Desert Amazon
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Humor
Rating T
Written December 14, 2010
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Desert Amazon
Warnings Nudity
Fic Chronology
On National TV Desert Amazon Unusual Sleepover

Desert Amazon is a short Kenny-centered oneshot fanfiction and was part of a set of Christmas gifts. It was written by Icelilly.


Kenny finds himself not visiting his favorite busty blonde but something even better when he ends up in another world.


Kenny was expecting to land in his usual spot and see his favourite busty blonde chick but didn't. Instead, he saw no one and was brought to a similar looking world. While flying in the air, he notices an area that is covered in a lush rainforest. He later lands there and begins to investigate the place until he hears giggling. He follows the sounds of the giggles and finds a couple of busty-looking women bathing in the nude in a hot spring. One of the girls asks Kenny to join him and in an instant, he begins removing his own clothes until he hears his own name being called out.

Slowly waking up, he finds himself laying in the snow nearly half-naked with his friends staring at him in concern. When he asks where everything went, Kyle mentions that all he did was dancing around and screaming in public after getting high off of paint-thinner and gasoline. He then mentions that he started stripping off his clothes and got himself an erection. The fic ends with Kenny confirming his surroundings and saying "Goddamn it".


  • This fic is loosely based on the episode "Major Boobage".
  • This fic was a gift for RedNickGIR, a real life friend of the author.


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