Fanfic Information
Author DramatisEcho
Genre Drama/Action/Adventure
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style, Creek, Bunny, Candy, and Tyde, Kystophe
Written September 30, 2010
No. of Chapters 4
Status Incomplete
Link Gifted
Fic Chronology
Non Refundable Gifted Eternal Craigshine of a Tweekless Mind

Gifted is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by DramatisEcho.


"Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward."


The story begins at City Hall. Randy is rallying the town to sign a Mutant Registration Act. Stan and Kyle watch as the town rallies against the mutants. Afterwards, they head to Stark's Pond with Craig to meet the other mutants: Kenny, Butters, Token, Clyde, Tweek, and Cartman. Cartman believes that the mutants should use their powers to take over the town. The others disagree. Gregory shows up unexpectedly after the meeting. Stan is unhappy with his reappearance, but Kyle trusts him (despite not using his powers on him, see below). The next day Tweek is cornered by Bill and Fosse, who accuse him of being a mutant. They don't actually know that he is a mutant, but just like messing with him. Kenny, Kyle, Craig, and Stan show up to help Tweek out. Unfortunately, Tweek panics and teleports away. The other boys kidnap the unsuspecting Bill and Fosse. Kyle erases their memories and Kenny places their hands on each their crotches to get them to leave him and his "Buttercup" alone. Next Cartman uses his powers to steal the petition. Later on, Stan sees Gregory walk to Wal-Mart. Stan follows him and sees that the store has been sabotaged. Several people are trapped inside, so Stan uses his powers to save them, with some help from Kenny. Stan is kicked out of his home by Randy. Stan and Kenny go to Kyle's house. Kyle reveals his powers to his parents and is also kicked out. The trio goes sleep at The Mole's apartment.

They go to school the next day, but are taken to the principal's office and are escorted by a police officer. The principal tells them that they have been enrolled in separate classes from the other students. The only student who talks to them at lunch is Butters. Kyle uses his powers to arrange a meeting of the mutants. They all show up at the apartment. They all turn on the news and see that the town is divided between pro- and anti-mutant citizens. Token reveals that he purchased a house for Stan, Kyle, and Kenny outside of town. Meanwhile Tweek, Butters, and Craig go to the movie store. Across the street, a huge car accident occurs. The trio uses their powers to save the victims, again seeing the town's mixed reactions to their heroism. The trio moves into the house With Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Soon after the others decided to move in as well. The next scene pans to Cartman, Gregory, and The Mole (referred to as Christopher in the story) who reveals that Dr Alphonse Mephesto is building Mutant Control collars. Cartman (the leader of the Trio) states that they know what they have to do.

The story ends on a cliffhanger and it is unknown if it will be finished.


Stan: Super strength and flight

Kyle: Telepathy (refuses to use unless necessary) and telekinetic powers (allowing him to fly by lifting himself up, but the weight of what he lifts up affects his powers over it)

Kenny: Enhanced Strength and Senses (classified by author as "Feral"). The only physical changes are two slightly larger canine and a bit more hair on his chin.

Cartman: Shape-shifting (uses this to his advantage, such as taking incriminating photos of Wendy, or having sex with Butters disguised as Kenny, unlike the others). His powers allow him to replicate the person exactly, even fingerprints, DNA, and pupils, but cannot copy someone else's powers and cannot become an inanimate object.

Butters: Healing others and himself (which happens without effort), He can supposedly bring the dead back to life, he will as a result.

Craig: controls weather (often creating lightning when he's mad, implied to be unintentional) and can fly.

Tweek: Teleportation (which when added to his personality cause him to teleport often out of panic, which worries the other boys), but he has to be able to see his destination or at least know what it looks like to prevent himself from getting stuck.

Clyde: Walks through solid objects and can "phase" others through objects by touching them

Token: Super speed and agility

Gregory: can create up to six clones of himself (each clone evaporates within a day, and if one is killed by other methods the real Gregory can also be harmed).

The Mole: can charge objects by turning Potential energy into Kinetic Energy, allowing him to turn them into explosives.


  • This is an X-Men parody
    • Cartman's powers emulate Mystique's abilities in X-Men (but he also takes on the role of Magneto when he assembles his team). Kyle is Jean Grey, Tweek is NightCralwer, Clyde is Shadowcat, Token is Quicksilver, Craig is Storm, The Mole is Gambit, Kenny is Wolverine and Gregory is Multiple Man.
    • The non-mutant characters also reference X-Men characters, such as Randy being Senator Kelly.
    • The Title is based on the nickname in the comic for Students at Charles Xavier's school for the gifted.
    • The story involving the Mutant control collars also occurred within the X-Men universe, along with a Mutant Registration act.
    • The synopsis of the story is a speech read by Jena Grey in the second X-Men movie.
    • Cartman's Mutant army is a reference to the brotherhood of evil, while the others moving in together is a parody of most X-Men's stories which invole the team moving into Charles Xavier's mansion.
  • Cartman is not present for most of the story disappearing after stealing the document and not returning until the end of chapter four, but appears to have a major part coming up (if the story is continued).

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