First Blood First Serve
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Author RockHead South Park
Genre Suspense/Humor
Rating T
Written September 21, 2013
No. of Chapters 15
Completed October 5, 2013
Status Complete
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First Blood First Serve

First Blood First Serve is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by RockHead South Park.


When a mysterious new kid with a dark furry past drifts into town, the Boys find themselves caught up in the middle of a manhunt. What makes Conner so different from other kids his age? What makes him so well trained? So dangerous? What happened to him? To his family? To his life? And how far is he prepared to go when he is pushed?


Part OneEdit

The boys are waiting for the bus when a mysterious new kid walks up to them, dressed in Camouflage fatigues and sporting scars across his face.

The boys introduce themselves to the new kid who tells them his name is Conner and that's he's just passing thru town hoping to get something to eat. Kyle tries to ask him where he lives and Conner tells them his is where he roams these days.

They board the bus and learn that Conner claims to be from San Diego California and that he used to be of a youth group called the United States Young Marine Corps from the patch on his jacket. The other kids take notice of Conner too and he quickly becomes the target of gossip for everyone on the bus, The Boys talk about how he must have gotten his scars while the girls talk about how tough he looks.

The Boys and Conner get off the bus at school and Conner heads for the student registry desk hoping to attend school for just one day or so before moving on. When the receptionist asks him for his parent or guardian's signiture Conner tells her he doesn't have legal guardian he is brought to Principal Victoria's office where he is reluctant to explain why he ran away. He is taken to Mr Mackey's office where a search of his bag reveals an M16 rifle a handgun a combat knife and hand grenades, The school is put on lockdown and Conner is taken to the truant officers office led by the sadistic Head Officer Rip Galt who proceeds to subject him to repeated harrassment and humilation. The final straw for Conner comes when Galt him to strip down. when Conner does his back and chest are revealed to be covered in claw marks. While Galt retrieves a camera from his desk revealing himself to be pedophile Conner decides he's seen enough and puts his clothes back on angering Galt who strikes him on the head and threatens to undress him himself. Conner's eyes white out and he snaps attacking Galt with a vicious blow to the groin.

Mr Mackey arrives with the other Truant officers but Conner makes quick work of them as well before retrieving his guns and bag and heading out of the school.

The students and faculty panic as Conner races through the halls assault rifle in hand. He eventually crashes through the window of Mr Garrison's class and shoots out the window before diving out right in front of the boys.

Conner is picked out of the bushes by a young man dressed in the same fatigues as him, Conner recognizes him immediatelly as his older brother Benjamin. The two of them hijack a school bus and offload the students before driving off just as the police arrive.

Meanwhile the boys witness Conner preform the busjacking alone without Benjamin and respond in the only way they can.

All together: "Holy F$cking Sh$t Dude!

Butters replies Holy Hamburgers dude to which Eric Replies Goddamn it Butters. Conner and Benjamin flee down the street in the bus with the police in hot pursuit. The police set up a roadblock on the road leading out of town but the two of them plow the bus right on through.

Meanwhile back at the school the worried parents pick their children up and take them home. Mayor Mcdaniels goes on tv and announces a manhunt for Conner, The police round up all available officers and and volunteers including Jimbo and Ned and begin searching for Conner.

In the mountains the battered bus's engine gives out and dies forcing the two brothers to proceed on foot they stop at a river for water before heading deeper into the mountain range.

At home Stan goes to his room and calls Kyle who's parents are sitting on the couch watching the news. At his house Cartman sits surrounded by desserts watching tv his worried mother all too eager to help him get over the trauma.

Jimbo and Ned's search party discovers the wrecked bus and with Ned acting as bloodhound they follow his scent to the stream and realizing he's heading for a higher elevation call Yates and Murphy for helicopter support.

