to come out in that fashion. The next day when he reads it, everyone is confused except for Cartman (who was laughing) and Mr. Garrison (who was shocked). Garrison then warns Stan that being gay could get him in a lot of trouble.

Stan proceeds to ignore Kyle until lunch, where he brings him out of the cafeteria. Stan tells Kyle about the poem and admits his love. Luckily, Kyle reciprocates his feelings. 

They continue to go about their day and plan to spend the afternoon together. Unfortunately, Sheila forbids Stan from doing so because Kyle's grades have been slipping and sends him on his way.

As Stan is making his way home, he is picked up by three men and they force them into their car. They drive off to an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. Two of the men horribly beat him with a pair of baseball bats. Finally, the third man comes in to rape Stan, in an effort to "set him in his place."

The next day, Kyle grows worried of Stan. He receives a letter from "Stan" (actually Cartman) that explains that he's oversleeping. Kyle doesn't buy it and starts to suspect Cartman's behavior. He goes to Stan's house and finds Sharon alone. After talking it becomes evident that Stan has gone missing. Kyle decides to report this to the police, but on his way discovers a "missing" poster with Stan's picture on it.

At the police station, he tells Sgt. Yates that he wishes to join a search party for Stan. Yates, however, rejects Kyle due to the fact that he's a minor. Kyle then tries to form his own coalition, however can't do so. He then decides to take matters into his own hands and find Stan himself. He leaves a letter for his parents and heads out.

After trekking through the woods, he remembers that Sheila had implanted a tracking chip into his cell phone. With no way to get it out, he smashes the phone and carries on.

Kyle then encounters the men who attacked Stan. The men "agree" to help Kyle and give him a ride to the cabin.

This synopsis is a work in progress

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