Don't Suck My Balls
Fanfic Information
Author OnigiriReject
Genre Romance
Rating M
Pairing(s) Kyman
Written November 4, 2008
No. of Chapters 38
Completed January 6, 2009
Status Complete
Link Don't Suck My Balls
Fic Chronology
Don't Suck My Balls Return to Imaginationland: The Broken Worlds

Don't Suck My Balls is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by OnigiriReject.


Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski hate each other. They cannot stand the sight of each other, they argue every time they meet, disagree on everything... then why can't they keep themselves away from the other?


Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are friends - who occasionally double as enemies. They attend South Park High School, and things haven’t changed since they were nine: Stan and Kyle are still best friends, Kenny dies about twice a week, and not a day goes by without another increasingly loud display of public aggression between Kyle and Cartman.

When one of their own’s sexuality is called into question things escalate quickly - a prank is taken too far, and a series of events is set into motion that leads to one revelation after the other.

To make matters worse, Kyle and Cartman, usually at each other’s throats, have begun to behave strangely around each other, acting more like friends than enemies. The boys are dumbstruck, even more so when all of this culminates in a kiss that takes everyone by surprise.

When it is revealed that Kyle’s mother is physically abusive, the boys band together to get him through it. Hopping from one couch to the next, Kyle finds himself buckling under the weight of his crumbling family, his own feelings and stubbornness to accept them, and the confusion and hatred he feels towards his long-time rival. But it is one friend’s words that ultimately empower him to take a stand, and another’s to come to the realization that hate is not the opposite of love at all... but rather a door to it.

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