The helicopter carrying Yates, Murphy and Galt who's sustained a shattered testicle during Conner's escape. spot him on the top of a cliff overlooking a gorge. With nowhere else to go Conner and his brother begin climbing down the face of the cliff. Galt eager for revenge draws a rifle and begins to fire at him despite Yates and Murphy's protest forcing Conner to jump from the face of the cliff landing in the branches of a tree below and cutting his arm deeply.

At home Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny watch the scene unfold on tv. Kyle's mother sends him and Ike away and he calls Stan the two of them agreeing they need to help Conner.

Back at the gorge Conner falls out of the tree and takes cover as Galt continues to fire at him Yates and Murphy whov'e seen enough attempt to restrain him but Galt simply beats them off with the stock of his rifle and takes aim at Conner again. Just as all seems lost Benjamin appears and throws a rock at the helicopter hitting the windshield and startling the pilot who loses control sending Galt plunging from the helicopter and into the gorge below. The helicopter lands in the gorge and Yates and Murphy step out to find Galt in vegetative state induced by the shock trauma to his scrotum. Meanwhile Benjamin stitches up Conner's wounded arm and the two agree to turn themselves in before anyone else gets hurt. Yates radios back to headquarters about Galt and they learn that Conner is a former young marine the youth group reported him missing presumed KIA during the Peruvian Pandemic or Furry Death. Yates calls for backup as Conner emerges from behind the rocks and lays down his rifle and puts his hands up. suddenly shots ring out and each side assuming it's the other open fire on one another. Just when it seems Conner is finished Benjamin opens fire on the police and the two flee into the woods as Officer Barbrady arrives revealing he was the shooter by holding up a raccoon that tried to steal his sandwich.

Yates and Murphy Regroup with Jimbo and Ned while Conner and Benjamin set traps in the forest and paint their faces with mud. The search party follows them but they effortlessly defeated by the duos booby traps and Guerilla warfare skills. Ned is caught in a snare trap the truant officers are tricked by a scarecrow Conner and Benjamin made and are seriously injured by stake traps. Murphy is stabbed in the leg by Conner and calls for help Leading Yates to treat while the last two truant officers are stabbed and slashed in the leg by Conner's bayonet. Officer Barbrady tries to flee but is grabbed from behind by Conner.

"We could have killed all of them we could have killed you in town your the law out here it's us don't push us don't push us or we'll give you a war you won't belive. He leaves leaving Barbrady to break down and cry like a little girl.

Part TwoEdit

The search party is airlifted to safety Jimbo and Yates are unharmed but Murphy Ned and several truant officers are badly injured. Officer Bardrady is traumatized and Truant Officer Galt is in a testicular vegetative state. As State Police and the Colorado National Guard join the hunt for Conner The townspeople gather in the community center to discuss the issue. The usual raddle raddle raddle is suddenly broken up by the Arrival of Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock the man responsible for training Conner molding and shaping him into the boy he is today. He warns that continuing the hunt for Conner is dangerous as despite his young age he is highly skilled in the art of survival and guerilla warfare. He suggests letting Conner slip through and picking him up later when he's calmed down. His suggestions fall on deaf ears as the Mayor and Yates are convinced they have enough men to get him."

Halfcock: "If your sending that many men after Kurtz you better bring remember one thing."

Mayor Mcdaniels: "What is that?"

Halfcock: "A good supply of ice bags for your balls."

The Boys tell Halfcock about their meeting with Conner that morning and ask about where his family is. Halfcock tells them that Conner was born into a military family his father Dwight was an active duty marine who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and briefly in the American-Canadian War while his Mother was a stay at homefront Mom who worked as a Drill Instructor before she had Conner. His older brother Benjamin was just out of high school and joined up the day he graduated. With his parents not always around Conner always looked to Benjamin as a role model. The boys learn that Conner lost his family during the events of Pandemic and Pandemic 2 The Startling which we see in a grusome furry flashback.

