Milvin is the romantic pairing of KaiserRangerPH12345's Original Characters, Elvin James Soho and Mia Segovia

Origin and DevelopmentEdit

Elvin Kissing Mia

Elvin kissing Mia in a familiar way.

Elvin and Mia were originally normal friends even back in San Francisco, but their relationship began to bloom when they and their friends finally arrived in South Park.

Mia could not say it at first that she likes Elvin until Episode 20 of Chou Dennou Uberman where she finally admits her relationship with Elvin to the public.

On Episodes 28 and 29, this is where Mia gets jealous of Wendy as she gets kissed by Elvin, while he gets jealous of Stan giving a cookie to Mia, which eventually is resolved later when Elvin comforted Mia and soon shared their first kiss.

After these episodes, they still consider each other as friends until Episode 50, where Elvin and Mia kissed as the sun sets. It is also the time when Jarvis, Noel, and Allie finally knows their love status.

Their Popularity in the FandomEdit

While considering as one of the few OC-Only Pairings, where one original character develops a relationship with another of his/her kind (i.e.: Heathan), Milvin is somewhat catching on with the fandom as much as possible.

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