Gender Confusion: The Trilogy
Fanfic Information
Series Threadbare South Park
Author ThreadbareSP
Genre Humor/Friendship
Rating T
Written May 21, 2012
No. of Chapters 6
Completed June 30, 2012
Status Complete
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Of Towels and Men Gender Confusion: The Trilogy Fall of the House of Pierzynski

Gender Confusion: The Trilogy is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by ThreadbareSP.


In this revised compilation of the first three Threadbare South Park episodes, a new kid with an abusive parent moves to South Park. Hilarity ensues. Starring Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and this one other kid.


Episode 1: "Charlie: The Gender-Confused New Kid"Edit

One morning in early November, Mr. Garrison announces that a new student will be joining the class. The student, Charlie Pierzynski, arrives that afternoon. Because she has a boy's name, boy's hair, and boy's clothes, there is briefly some confusion about her gender. Mr. Garrison gives Cartman's desk to Charlie.

At recess, Cartman is still irritated with Charlie for taking his desk, but Stan and Kyle take some pity on her and decide to show her around. Wendy and Bebe, who were out of school when Charlie was introduced to the class as a girl, approach them. Believing that Charlie is a boy, Wendy asks Stan to help her hook up Charlie and Bebe. Stan tries to explain the situation to Wendy, but he vomits several times out of nervousness and is unable. By the time Charlie realizes what has happened, she is Bebe's "boyfriend" and the girls have left.

Feeling bad about the Bebe situation, Stan invites Charlie to hang out with the group at his house. Cartman, still suspicious about Charlie's true gender, attempts to pull down her pants to see if she's "hiding anything." Charlie kicks him in the nose and he starts bleeding. He goes home in tears. The remaining kids watch Terrance and Phillip, but four o'clock, Charlie realizes that she will be late getting home and runs from the house in a panic.

The next day, Charlie comes to school late with a black eye. After just a few minutes of class, she vomits blood onto her desk and passes out. She is taken to the nurse's office, where it is discovered that she has many more bruises on her arms and body. At around this point, Kenny gets the hiccups, which he has for the rest of the story until his death. Meanwhile, Stan finally tells Bebe that Charlie is actually a girl. Bebe is disgusted.

Mr. Mackey visits Charlie at the nurse's office. He asks her about her home life, and Charlie explains that she lives with her mother, little sister, and baby brother. When asked if her father lived with them, she answers, "Not recently." Mr. Mackey then tries to ascertain whether or not she is being abused, but doesn't come to a conclusive decision.

After school, Kyle invites Stan and Charlie over to his house. Sheila Broflovski expresses some concern about Charlie's "dirty and bruised" appearance. Later, Sheila asks Charlie to leave after she says "the J word" (Jesus) in front of Ike. At this point, Charlie realizes she is going to be late again and frets that her mother is going to "kill" her. This makes Kyle suspicious, so he and Stan decide to follow her home to see what happens.

Charlie is shown to live across the railroad tracks next to Kenny's house. The boys see Charlie's mother yell at her and yank her into the house. From Kenny's backyard, they (along with Cartman and Kenny, who were at the McCormick house) see Mrs. Pierzynski shove Charlie into their yard and go back inside. Charlie has a bloody nose. She is worried when she sees the boys and assures them that her mother is only upset because she was late again. Stan uncomfortably accepts this, but Kyle, realizing that Mrs. Pierzynski is responsible for all of Charlie's injuries, wants to tell someone. Charlie makes him promise to keep it a secret before Mrs. Pierzynski, suddenly acting apologetic, brings Charlie back into the house.

The next day, Charlie shows up at the bus stop. She has a swollen nose along with her black eye from the day before. Cartman categorizes Mrs. Pierzynski (along with Mrs. Broflovski) as a "bitchy mom." Kyle asks Charlie if she was sure he shouldn't tell anyone. Charlie is sure.