Dwight and Benjamin hold off a pack of guinea creatures while Sarah takes Conner to safety in a nearby warehouse but they are attacked by a pair of baby guinea pigs who maul Conner slashing him across his face, back and chest before Sarah rescues him at the cost of her own life. The next day Conner returns the wreck of his family's car to find only Benjamin has survived and his father has not. Benjamin tells Conner they're on their own and the two brothers pack eveything they can carry and walk off as the flashback ends.

Meanwhile in the forest Conner kills a cute little bunny for dinner and heads back to the cave where Benjamin is waiting for him. They reminise of better times when the family went camping together and had fresh rabbit stew. Conner tells his brother he's glad he's still with him. when suddenly a radio Conner took off the search party crackles to life.

At the police station Mr Mackey attempts to contact Conner but his hostile tone fails to get his attention Gerald wisely takes over and attempts a less aggressive approach but he is unable to get Conner to break radio silence." Halfcock and the boys arrive and Kyle convinces his Dad to let Sgt Halfcock try.

Back in the cave Conner overhears a familiar message listing the callsigns of his old unit. He recognizes Halfcocks voice and breaks silence.

The reunion starts off good at first with Conner and Halfcock catching up on old times but when he asks Conner to turn himself in Conner says he can't. He tells Halfcock of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Galt and the truant officers and he even accuses Mr Mackey of being a part of it and when Conner tells him Benjamin is with him Halfcock tells him his brother was reported dead sending Conner into a rage of denial before hanging up on him.

Yates enters and tells Halfcock they were triangulating Conner's signal and have his position by tomorrow they'll have every available man on that ridge.

Kyle and Stan plead with their Dad's for help but the best they give them is a promise for Ice cream later.

Part ThreeEdit

That night as Stan gets ready for bed his parents hav installed a metal window shutter sandbags around his bed and have encased him in a bulletproof bubble with barbed wire around it to protect him from Conner along with Shelly and Grandpa Marvin who's covered in a ballistic shell so heavy it tip over with him in it.

Once they leave Stan attempts to spring into action but to his frustration the bubble won't budge. but just as he's about to give up hope Shelly breaks into his room having escaped from her bubble. Stan mocks and teases her to the point that she smashes him and free and escapes out his window before she can pound him.

Stan calls Kyle and the two decide they can't leave Conner to the National Guard and they round up Kenny who's dressed in his Mysterion costume Cartman who's Mom's hired Funnybot to guard him and accidentally kill Kenny getting rid of him and Butters who tags along to prove he's brave too and together they head for the road out of town only to find a roadblock manned by the Authorities including SWAT The National Guard and the ATF lead by Commander Gans who commanded the near disasterous raid on the Meteor shower party and General Plymkin the beefy bigoted cigar chomping general who's once again using his infamous Operation Human Shield plan against Conner.

While the rest of the boys ponder how to get past Mysterion slips into action with a distraction lighting a string of firecrackers to distract the authorities while they slip past. Unfortunately it works too well and the police and soldiers believing Conner is shooting at them panic and fire indiscriminately at each other resulting in a massacre that destroys not only the roadblock but also several building and homes as the boys look on in shock.

The Boys head into the mountains and soon become lost thanks to Cartman's directions, Mysterion suddenly notices Butters is missing and the Boys seperate to into pairs to find him.

Meanwhile Butters is grabbed from behind by Conner who realizing he's not a threat tells him to wait there and not move, He quickly Cartman Stan and Kyle but before he can question them for following him he is attacked from above by Mysterion and the two commence to fight. Kenny manages to get a few good blows in but Conner's hand to hand combat training makes him more than a match for the superhero leaving him dazed and stunned from a reverse crescent kick to the head. Before the fight can continue Kyle intervenes and tells them that they came to find him and warn him about the ATF, Conner leads them back a mine shaft where he's been hiding and fills them in on what happened at the school as well the fact that Benjamin helped him escape and has been traveling with the entire time. Despite their skepticism about his brother's involvement the boys agree to give Conner a second chance and they sit by the fire as Conner reminises about the life he lost.

