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Fanfic Information
Series N/A
Author Icelilly
Genre Angst/Tragedy
Fic Chronology

Drowning is a K2 one-shot fic. It was written by Icelilly as a set of Christmas gift drabbles as well as a last birthday present for a DeviantART user.


Kyle and Stan are having a sleepover but it's almost 2 in the morning and Kyle is having difficulty sleeping. He has been dating Stan for a while and loves him with all his heart but his heart still aches for Kenny after he died of liver cancer. He had watched him die in his hospital bed.

He hasn't been the same since and officially believes that he is going insane since he sees, hears and feels him everywhere. As he tries to go back to sleep, a voice calls out to him that happens to be Kenny. As Kyle begins to rant on about how he hasn't been the same, Kenny appears to be cold and unhappy as he watches Kyle break down into tears. He begins to float away by going through Stan's bedroom door and eventually, Stan's front door. Kyle tries to catch up to him but he can't.

He begins chasing him outside in the cold weather but he doesn't feel it as he has lost control of his body. Kyle follows him to outside of the town and into the woods but loses him. He walks along the path but can't read the sign up ahead. He eventually finds Kenny floating on top of Stark's Pond. Kyle knows why he brought him here. This was the place that they admitted their love for each other.

Kyle begins to break down as he realizes that instead of cherising the memories they shared, he tried to push them out as if they didn't exist. As Kenny begins to float away with his arms held out, Kyle chases after him right into freezing cold pond. Kyle looses ground and he begins drowning in the pond. Kenny wraps his arms around him saying that he will always be there for him and that they'll be together forever. In his last few moments of life, Kyle hears the sound of church bells ringing. It's exactly 2 in the morning.


  • This story was written before the Superhero arc (Coon and Friends) but was finished afterwards. Therefore, Kenny's immortality is not present in this fic.
  • This was a late birthday present and Christmas gift for azngirlLH, a friend of the author.


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