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Leslie Meyers
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown; likely 8-10
Hair Brown
Religion Unknown
Debut Episode/Fic "Stunning and Brave"

Leslie Meyers was a female fourth grader subsequently revealed as a self-aware advertisement and the main antagonist of Season Nineteen.

She made her first official appearance in "Stunning and Brave", though she is based on a similar background character seen in previous seasons with straight light hair.

Please visit her article on the South Park Archives for more information.


She has long, black hair that is similar to Jenny Simons's in appearance with bouncy ends. She wears a yellow shirt with a black and white robot head on it (similar in appearance to the Reddit alien mascot, Snoo), green pants, and a large yellow headband. After being 'murdered' by PC Principal, her head is shown to be filled with a strange glowing blue liquid and machinery.


In her earlier appearances, she is shown chatting with a background girl resembling Esther and is instructed to stop talking by PC Principal.

Although she seems kind and friendly, she is cold and uncaring about human life or their well-being, as evidenced when she beat up Jimmy Valmer, even after he saved her from the newsmen's murder attempt, in order to carry out her plan. She is also very manipulative, as she emotionally manipulates both Jimmy and Kyle Broflovski into helping her, even pretending to be attracted to the latter in order to advance her plans. Despite her robotic mannerisms, she does have some degree of emotion, such as happiness and surprise.

Fanon and Fandom

Leslie was immediately popular in the fandom when she was initially simply seen as a victim of PC Principal's anger and threatening behavior, but skyrocketed after the reveal that she was a major antagonist and related to the season's events, though her exact motivation and plans were never explained. Though her primary enemy was PC Principal, her popularity is owed to being one of the few fourth grade antagonists in the series' later events and the science fiction potential of her role as a self-aware advertisement, which fans have explored in various ways.

Her popularity was renewed by the Happiness for Sale ask blog for the character.

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