FanFiction.Net is the biggest archive for fanfiction anywhere, offering thousands upon thousands of stories, with a total length somewhere in the range of fifteen to twenty billion words. The website started in 1998 by webmaster Xing Li, it soon snowballed into something incredible. Its secret to success is its limited moderation and fully-automated system, meaning posting is very quick and easy and can be done by anyone.

Rating SystemEdit

FanFiction.Net used to used MPAA rating system for their stories. In between the years 2003 and 2005, FF.NET changed to the system to the current one they use now.


Any fic under this rating have nothing objectionable in it. This is like the G rating.


Fics under this rating have some mild coarse language and bloodless violence (no injury). Adult themes should not be present. The K+ rating is for children 8 and older.


Fics under this rating have minor coarse language, mild adult themes, and some violence. The is meant for anyone over the age of 13.


Fics with this rating have strong coarse language, violence, and non-explicit adult themes. The rating is meant for anyone over 16.


Fics with this rating have very explicit adult themes and violence. The rating is meant for anyone over 18. FanFiction.Net does not accept fics with the MA rating.

South Park On FF.NetEdit

South Park can be found in the Cartoons category. As of May 28, 2020, South Park has over 18,000 stories. The earliest story is dated from 1999, but the first major stories in traditional prose seem to be dated around 2001, during the series' fifth season. Scriptfic was extremely common and prosperous for the fandom until around 2003, when FanFiction.Net deleted all script format stories across all categories due to issues in some larger fandoms, including Pokémon. Most script fic writers immigrated to Freedom of Speech fanfiction or gave up entirely. Since then, prose-written Slash fanfiction has become the dominant genre of the fandom. Some script fic occasionally reappears but it is unlikely to ever re-assert dominance.


  • Although MA stories are not allowed on FF.Net, authors put post up explicit material anyway but under the M rating.

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