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Kyle Broflovski
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 10
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Hair Red
Occupation Student
Religion Judaism
Debut Episode/Fic "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

Kyle Broflovski is one of the central characters of South Park. He's generally the "good boy" of the group, often being the one to deliver the moral lesson.

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Kyle on the SP-site

Kyle uncapped

Kyle wears a bright green ushanka, a bright orange jacket with black-edged pockets with a bright green collar,dark green pants and lime-green mittens or gloves. He is rarely shown without his cap, but without it he has a bright red-to-auburn Jewfro, a hairstyle he seems to resent.


Kyle's personality is extremely similar to Stan's in some aspects - he had firm morals and generally was the "good boy" of the group, often being the one to deliver the "I learned something today" speech at the end of the episodes.

Kyle seems to have a strong fraternal instinct, and will always protect his brother, Ike, despite his initial displeasure after learning that Ike was his adopted brother.

Kyle has extremely strong beliefs, and when forced to question them he becomes very upset and has somewhat of a short temper, especially when it comes to Cartman. For the most part, Kyle bases his decisions on both his emotions and beliefs; therefore, he is easily coaxed into fights or manipulated by his feelings. Cartman is more than happy to poke fun at Kyle, which has landed him in trouble many times. However, Kyle has been known to abandon his beliefs if there is a lot in it for him and self-justifies himself despite knowing how wrong he is. He will only change his mind when he realizes he is on the same side as Cartman.

Despite his short temper, Kyle has a wide imagination and is easily the most compassionate of the boys. He shows genuine empathy, though Kyle can also be mean and sometimes neurotic. He also is known to be the most sensible and intelligent of the four and even though he sometimes puts his own emotions before common sense, he usually manages to find logical solutions to problems - solutions which are often ignored in favor of something ridiculous.

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