Heroes Rise Again
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Action/Romance
Rating T/13+
Pairing(s) Bunny, Style, Cutters, K2, Stenny, Tyde, Creek
Written April 12, 2011
No. of Chapters 17 (thus far)
Status Incomplete
Link Heroes Rise Again
Warnings Yaoi/Slash, Violence, Character Death
Fic Chronology
Study Session Heroes Rise Again Pip and Damien

Heroes Rise Again is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Suki-Itami. The story follows Coon and Friends and Professor Chaos while they're in high school. It seems to be centered mostly around the pairing Bunny, though there are various other yaoi/slash pairings involved.


Eric Cartman has become a villain - this time not denying it - with the aim to destroy his friends with the help of Butters Stotch. Kenny McCormick is determined to stop Cartman and get Butters - whom Cartman tricked - back at all costs.


Cartman builds a machine that can transform people into what they are in their soul, but it can only be used twice. He ends up using it on himself, turning into The Coon, and Butters, turning into Professor Chaos. As Professor Chaos, Butters fixes the machine so that it can have an unlimited amount of uses.

At the same time, Kenny becomes concerned when Butters doesn't show up at the bus stop in the morning and all but forces Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski to help him look for the blonde. They look at Cartman's since he didn't show up either and find that Cartman and Butters have transformed Cartman's basement into something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

At the goading of Cartman, Kyle uses the machine believing it won't work getting a shock when he finds he's been transformed into Human Kite. Kenny uses it next, wanting to become a better person, and changes into Mysterion. Stan uses it shortly afterward and turns into Tool Shed.

As they decide to head out to school, Cartman shoves his tongue down Butters' throat, which Butters doesn't fight, enraging Kenny to the point where he goes to attack Cartman - Butters pushes him out of the way, receiving the blow instead. Still angry, Kenny leaves with Stan and Kyle, who all decide to find Clyde Donovan, Token Black, and Timmy Burch so that they can be transformed too, making them the heroes of South Park once again.

Once all of them are transformed, they go after Cartman and Butters, who have escaped off somewhere to start building an "army," so to speak. While hunting them down, the group is recognized by Mayor McDaniels, who requests that they become the Colorado branch of the Super Best Friends.

The Colorado BranchEdit

At the request of the Mayor, the Super Best Friends appear in South Park to build a base for Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Clyde, Token, and Timmy, the heroes of South Park. The base also double as a house, which all of the boys move into.


Every hero and villain in the story has powers specific to their hero/villain persona, as is shown throughout the story.

Tool Shed: Electrokinesis, Can control all electronic devices

Human Kite: Aerokinesis, Flight, Levitation, Metal backbones that reshape themselves into a kite when manipulated, Skin is used as the "cloth" of the kite, Laser eyes

Mysterion: Immortality, Psychokinesis, Foresight, Healing

The Coon: Unbreakable nails/claws, Super burglary, Stealth, Access to Cthulhu and the Nightmare City of R'lyeh

Professor Chaos: Master hacker, Meld with technology, Meld with weapons him or General Disarray have built

General Disarray: Hacker, Meld with technology, Meld with weapons him or Professor Chaos have built

Iron Maiden: Metalkinesis, Shoots spikes from eyes of the iron maiden, Transformation

Tupperware: Transformation, Chucks radioactive rotted leftovers at people

Mosquito: Transformation, Shrink and grow, Vampirism, Mind control

Fallen Angel (Damien): Flight, Seduction, Wings sprout from between his shoulder blades

The Coon's ArmyEdit

The subject is mentioned multiple times, and is viewed as something that needs to be disbanded entirely by The Colorado Branch. The way the army grows is touched upon as Cartman and/or Butters kidnapping people and then forcing the person they believe would die for them to transform and help them fight for Cartman's goal - which is currently unknown outside of killing his former friends. Damien mentions that the army includes at least sixty soldiers, however the army has most likely grown as time passed.

So far, Damien Thorn and Craig Tucker are the only two who have been mentioned as being forced into the army - Pip and Tweek were kidnapped - but there are supposedly more canon characters still there.

The Colorado Branch has rescued Pip, setting Damien free from The Coon and allowing him to offer his services to the heroes as revenge on Cartman. Craig hasn't been set free yet, Tweek still being a captive, and it is unclear if he will ever be.


An original character who is claimed to belong to DeviantTyger on deviantART. His intentions are unclear, as he appeared to take orders from the Mayor but was later revealed to have his own agenda. Currently he appears to be an unhappy lackey of The Coon.


  • Heroes Rise Again first became a work-in-progress shortly after the Coon and Friends arc.
  • Heroes Rise Again is also on FanFiction.

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