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Kyle in Chains
Fanfic Information
Author DanniDinmont
Genre Humor/Romance
Rating M
Pairing(s) Kyman
Written November 25, 2008
No. of Chapters 29
Completed September 6, 2009
Status Complete
Fic Chronology
Kyle in Chains Quiescence

Kyle in Chains is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by DanniDinmont.

It is only listed on this wiki due to its perceived popularity and real infamy; as it contains serious adult content and rape we cannot link directly to the original posting.


Kyle has a problem, and it seems that there's only one solution to it.


Although the fic contains abuse and traumatic themes, it is one of the most well-read fics in the South Park fandom, with 1,210 reviews as of July 22, 2021. It has often been spread in non-fandom spaces, and has an infamous entry on Urban Dictionary summarizing it as "one of the most known fanfictions in the South Park fandom because of its absurd, partly disturbing and kinky plot, e.g. Cartman pretending to shove a goldfish up Kyles ass".

The Urban Dictionary article claims "a huge part of the fandom claims it to be child pornography, because the canon characters are about 10 years old. The aged up characters are about 16 years old, so the fanfiction sexualizes minors either way" while also stating some "semi-ironically [enjoy] Kyle in Chains, due to its popularity and the fact the fanfiction is actually written pretty good."


  • Kyle in Chains was translated to Russian.
  • The opening line, "Change is a funny thing", is often quoted in other fanfics.

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We cannot link directly to the fanfic as it contains adult content.