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Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer.png
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 10
Hair Brown
Eyes Unknown
Religion Protestant
Debut Episode/Fic "Cripple Fight"

Jimmy Valmer is a boy in the fourth grade class of South Park Elementary in South Park. He is one of the few characters who are handicapped.

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Jimmy on the SP-site

Jimmy wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black boots; he wears braces, has a rather lopsided face, brown hair, and sideburns. Like Timmy, he is handicapped, but with a (far less severe form) of cerebral palsy and can still walk with the aid of crutches.

He is also able to communicate with people, Thоugh with a severe stutter and a Brooklyn-type accent, although he sometimes ends his sentences with "very much" when there is no need for it.


Like Timmy, the humor of Jimmy's character comes from his endless optimism despite his handicap; his disability is not mocked per se, but rather his exaggerated eagerness to be a successful "handi-capable" person is.

He is generally a popular and gifted student at school, and he is moral and knows how to be a friend. However, he is foul-mouthed and very competitive; taking steroids just so he can win the Special Olympics.

He likes to perform stand-up comedy, in the style of Jay Leno. He often starts it of with "Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?" in the style of The Tonight Show's host Jay Leno. When finishing a joke, even if there's only one person listening to him, and no matter what their reaction to the joke, he will usually say "Wow, what a great audience!".

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