Herbert Garrison
Herbert Garrison
Character Information
Gender Male/Female
Hair Grey
Age Presumably in his 50s
Occupation School Teacher
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe"

Herbert Garrison, during sex change Janet Garrison, is the fourth grade teacher at South Park Elementary in South Park. Mr. Garrison was a man through out the first eight seasons of South Park, a woman for four seasons, and is currently male again.



Garrison at the SP-site

Mr. Garrison wears a green jacket and glasses, and also has a bald spot on the top of his head, and grey hair around the sides.

As a woman, he tailored his jacket into a tank-top, wore lipstick and earrings as well as shorter pants and new white shoes.

After becoming male again, Garrison wears an outfit identical to the original one, with the only exception being a belt added to the trousers and a very minor change to his collar. Mr. Garrison is also left handed.


Herbert Garrison suffers from many psychological problems that are touched many times throughout the show, though it appears nothing is ever done about it. The most noticeable of his problems is dissociative identity disorder and heavy schizophrenia. At the beginning of the series, while Mr. Garrison still taught Grade 3, he held a puppet on his hand known as Mr. Hat. Mr. Garrison used this puppet to show a second, more aggressive personality and to emote some of his most inner conflicts. One of these conflicts being the fact he was gay, and his inability to come to terms with that.

Mr. Garrison is racist, first shown as a running gag where he proposes the town gets rid of all the Mexicans every Christmas, to which the Mayor angrily replies "Mr. Garrison, every year you suggest that, and every year we tell you NO!" When rich black people were moving to South Park, he was able to gather the town's men into getting rid of them, under the pretenses that the rich people were taking over the town. He convinced people to dress up like "ghosts" to scare them away, and burned lower case T's on the black peoples lawn standing for "Time to Leave". Mr. Garrison was also seen among a KKK group, but insisted that Mr. Hat was a member, again using his puppet to dispute the conflicts inside himself.

Mr. Garrison is an incompetent teacher, who teaches his students useless things, such as why Chubby Checker left the Beatles, and once spent a whole week of just showing his class old Barnaby Jones tapes. He has also taught his students a few times subjects far too advanced for them, like Stalin and Communism. He insults the kids when they get an answer wrong, which is often. It is possible that Mr. Garrison teaches the students more about pop culture because he himself does not know a lot about the school curriculum, or just doesn't pay attention to it.

Due to the fact that Mr. Garrison has had both male and female relationships during the course of the series, it is now unclear whether or not he can should still be considered gay, but rather pansexual. Since Garrison last relationship was lesbian in nature prior to returning back to being a male, it has not been made clear what Garrison's current orientation is. It was once implied during earlier episodes that Garrison might have had sex with Cartman's pet pig 'Fluffy', meaning he may also enjoy bestiality.

Since returning to male gender, Mr. Garrison's behavior as of late has been shown to be less eccentric than before, having been involved in no acts of deviant sexual behavior, outrageous outbursts, or psychotic episodes. Instead, he's behaved more or less like a responsible and sane adult.


Herbert Garrison grew up in Arkansas where most of his problems originated. Even at a young age Garrison showed signs of homosexuality, when he felt unloved by his father when he wouldn't molest him. Garrison had read about and seen on the news many cases of child molestation, and saw it as a form of love, not something committed by a pervert.

Garrison received a degree of mechanical engineering in college, but became the third grade teacher at South Park elementary, despite his lack of knowledge of his subjects. After Ms. Choksondik's death, Garrison was promoted as the fourth Grade teacher, and was reunited with his old class. He had started a new relationship with a man called Mr. Slave to try and get himself fired for being gay, so that he could sue the school for millions of dollars. Unfortunately his plan failed, and he ended up having to go to the Tolerance camp because of his intolerance of homosexuals. Garrison then got a sex change operation, thinking that he wasn't gay but just a woman stuck in a man's body, and changed her name to Janet. This led to the break up of her and Mr. Slave, who said he liked having sex with men, not women. It was at this point that Mrs. Garrison became homophobic once more, and returned to her former negative beliefs on homosexuals.

Ms. Garrison explored her sexuality some more after mistakenly going into a Lesbian Bar and had a short affair with a woman named Allison. Later on, after watching an episode of Oprah about a woman-to-man sex transsexual who was pregnant, Garrison realized that even though he had a sex change he is still basically a man. He pays to have his penis re-grown using his DNA and became a man once more. It is unknown if he is once again homosexual after his sexual encounter with women.

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