At lunch that day, Kyle asks Chef for advice. Chef advises him to tell Mr. Mackey what he saw, so, without telling Charlie, Kyle explains the situation to the counselor.

After school that day, Kenny, who still has the hiccups and has grown increasingly sick throughout the episode, collapses at the bus stop. He appears to recover, but the bus returns and Ms. Crabtree informs Kenny that he "forgot his medieval armaments" on the bus again. She throws a heap of weapons onto Kenny, who is killed. Charlie is alarmed by this turn of events, but quickly recovers. Kyle invites her over again, but she decides that she should go straight home instead. She thanks him for keeping their secret, saying, "I know you just wanted to help, but telling would have probably just caused problems." She heads for home and Kyle appears to worry about what the consequences of his decision might be.

When Charlie arrives home, she is met by her mother, who is furious about receiving a call from the school guidance counselor. She pulls Charlie inside. Charlie screams for awhile, then suddenly stops. Mrs. Pierzynski asks her several times to wake up, then runs from the house in a panic.

Shortly after this, Kyle walks to the front door of the Pierzynski house. The door is ajar, so he enters. He calls for Charlie, and Becca, Charlie's little sister, tells him that Charlie is "sleeping." Kyle finds her unconscious in the bathroom.

Episode 2: "Brainwashing"Edit

Kyle sits outside of the Pierzynski house with ambulances and police cars. He is taken aside to be interviewed since he was the one who found Charlie.

The next day at school, in response to Charlie's brush with death, Mr. Garrison lectures the class on child abuse, using a series of unhelpful acronyms to explain ideas.

Meanwhile, at Hell's Gate Hospital, a Doctor starts to work on Charlie. She suffered several broken bones, blunt force trauma, and peroxide poisoning from ingesting bleach. Becca and Davy also wound up at the hospital, so the Doctor looks at Charlie's contacts list. The only name listed is Kyle Broflovksi.

When Kyle gets home from school, Sheila angrily informs him that their family is now responsible for looking after Davy, Charlie's baby brother. Soon after, Kyle gets a call from Stan, who informs him that Charlie's sister is staying at Cartman's house.

Meanwhile, Cartman is upset about his mother's decision to take in Becca. Still, he begrudgingly shows her around the house and lays down the law. He gets annoyed, however, when Becca asks him if he is her "new brother."

The next day at the hospital, Mindy, the nurse, grows impatient with the head Doctor's unintelligent decisions concerning Charlie's health. The Doctor becomes upset and leaves the room to read Us magazine. Mindy spends some time pumping Charlie's stomach before Charlie finally regains consciousness. She is awake only for a short while before she falls asleep again, but she is finally showing signs of recovery.

Kyle visits the Cartman house with Ike and Davy in a stroller. Davy has been crying at night, and he thinks that seeing his sister might help. Kyle finds Cartman and Becca playing with Cartman's stuffed animals (although Cartman acts as if he wasn't once he notices Kyle). Becca shows a strong affection for her little brother, becoming very angry and defensive when Kyle calls him "stupid" for spitting up. Kyle, who is irritable and sharp due to a lack of sleep, leaves with Davy on bad terms, and Becca starts to cry. Cartman, unsure of what to do, starts singing Harry Chapmin's "Cat's in the Cradle" to try to calm her down. Becca tells him that she doesn't want Davy to live in a home with mean people like Kyle. Cartman tells her that Davy is being fostered by Jews, and that, if he stayed with them for too long, he would become a monster. Four-year-old Becca is horrified, so Cartman calls up the Broflovskis and warns him not to try to "convert" Davy. Kyle becomes angry, accusing Cartman of leading Becca to become anti-Semitic.

Cartman then develops a scheme for himself and Becca to kidnap Davy from the Broflovskis and exorcise the Jewish "tapeworms of Hell" from his system. However, they never go through with this plan.

