McDanbrady is the romantic pairing of Officer Barbrady and Mayor McDaniels.

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In early seasons, Mayor McDaniels was often implied to be a lesbian, however in "Pink Eye", Chef walked in on her with a partially unzipped jacket and Officer Barbrady wearing no pants and female undergarments.

It should also be noted that despite Officer Barbrady's incompetence, Mayor McDaniels never considered firing him for nineteen years, although she used every opportunity to insult him. In the episode "Summer Sucks", she instructed Officer Barbrady on preforming oral sex on her (searching for "the little man in the boat") and appears to be greatly soothed or aroused when he succeeds.

The only thing that stands in the way of this pairing is the brief mention of Officer Barbrady's wife in "Chickenlover" and "Spookyfish". She is never seen or referenced again, and it was often speculated that Mayor McDaniels is actually the wife mentioned.

The two characters interacted for the first time in ten years in "Naughty Ninjas", where McDaniels was finally forced to fire him from the Police Force. She later delivered an emotional plead for him to come back and save the town, but when he failed, she re-fired him, and Barbrady remains out of work. He also appears to either be a widower or divorced.


There are very few fanfictions that include this pairing, but among the all largely obscure adult pairings, it seems reasonably popular.


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