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Isolated Incident
Fanfic Information
Author Mariani
Genre Tragedy/Angst
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style
Written August 27, 2011
No. of Chapters 2
Completed September 26, 2011
Status Complete
Link Isolated Incident
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Isolated Incident is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Mariani.


After persistent bullying since middle school, Kyle Broflovski vowed to end it all a year after his blood pact. Now seventeen years old and on his final day, we get a look into the highly troubled mind of a teen pushed over the edge.


Kyle Broflovski, after persistent tormenting throughout high school - who the bullies are is never mentioned, and what they did specificially, such as giving him a swirlie, or constantly mocking him for being Jewish, is retold in very vague detail - is now trapped in a seemingly delirious, almost childlike mental state in which he labels the things around him according to color (i.e. red representing evil, black representing death, blue representing deceit, etc.) A flashback reveals how, when he was sixteen, after realizing how "alone" he was, how he decides to give himself exactly one year to live, and the story is set on his last day.

Now seventeen, the lives of the three other boys have also changed dramatically. Stan still seems to care greatly for Kyle, despite Kyle all but ignoring the fact, while Cartman remains as hostile as ever along withKenny, who was diagnosed with clinical depression that actually strengthened his connection with Cartman, as Kenny relies on Cartman's brutal sexual treatment so that he can feel "anything at all." It is hinted that Kyle had a romantic connection with Wendy Testaburger - later confirmed in Chapter Two, though they never actually dated - seeing how she, along with Butters, seems to notice how down Kyle seems. He assures them he's fine.

After school, Kyle's mother picks him up; at one, unspecified point, she managed to force Kyle to speak up about his bullying, although he was "sure to sugarcoat," never telling anybody the full story of what happened to him. She attempts to exchange casual conversation with her son in the car, something she does a lot, but Kyle refuses to answer, claiming that she already knows how miserable he is. (Kyle refers to his mother by her first name, as well as his father, and earlier, could not bring himself to call Stan his best friend.) At this point, he tells, through another flashback how, back when he was fifteen, Sheila attempted to get him some help by hiring someone Kyle calls "the nice doctor." However, Kyle blatantly lied to the doctor, which angered his mother, who was searching for answers, and only drove him into a deeper depression.

When he arrives home, he goes straight upstairs to the bathroom, then to his bedroom, where it is finally revealed how he intends to end it: by shooting himself. He treats his gun almost like a person, talking to it and holding it as though it were an infant. In a final flashback, he tells the story of he planned to end it all a year ago; after going to the supermarket with his mother and brother Ike, one of Kyle's bullies saw him and called him by his cruel nickname, which startled him enough that, in the process of trying to run away, Kyle crashed into one of the produce displays. However, when he goes down, neither his mother nor brother make any attempt to help him up, instead choosing to ignore him while he lays there with people laughing at his clumsiness. He says that that moment was the "defining moment of [his] life." Later that day, he went home, and cut a line along his throat to say that he was giving himself one year to live. He says that, when he died, he hoped that then, his mother and brother would "claim him" at last, instead of outright ignore him as they did in the supermarket.

The next morning, Sheila makes one final attempt to tell Kyle how she loves him. He does not respond. Kyle wears all black to symbolize his death. He takes his gun to school where, instead of shooting only himself, he first takes out Cartman with a single shot. He leaves Kenny, saying that it would be useless, seeing how Kenny can't die. So instead, while Kenny is still frozen by the death of his only friend, Kyle points the gun at Stan. Understanding that he is going to die, Stan whispers that he's sorry, but Kyle only replies with "No, you're not," then pulls the trigger.

The chapter ends on a bit of a cliffhanger - whether Kyle shot himself, and whether Stan dies, isn't reveleaed until Chapter Two, which tells mainly of Stan and Kyle's friendship throughout high school, before Kyle killed Cartman, possibly Stan, and possibly himself. Kyle is already depressed and silenced by the bullying, while Stan sticks by him no matter what, touching Kyle with his kindness and loyalty. Still, Kyle refuses to recognize that anybody cares for him, even denying the fact that his feelings for Stan venture beyond friendship. Stan seems to feel the same, however, as it is stated that he is glad that Kyle doesn't return Wendy's romantic passes, which, all the while, make Stan feel he is a horrible person.

At one, controversial point, when the two are sixteen and presumably in their junior year, Stan tries to get Kyle to talk, but the tension between the two is so built-up that they share an embrace and almost end up kissing, until Stan touches Kyle's next and feels the scar of the line he cut after the supermarket incident. Horrified, Kyle runs out before Stan can get any details, begging Stan to please not make him tell. Neither ever mentions the scar again.

Nine months later, Stan and Kyle attend the same high school party, in which they both get drunk to cope with their separate feelings of loss and hopelessness. Kyle finds himself sitting in somebody's bedroom, drunk and on the verge of blacking out, when Stan enters, equally drunk. After touching Kyle's scar one final time, they finally kiss, and even make love, though it is told to be pure agony. The next morning, when Kyle wakes up, he is fully dressed, and does not realize what happened between him and Stan, as he stated in Chapter One how he was going to die a virgin.

The chapter proves to be both a prequel and a sequel, as it is told at last how Kyle was successful in killing himself, along with four other students and a teacher. The townspeople express their disbelief about the shooting. Because of it, bullying becomes a prosecutable offense in the town of South Park, although whether Kyle's actions should be pardoned is still debated occasionally.

In the final paragraph, set in the hospital shortly after the shooting, a young man and presumably a victim of the shooting awakens and asks about Kyle's whereabouts. The victim turns out to be Stan, who survived being shot. The story ends before anybody tells Stan that Kyle committed suicide.

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