Early that morning as the sun rises the boys discuss whether or not Benjamin is really dead. Kyle believes Conner might be repressing the the memories of his brother's death due the shock of losing him along with his parents. Suddenly Kenny picks up Conner's pistol saying he's borrowing it and he'll be right back before shooting himself in the head.

The next morning the ATF sends in a squadron of helicopter gunships flying over the forest in search of Conner Commander Gans in the lead chopper. At the police station Sergeant Halfcock argues with General Plymkin about the excessive use of force against one child but the General ignore him and orders the mission to proceed. Just then The Parents of the boys walk in to report their kids as missing. Back at the mine the boys see the helicopters and wake Conner up, Gans sees Conner with the boys and together with Plymkin agree that the 25% loss of the boys is a satisfactory outcome orders the pilot the open fire on them despite their parents protest. Realizing the helicopters are after him Conner seperates from the boys and heads deeper into the woods leading the gunships away from the them. Back at the police station Halfcock demands that Plymkin ceasefire immediately, When he refuses Halfcock punches out the beefy general and gives Gans the order to abort but Gans eager to claim a kill cuts off the radio.

Conner manages to disappear into woods so the ATF blasts Barbra Streisand music to drive him out of the thicket, when that fails they drop an Fuel Air Incendiary bomb on the forest to flush him out.

Halfcock and the parents get into their cars and drive up into the mountains to get to the kids before it's too late while back in the mine shaft Stan decides he's seen enough picks up Conner's M16 with an underslung grenade launcher and heads out to help Conner the others following after him.

They find the forest a blaze and Conner dazed and shellshocked but still alive unfortuanately the helicopters find them too and despite the fact that the boys are in the line of fire Gans personally takes up the door mounted gun to take Conner down personally. He opens fire splitting a tree in half and sending it straight toward the boys stunning Conner.

When he comes to he sees Benjamin throw himself in front of the boys and aim his under barrel grenade launcher at the helicopter just as Gans is about to fire again and launches a shell at it incinerating the helicopter and Gans before he blacks out again. Down at the at bridge leading out of town the parents see the helicopter go down prompting Randy to say. "Looks like we're gonna need some more ATF guys."

Several hours later Conner comes to back in the mine shaft with the boys looking over him and to see if he's okay. Kyle tells him that's he's been unconscious for 6 hours and Cartman says how awesome he was to blow up that helicopter single handed while how Kyle was all girly earning him a slap on the face from him.

The Boy's version of events a vastly different from what Conner remembers, When he asks where Benjamin is the boys tell him they didn't see him anywhere instead they saw Conner destroy the helicopter. Conner flashes back to the events of the previous day. reliving the events through his eyes he remembers the jump from the cliff, the chopper battle and his talk with Sgt Halfcock on the radio. He develops a severe migraine and holds himself against the wall.

Meanwhile the parents come up to a roadblock deeper into the mountains, The soldiers manning it refuse to allow them past and are openly hostile toward them until Liane makes them an offer of group sex.

Meanwhile back in the mineshaft the boys become worried about Conner who hasn't moved in two hours only staring into space silently. Butters tries to cheer him up by singing his Loo Loo Loo apple Song without success, while Cartman suggests that Stan talk to him because of his cynical view on life prompting Stan to take several swigs of "apple juice" from a flask until he's good and drunk. Drunk Stan vents his frustration with Conner's refusal to crack a smile and Stan spills Jamison on his pants.

Outside the National Guard surrounds the mine and the commander calls on Conner to surrender. Kyle promises Conner his Dad will take his case if comes quietly and Conner realizes for the first time in hours that he's cold. Conner steps out and the commander contacts Halfcock to inform him that Conner's giving up. Just as it seems it all over Stan walks out drunking aiming Conner's M16 and fires a grenade at the Guardsmen who return fire driving the boys back into the mine. The inexperienced guardsman fire an Rocket at the mine entrance collasping it and trapping the boys inside.

