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Estella Havisham
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 8-10
Hair Blonde
Religion British
Debut Episode/Fic "Pip"

Estella Havisham is a young British girl who was previously courted by Pip Pirrip; she was raised by her mother to be cold and unfeeling, breaking the hearts of men to power her technology.

Please visit her article on the South Park Archives for more information.


Estella is a Caucasian girl with long, wavy blond hair. She has rosy cheeks and dresses very wealthy. She wears a green robe with dark-green trims, a small cravat inside, velvet pants, and a dark pink hat with a dark pink rose and a small veil wrapped on it at the beginning of "Pip". Toward the end of the episode, she wears an amount of make-up, an off-the-shoulder white corset dress with a ribbon on the chest with a tiered ruffle pìnk skirt, a teal necklace with a pearl, and a pink lei with pearls on her head.


Fanon and Fandom

A fan-created character, Estella Havisham, existed in the fandom's early days, based on the Great Expectations character. When Matt and Trey adapted the novel for the season 4 episode "Pip", they created their own version based on the novel character who similarly acted as a love interest for Pip.

Due to the episode's unpopularity, Estella and Pocket rarely appeared in fanfiction and were often treated as non-canon characters; however, she experienced a massive uptick in attention in the 2020s when she was featured in the fan comic Hell Park and relevant animations, depicting her as a demon with a romantic interest in Rebecca Cotswolds. This depiction was so popular it kickstarted several unrelated fanworks including the character.

Since this wiki is dedicated to fanon, the historical original character Estella Havisham is located at the main link. This article is for the canonical character.

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