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Author Rhi-Rhi
Genre Humor
Rating M
Written August 7, 2013
No. of Chapters 6
Completed August 18, 2013
Status Complete
Link Frenemies
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Back from the Dead Frenemies The Three Faces of Evil

Frenemies is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Rhi-Rhi.


We takes a closer look to the love/hate relationship of the boys and Mayor McDaniels. What kind of trouble that they gets into with the mayor this time?


The story opens in South Park City Hall which it was morning, Mayor McDaniels was enjoying her peace before whatever chaos comes in the day. All sudden a football came crashes into the window which it scared her to death and she fall on the ground. Which her yelling had brought her aide Johnson in to see that she is okay. That is when she got up and went outside to find whoever had threw the football.

Meanwhile in the park that the boys were walking around to look for Stan's football that he had gotten for Christmas from his Uncle Jimbo because Butters didn't know his own strength which he became Cartman's target for his rage which Stan tells him to knock it off. That is when a very angry Mayor McDaniels appears before them with the football which she angrily muttered "That the local taxpayers will not happy about replacing a piece of glass!?" to them which they tried to apologize to her for the broken window, but she refused to accept, and ordered them to her office at that moment.

Across town at a local doughnut shop which BarBrady was entering the building that he had forgotten to put the car into park. Which it had crashed into a light pole, and he knows the mayor will be angry with him. At the same time in the mayor's office that Mayor McDaniels was yelling at the boys for their bad behavior that is when Johnson came in to alerts her about latest BarBrady's goof up that he did which it had prompted her to heads down to the doughnut shop, and she had left the boys behind which it is a very bad mistake on her part. That when Cartman took his pleasure to sit in the mayor's chair which he and Kyle had gotten in a argument.

At the same time, the scene of the accident which McDaniels had scolds BarBrady for being a idiot big time in front of many witnesses. Which Yates had a smart remark that made the mayor goes off. Back at the mayor's office which Cartman was going through the mayor's desk which he came across a plastic card which it turns out to be the key to the city that prompted Cartman to pocket it while the other boys were asleep. Unknown to him, that the mayor was back and fuming when she saw him at her desk and kicked them out of her office at that moment which it leads to panic among her when she can't find the key had disappeared into thin air which it had led her to call BarBrady if he seen it.

Meanwhile at Cartman's house inside his bedroom which Cartman has something up in his sleeve, when Liane came in to check on him which he hides it from her. Back at city hall which Mayor McDaniels was there which she had about to give up on finding the key when BarBrady came in.

The following morning, at the bus stop which Cartman had reveals his intentions to the other boys that made they go to the mayor to tell her about Cartman who has a major fit. When it reveals that Cartman had stolen the money which it was million dollars from the town with the key. At the police station that they had put a plan together to get at Cartman.

Later that same day which the boys had confronts Cartman about the stolen money which Cartman is about to flee that is when he got caught by the mayor and the police. The following morning that the boys had went to the mayor which she had revealed that she had sent Cartman to Saginaw, Michigan which she had dubbed as "the Worst place on Earth ever" for two weeks punishment.

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