The Parents arrive at the entrance to the mine to find the National Guard sifting through the rubble of the entrance, Sharon immediately runs over to a soldier grabs him by the collar and demands to know what happened to Stan. Meanwhile Mr Mackey and Sergeant Halfcock chew out the Commander for the use of excessive force. The shock that their boys are probably dead sinks in, Sharon cries into Randy's arms. Shelia falls to her knees and breaks down, The Stotches fall apart completely. Halfcock berates the Commander and tells him to clean this mess up.

The parents mourn the loss of their children as the camera zooms out to a sattelite feed listing Conner and the boys as Killed in Action as the the credits begin to roll.

Suddenly a knife cuts through the credits and Conner slices it apart like tissue paper.

"What kind of chickenshit ending is that? I'm not dead and this story is nowhere near over."

And with that Conner cuts his way back through the fourth wall and into the story where we find that he and the Boys and Butters escaped the tunnel collaspe by running deeper into the mine, Conner strikes a match and checks to make sure everyone is accounted for while Stan continues to drink from flask until Kyle smacks it from his hand and berates him for almost getting them killed. To which Stan drunkenly replies that he loves Kyle and pukes on him. Conner gather supplies including a pickaxe handle some cloth, lantern oil and a match to create a makeshift torch and then leads the Boys to find a way out.

Meanwhile back outside Sergeant Halfcock tells the Parents that it doesn't look good apparently there was a lot of TNT in the mine. Sheila suddenly becomes enraged and gets in his screaming that it's his fault since he trained Conner and turned him into psychopath. Halfcock recognizes her as the leader of Mothers Against Canada and a shouting match ensues. Gerald tries to calm her down but Sheila's not having any of it forcing him to adminster a shot of tranquilizer. Halfcock tells Gerald he doesn't blame his wife for being angry because he kinda hates himself for not doing enough to help Conner.

Mr Mackey hearing this angrily reasserts his view that Conner was a menace that endangered children's lives, Randy tries to calm down but Mr Mackey's not having any of it and attacks him leading to a fight which Halfcock attempts to break up.

Back in the cave Conner continues to lead the boys deeper into the mine using his torch to locate where the wind is blowing from outside. Stan begins to sober up and Conner hears something up ahead. He points his rifle in the direction of the noise only to find Benjamin drop in from above. The two brothers get reacquainted and Benjamin tells Conner he's found a way out. Strangely the Boys don't see Benjamin at all only Conner talking to himself so naturally when he walks up and tells them that Benjamin's found another way out they are skeptical to say the least. Conner follows Benjamin ahead and Kyle asks Stan if he's noticed Conner's strange behavior. Stan still hungover replies "Dude I told you not so loud. Conner hollars back to them "Stan Kyle Pick it up!" and leads them to a partially flooded shaft with a ricketly ladder that breaks on Conner on the last step. After picking himself up He grabs a large wooden box and places it under the ladder to stable it and the boys climb down until Stan slips and falls bumping his head on the rocks and twisting his ankle. Conner patches his head up and then Benjamin tells them the exit is through a tight squeeze ahead. Conner goes ahead to check it out leaving Stan and Kyle to discuss Conner's state of mind. Kyle remains skeptical about Benjamin while Stan due his vision being blurred from a combination of the hangover and the bump to his head says He saw him. Butters says maybe Conner has a split personality disorder like his old Psychiatrist Dr Janus aka Tu Long Kim aka Billy. While the boys ponder whether or not Conner is a section 8 He and Benjamin a forced to crawl on their elbows as the space gets tighter prompting Conner to comment that he knows what it feels like to be a canned food ration. He verbally vents his frustration at everything that's happened.

