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Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown; likely 9-10
Hair Brown
Occupation Student
Debut Episode/Fic "Marjorine"

Isla is a female fourth-grade student at South Park Elementary. She was first seen in "Marjorine" but developed further in "Moss Piglets".

A separate background character named Kal looks almost exactly like Isla, and some older sources conflate them as one character.

Please visit her article on the South Park Archives for more information.


Isla has wavy, shoulder-length dark brown hair with a lock of it hanging down the center of her forehead, identical to Kal's. She wears a red sweater with green pants.


Isla is capable of being both witty and facetious as well as delicate and fearful, seeming to respond based partly on how she feels others will perceive or respond to her.

In the episode, "Doubling Down", Isla imitates Cartman to mock him and his relationship with Heidi and does so near perfectly, smiling and laughing as she does so. This suggests that like the other girls, Isla may have a personal vendetta against Cartman, and speaks of him rather harshly. In "Moss Piglets", however, she becomes deathly afraid of Heidi since the latter's transformation, and speaks of her very carefully to avoid conversing with her. She is shown to be timid, perturbed, and silences and submits herself easily to whomever she feels intimidated. Heidi still notably refers to Isla's "wit and satire", suggesting this is an intentional change from the previous episode.

Fanon and Fandom


As Isla's behavior is different in her two major appearances, there is no fan consensus on how to portray her. Some have portrayed her as shy and meek since she had more dialogue with this behavior in the second episode, while others insist based on the 'wit and satire' comment that her behavior is situational and that she is normally more outgoing.

The character Kal, introduced in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", was often conflated with Isla due to their very similar appearances, especially before Isla's name was first used in the series. Some fans continue to treat them as one character.

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