Liane Cartman
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Home-Maker
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

Liane Cartman is a character in the animated series South Park. She is Eric Cartman's mother.

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Liane on the SP-site.

Liane wears a turquoise sweater, and brick red trousers. Her outfit slightly resembles that of Cartman's, in that her sweater is the same color as his toque, and her trousers are like his coat. Her hair color may also be compared to his pants. She has long brown hair which is usually tied back in an old-fashioned design, and wears a rosy lipstick, and usually has a sweet, motherly expression on her face.


Liane is a good-natured individual but with a definite edge to her. Her voice is usually kind and soft. There have been a few implications that Ms. Cartman is as racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic as Cartman, who on numerous occasions quotes his mother as saying offensive and politically incorrect statements regarding black people, gays, and Jews. Liane herself however, has not vocalized these opinions personally.

Liane shows great deference to Cartman, and has been seen on numerous occasions bowing to his will, constantly spoiling him rotten. She also ignores his obesity (often saying that he is "just big-boned"). However, she is aware of his manipulative ways, and will sternly reprimand him if he embarrasses her in public.

In accordance with her sweet-natured, motherly image, she is frequently shown giving people her baking (usually cookies), even in situations where it is inappropriate.

Despite her sweetness, she is extremely promiscuous. She was reputedly a crack whore, and has taken part in German scheisse movies. She also had no issue with commencing sexual relations with complete strangers, usually inviting them to the home as frequent visitors.

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