Kenneth 'Kenny' McCormick
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Age 10
Birthday March 22nd
Zodiac Sign Aries
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is one of the central characters of South Park. He is notorious for constantly dying and resurrecting.

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Kenny wears an orange parka, orange pants and brown gloves. Almost all of the time, Kenny has his hood on so that only his eyes and nose are seen. Underneath his hood, he has messy blond hair, which looks somewhat similar to that of Tweek's. On occasion, usually when he is scared or crying, he will pull the strings on his hood to make it tighten


Kenny on the SP-site

Kenny comes from a very poor, violent, and alcoholic American family living on welfare. His friends, especially Eric Cartman, often tease him for his poverty. Kenny is the most knowledgeable of the group, at least when it comes to sexual matters, and the others will typically go to him if they do not know something. Kenny likes toilet humour and pornography, and especially likes women's breasts. Kenny also is the clown of the group. Stan, Cartman, and Kyle always laugh at his jokes, and smart remarks. Despite his perverted nature, Kenny is one of the kindest kids around. He thinks of others before himself, and always helps his friends. He risks his life and goes to Hell to rescue them and the rest of the world at one point.


Kenny unhooded

See Kenny's deaths. Kenny's frequent death is a running gag in South Park. A typical gag features the culprit or accident killing Kenny, followed by the phrases "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" and "You bastards!" from his friends Stan and Kyle, respectively. Kenny always wakes up in his bed unharmed the next day, and nobody else remembers seeing him die.

The reason for Kenny's deaths and rebirths have never been fully explained. It is implied that his ability originated his parents' involvement in the Cult of Cthulhu about a decade ago.

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