"I Just wanted something to eat that's not too much to ask for but no! I gotta dodge bullets and helicopters and crawl through tunnels like a fucking rat! I admit it I screwed up big time bring an M16 into a school, I wasn't fucking thinking straight. but that piece of shit counsler and the peverted truant officer just had to keep pushing it! They all had to keep pushing it." They drew First Blood not us!"

Eventually the two brothers find a mine shaft with a ladder leading out while back in the mine the boys come to the conclusion that whoever Conner's talking to it's not Benjamin!

Part FourEdit

That Evening at Skeeter's bar Randy, Gerald, Jimbo, Ned and Mr Mackey are drowning thier sorrow in drink when Gunnery Sergeant Halfcock walks in and sits with them, Mr Mackey apologizes for the way he acted back there and the two talk about what they do with Conner if he'd been taken alive.

Back at the mineshaft Conner and the boys nearly break their backs pulling Cartman out of the mine because he broke the ladder, After catching their breath Conner plots a road back to town while Butters asks him if was gonna shoot up the school. Conner denies it and tells them he forgot the gun was in his bag. Kyle tries to ask what happened to him in the Pandemic. but by this point Conner's PTSD begins to kick in and he orders the Boys to move out with a burst of M16 fire into the air.

Conner leads them to the highway where a convoy of army trucks are passing by, He waits until the last one comes close and then jumps on and hijacks it pulling the driver out and orders Stan to work the pedals, Kyle to ride shotgun and Cartman and Butters into the back while he takes the wheel. After Butters and Cartman find a cache of weapons in the back of the truck Conner climbs out of the driver's seat forcing Kyle to take wheel and causing the truck to swerve which catches the eye of a police officer who spots Conner and radios dispatch that someone pulled the plug too soon.

The Police set up roadblocks along the highway and begin pursuit. Conner forces Kyle to ram a police car at gunpoint and then to ram a roadblock leading into town at full speed scattering police cars and officers in their wake.

As nightfalls the truck pulls into the parking lot of the South Park mall and the boys all get out, Conner loads up with a Saw M249 LMG and a AT4 Rocket Launcher and tells the gus this is where they go their seperate ways. He tells them from here on out he and Benjamin have to go it alone. Stan tries to reason with Conner by telling him that his brother is dead but the Young Marine cold cocks him the the stock of his machinegun followed by Kyle, Cartman and Butters. He mournfully tells them he's sorry and that he wishes they could have been friends had things turned out differently. Benjamin steps out of the truck fully armed and the two brothers decide that alothough they didn't start this war they're definitely gonna end it.

Part FiveEdit

Conner and Benjamin begin their assault by driving the truck into a service station's pumps before getting out to grab their weapons and Conner throws a lighter into the spill sending the gas station and the truck up in flames.

The police quickly mobilze and send out officers to the site but by then the brothers are long gone, Detective Yates issues a state of emergency over the loud speakers urging people to stay off the streets and find shelter. An officer asks him what can they do to which Yates replies it's like a blizzard the best they can do is get people indoors and hope it blows over soon.

From her officer window Mayor Mcdaniels sees the explosion and relaspes to her habit of pixie sticks.

At the bar the guys see the explosion and realize it must be Conner, Mr Mackey gets angry at Halfcock because he Conner would escape the mine collapse and decides to hunt down Conner himself.

Halfcock tries to reason with him reminding him his truant officers the police the national guard and the ATF couldn't stop him before, Mackey tells him this is his town and his school and not giving up to Him or Conner or anyone else and threatens to rape Halfcock in his mouth before getting in his car and driving away.

Back in the parking lot Kyle comes to and wakes up Stan and Butters they find Cartman and wake him to find that thanks to that blow to the head he thinks he's Ming Li again. Suddenly Kenny walks up to them and tells them he's found someone who can reason with Conner who although boys recognize him the stranger is not shown. The boys and the mystery person hurry to find Conner before it's too late.

