Karen McCormick
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Long Straight Brown
Age 6
Birthday April 20th
Zodiac Sign Aries
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic South Park Unleashed

Karen Susan McCormick is a character in the South Park Unleashed fanfiction series and the younger sister of Kenny McCormick. She is highly mischievous girl who enjoys the attention of those around her. She is a kindergartener and serves as her mother's assistant in the McCormicks' Meth Lab.

At the time of this fanon version's creation, Kenny's sister had only made one brief appearance in "Best Friends Forever", with no defined personality, and the name 'Karen' had only recently appeared. The canon version of Karen McCormick would make her first appearance in season 15's "The Poor Kid". While the fanon version of the character is mischevious, the canon version is largely innocent and sweet.


Karen has long shoulder length brown hair with various bruises on her face. She wears a green coat with purple trim and gloves. She has dark pants. She looks very similar to the older Heidi Turner. She appears to be smaller, about the size of a First or Second Grader, but instead is placed in the kindergarten class.


Karen was the last born of the three McCormick children. Named for Carol's mother, Karen is often an active and mischevious girl with a strong desire for attention, even willing to sometimes humiliate herself to stay in focus. She nonetheless has a strong sense of loyalty to both of her parents, and will go far out of her way to keep them happy, as well as her brothers. She is nonetheless shameless in seeking others' attention, but can be a quiet, submissive girl when fully satiated.


Stuart McCormickEdit

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Karen often bonds with her father, having not gone through Kevin or Kenny's negative experiences with him. She can easily tell when he has been drinking and usually prefers to stay away, but on occasion has given him a bottle of knockout gas.

Carol McCormickEdit

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Karen often bonds with her mother as well. Outside of looks, she seems to have inherited some of her interests from Carol.

Kevin McCormickEdit

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Karen spends very little time with Kevin, but often stays behind him when scared or in trouble, including the many times Kenny has been at the Hospital.

Kenneth "Kenny" James McCormickEdit

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Karen spends a lot of time with her older brother, although she shows great disdain for his liking for pornography, she tries to relate to him anyway, and has borrowed them and lent them to school friends, not seeming fully aware of what they are.


Ike BroflovskiEdit

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Karen has a huge crush on Ike Broflovski, and has shown jealously when he has shown attraction to other girls. Her crush may have began when Ike painted a beautiful portrait of her. It is unknown if Ike likes her back, or even if he's aware of her feelings for him. The only hint to it is the finger painting scene.


Karen McCormick was created by JVM. She was based on the little girl in Best Friends Forever believed to be Kenny's sister.

Several years after her creation, Kenny's sister was finally given a canonical personality in the Season 15 episode "The Poor Kid", and she was not dissimilar to the SPU iteration of the character, possessing some of the same childlike qualities, although lacking the mischievousness. The name Karen was also used, just like the original version of the character. The name was first used on Wikipedia in 2006, predating both the canon and this particular fanon version of the character.

She was placed in the Kindergarten class beginning in "The Girl Who Loved Cartman", despite looking slightly older, to keep her in the same classroom as Ike and an original character of the author.

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