Jimbo Kern
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown, nearly bald
Age 51
Occupation Hunter/Gun dealer/TV show host
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Weight Gain 4000"

Jimbo Kern is a character on the series, South Park. He is the half-brother of Randy Marsh and the uncle of Shelly and Stan Marsh. Jimbo is best known for being a hunter where he and his partner, Ned Gerblansky, go off and hunt together. They also host their own TV show called Huntin' and Killin.

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Jimbo on the SP-site

Jimbo wears an orange hat, orange shirt, green vest, and brown trousers. Underneath his hat, he is nearly bald, but what little hair he has is shown to be light brown. He is overweight, and has a double chin. His jawline is very broad and square.


Jimbo generally seems amiable, though he occasionally has streaks of madness, such as when he saw Kenny McCormick as a platypus. Though the platypus stood on two legs, was dressed like Kenny, and indoors with the other children, he shot him immediately. He tried to kill him again in "Cripple Fight". Timmy had given Jimmy Valmer an orange parka to make him look like Kenny, in hopes that this would kill him. One of the obstacles he narrowly escaped was Jimbo, saying "Look! There's Kenny! Get him!" and firing, before taking a closer look, and saying "Oh wait, that's not him!". He also directed the other men in South Park on how to bully Mr. Cotswalds.

Jimbo likes the idea of being Stan's 'cool uncle'; he takes him hunting, openly swears in front of him and the boys and offers them alcohol. Although he has good technical knowledge (being a pilot and being able to operate many different weapons) he is frequently shown as quite dimwitted; being unable to tell the difference between Cartman and a mythical creature, thinking that a plastic frog was a deadly animal, and repeatedly forgetting to lie to checkpoint controllers when smuggling in Mexican fireworks.

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