Sheila's high school rival, Bonnie Hunt, invites Kyle, Cartman, and Becca to appear on her talk show. Sheila has plans to embarrass Bonnie with slutty high school photos on national television, but Kyle intercedes, using his computer prowess, prepares a slideshow that instead shows that the two were good friends before they had a falling out over a boy. Becca and Cartman had plans to rescue Davy from the Broflovskis by making an appeal on national television, but the plan fails when Kyle informs Becca that Judaism is, in fact, a religion, and that Davy is too young to be indoctrinated into a religion anyway.

At the end of the chapter, Charlie is on the road to recovery. The Marshes tell her that she will be staying at their house (much to Stan's chagrin). Charlie also forgives Kyle for telling Mr. Mackey about her abuse.

Episode 3: "Sisters Suck"Edit

Two weeks after Charlie gets out of the hospital, she and the Marshes get ready for the trial against her mother. Stan is upset that Charlie gets to stay in his room while he has to share Shelly's. He becomes angrier at Charlie when he discovers that she broke his G.I. Joe action figure and hid it in the closet.

At the trial, the judge is clearly biased against Mrs. Pierzynski, calling her a liar and a shrew. Gerald Broflovski serves as Charlie's lawyer pro-bono. Kyle, Carol McCormick, Charlie's doctor, and Charlie are all called to testify. When Charlie testifies, she reveals that she has been abused since she was five, and that the family had to move several times because of suspicion about Charlie's injuries. She also explains that she cut her hair short herself so that her mother couldn't pull it, and that her father doesn't know that they moved to South Park. After her testimony, Charlie begins to wonder if she made the right decision by sharing so many details.

The jury quickly finds Mrs. Pierzynski guilty of child abuse and attempted murder. She is given the maximum sentence of forty-four years in prison with the possibility of parole.

After the trial, a number of people congratulate Charlie on helping to incarcerate her mom. On several occasions, she is told, "Your mom is gone forever, and it's all thanks to you!" She breaks down at dinner that night and goes off to her (Stan's) room, where she writes (but doesn't send) a letter to her dad. Sharon comes in to check on her, and Charlie confides that she feels conflicted about testifying against her mom. She wishes that she could live with her parents and siblings again. Sharon comforts her, saying that she did the right thing for herself and her siblings. Stan walks in just as Sharon and Charlie hug. He yells at them both, saying that Charlie was stealing his room and his family. Sharon tells Stan to apologize to Charlie, and when he doesn't, she grounds him. Sharon leaves, and Stan peeks back into the room. He accuses her of being selfish and under-appreciative of his family's generosity, and that she is making the whole family miserable. When he leaves, Charlie packs up a duffle bag and sneaks out the window. She begins to go door to door, looking for a new place to stay.

After being lectured by his parents, Stan goes to apologize to Charlie. He discovers that she's gone. Afraid of being punished further, he covers up the fact that she's missing.

Charlie finally reaches Butters' house. She tells Linda Stotch that she is a boy, and that she and Butters had planned a sleepover. Butters is grounded for not telling his parents about the sleepover, and the two go to Butters' room. They briefly play Power Rangers before they go to sleep.

The next day, Stan continues to pretend that Charlie is still at the house. He is surprised to see Charlie on the bus that morning, and he asks her to come back home. Charlie decides she doesn't want to speak to him, and instead talks to him through Kyle.

At school, Stan continues his attempts to get Charlie to talk to him. Finally, at recess, Charlie approaches Stan and explains her side of the situation to him. She misses her siblings and father, and she had wanted to hitch-hike to Nashville to try to find him. She really just wants to live with a "normal" family of her own.

On the bus ride home, Charlie says that she plans to go back to the Marsh house. At home, Stan and Charlie explain what happened to Sharon and Randy, who add another week to Stan's grounding. Charlie says that this is unfair, since she had run away of her own free will, and asks that Stan's punishment be lifted. Sharon and Randy do not lift Stan's grounding, but they do give him his room back. Now Charlie is the one who has to share with Shelly.

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