Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Romance/Humor
Rating M
Pairing(s) Style
Written February 3, 2011
No. of Chapters 38
Completed April 3, 2011
Status Complete
Link Impossible
Fic Chronology
Beauty and the Beast Impossible Assassin's Creed: Avenger

Impossible is an MPreg fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Suki-Itami.


"Are you sure you're reading that right?" "Yes, I am!" "But this...this is impossible..."


the story starts out with Stan and Kyle having sex with out the use of a condom. It skips ahead two months from then with Kyle throwing up. He doesn't go to school because he can't hold any food down and later calls Kenny for his homework because he missed school. While on the phone kenny jokes that kyle may be pregnant. Kyle believes him and asks him to buy him a box of pregnancy tests. He is shocked and buys them anyways. Kyle thanks him and tries one. It shows up positive. Kyle gets kicked out of his house because he's dating stan and is pregnant. He lives with stan for awhile. They get married to each other at age 17/18. It skips ahead and Kyle gives birth to a girl. At the end of the story Kyle dies of kidney failuer. His daughter later gives birth and names him Kyle Broflovski. 

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