The Kanovers is a massive crossover series that One Earth might begin to write in a few years.

This universe will revolve around many movies and series. The two main universes will be South Park and Codenamed: Kids Next Doors. Unlike many South Park fanfictions, the Kanonverse will deal with serious issues such as fascism and justice and be very diverse. The main genres of the canon verse will be sci-fi, fantasy, drama and romance.

Due to school problems, the publication could delay even further. There is also the danger that it will not be published at all.


One Earth has been interested in fanfiction for more than a year, especially with code name: Kids Next Doors, but also Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Family Guy. In particular, he was enthusiastic about the Gameverse, an X-over universe of a writer named Gamewizzard2008. 

Following his example, One Earth began planning his own X-Over universe, which he called the Kanon verse. For a long time, it was mainly about the cartoon series Codename: Kids Next Doors. In April 2019, One Earth began boredom to watch some episodes of South Park. He quickly became enthusiastic about the satire and the black humor of the series and enthusiastic in the fandom for the mating Stendy, Creek and Heimann. Eventually, he decided to took South Park as the second main universe.


One Earth wants to convince the superhero side of the South Park kids. But he does not want to announce anything yet. 


One Earth says that the greek mythology, the mythology of Code Geass and the force of Star Wars will play a great role in it. One Earth plans to combine eery fantasy-elements of South Park like Chtullu and the Imaginationland with it.


Just as in the Gamevers, philosophy and morality will be in the focous. However, One Earth plans to handle much more serious issues. For many years, One Earth has dealt with fascism. He asked himself more and more questions: How and when does a person became a fascist? Or autocracy? When does a democracy becames a dictature? But above of all one question concerns him really: What is the evil really?

The world is not black and whiteEdit

One Earth has realized good and evil do not actually exist. Everyone is capable to do good and evil things. Even people who do many things right can make some crimes. And even with people who do a lot of bad things you can do good things. However, he also recognized that every human being, even a mass murderer dictator is a human being. Every human was a child, has people he loves and loves his family and children.

Racism Edit

​​​​Why does racism exist? Why do some people judge certain groups of people? How does this hate arise? One Earth plans to let most of the character go through this development. Another philosophy will be the question what justice really is. Can you kill a human to save many others? Can human lives be balanced against each other? Does the human has the right to decide about life and death? Or is it permissible to let a person die to comply with the law? In everyday life, that's easy to say. But what if you are faced with this decision?


Just like the Gameverse, the canon verse will contain a multitude of crossovers. Over time, some crossovers became more and more important. Soon, One Earth joined South Park as the second major universe. One Earth published the list of crossovers sorted by importance:

List of CrossoversEdit

  • South Park
    774354 613301
  • Codename: Kids Next Doors
  • Star Wars
  • Code Geass
  • Game of Thrones
  • Percy Jackson
  • Death Note
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Marvel
  • DC-Comics
  • Family Guy
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Avatar: The last Airbender
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Injustice: Gods among us
  • Harry Potter
  • Detektiv Conan
  • Pirats of the Carribea
  • Man on the high castle

Codename: Kids Next DoorsEdit

Since both series are equal, the characters and pairings of this universe will play just as large a role. The article from the code name: Kids Next Doors wiki can be found here: Kids Next Doors Wiki

Planned pairingsEdit

With the other characters, One Earth is not sure yet.

Emotionality Edit

One Earth plans to make the Kanonvers much more emotional than the Gameverse. Not only does he want to let characters die without resuscitation, but he also wants to break up popular pairings. The universe should generally be a change from bright and gloomy moments. For the moments of victory and joy, he wants to give a lot of effort under the model Code Geass. One Earth plans to use characters like Stan Beatles to decorate the universe with a lot of satirical moments about politics.


One Earth calls it Kanonvers, because "Kanon" is the german word for canon, the new Star Wars-univers under Disney.



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