Elsewhere Conner and Benjamin take cover in an alleyway because the street lights leave them to exposed, Thinking quickly Benjamin spots a power transformer and shoots it out blacking out the entire street. The two brothers take out several more power tranformers blacking out most of the town including the police station.

Mackey sees the blackout and realizing it's Conner heads for school while Benjamin and Conner realizing the police are closing in break into Jimbo's gun shop and pour gunpowder and ammuniton on the floor before dousing it in Kerosene.

Mr Mackey heads for the truant office and takes out an M16 rifle and heads for the school roof, Despite pleas from Principal Victoria and Dr Adams to let the police handle Conner Mr Mackey is bent on bagging him himself. He gets to the roof just as Conner lights up the gunpowder causing the rounds the to cook off. Mackey mistaking it for gunfire opens fire on him as he and Benjamin flee the store inadvertantly giving his position away to Conner who responds in kind by blowing up a school bus with his rocket launcher.

The boys run into their parents and Halfcock and tell them they know how to stop Conner.

Mr Mackey get's Conner and Benjamin in his sights forcing him to take cover behind the counselor's car. He keeps Conner pinned down until his magazine runs out giving Conner a chance to roll a grenade under the gas tank before running toward the entrance to the school. Mr Mackey manages to reload but is distracted by his car exploding giving them the chance to enter the school armed and ready for battle. He begins by shooting out all the lights in the building to hide his movements and then sweep the school room to room looking for the counsulor running into a hysterically frightened Principal Victoria and Dr Adams and a very awkward encounter with Mr Garrison before continuing his search for Mr Mackey.

Meanwhile The Parents and the Police pull up to the front of the school the police establish a perimeter and SWAT prepares to move in. Sergeant Halfcock bravely volunteers to go into and try to reason with Conner but Yates insists the time for words has passed. In the heat of the arguement Mysterion tells Yates He knows how who can reason with Conner. Convinced by the young hero's word the police allow the three of them to pass.

Conner enters the library and spots Mr Mackey on the roof. He dashes under the sky light getting Mackey to fire at him and reveal his position before shooting the counslor sending him crashing through the window landing at Conner's feet.

Mr Mackey: [Cough.] "Go ahead go ahead GO AHEAD YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH FINISH ME OFF MMKAY!!"

Before Conner can finish his nemesis Halfcock enters and attempts to end the stand off peacefully. Conner rants about the horrors of losing his parents and the hardships he and Benjamin have had to face alone.

Halfcock tries to tell Conner Benjamin is dead but Conner denies this and tries to tell Benjamin to say something but he's mysteriously vanished.

Suddenly Mysterion darts across the room drawing fire from Conner who empties his entire ammo belt trying to hit him. They fight and appear to be equally matched until Conner sweeps the hero off his knee.

Conner: "Your a good warrior but you don't have what it takes to take that extra step." [Digs the knife into his Shoulder.]

?: "Conner listen to me that's not your brother."

Conner: [Rage] Your lying! No one will ever take him from me again!

Suddenly the bright aura returns and we finally see that the aura is actually Conner's brother Benjamin and his parents . The Benjamin standing in the corner fades away as Conner tearfully embraces his brother.

We see through a flashback that all of Benjamin's actions up until this point were actually Conner's who's been suffering from Disassociation Identity Disorder ever since the pandemic. The loss of his family was so traumatic that he repressed the memories of it replacing them with a second identity in which Conner thought his brother was with him.

Conner's parents tell him to let go of his past and move on, They tell him they love him and that even though they're gone doesn't mean they're not with him before fading away.

Outside the school Conner is taken into custody by the police, as he is lead down the steps The boys their parents the children the police and the national guardsman all salute him in solidarity except Cartman who still thinks he's Ming Li.

Conner smiles and returns the salute and sees Mr Mackey being loaded into an ambulance. He sees the counsulor smile at him and smiles back before stepping into the police car as the credits roll.

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