Historic Ice Fatass
Fanfic Information
Author CelcoLevi
Genre Hurt/Comfort/Sci-Fi
Rating K+
Written July 10, 2014
No. of Chapters 14
Completed July 17, 2014
Status Complete
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Fic Chronology
Historic Ice Fatass General Fatass

Historic Ice Fatass is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by CelcoLevi.


It is the year 2115. Four boys by the name of Rick Docker, TJ Marsh, Carl Broflovski and Kyle McCormick are playing with an old sled, (at least in their time) and one of the boys discovers a 10 year old boy frozen in ice.


The story begins with the boys of 2115 taking an old sled up a mountain hill. the boys make it to the top of the hill, with Rick being the last. Carl ridicules him for being the last kid to make it up and calls him a fatass, despite having a normal body and double chin unlike his uncle ancestor. Rick reminds him that his mother had gestational diabetes, meaning he was born partially fat. Carl ignores his explanation which insults Rick, Rick shoves him and Carl trips on a rock and falls down a hole. the boys follow him and an injured Carl calls for help, the other boys accuse Rick of murder and Kyle replaces the word "bastard" with "asshole". Rick says that Carl should not have blamed him for being fat, in which TJ poorly compares it to not blaming someone because they don't have a job. Rick explains that the reason some people can't have jobs is because they are born poor like Kyle, Carl calls the other boys and call Rick several severe curse words, causing Rick to leave him.

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