Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Angst/Romance/Tragedy
Rating T
Pairing(s) Bunny, Mentions of Style
Written June 8, 2010
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Death
Warnings Slash, Character Death
Fic Chronology
Caught in the Act Death Too Much Coffee
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Death is a one-shot Bunny fic. It was written by Icelilly.


Butters knew the risks he was taking when he chose to be with Kenny. Can he deal with the consequences years after when he suddenly starts dying again?


Butters and Kenny start to date. Most girls at school refuse to date Kenny because he always dies and comes back. Recently it stopped but started up again. Butters deals with it until Kenny dies and doesn't come back. After one month everyone comes to his funeral, all believing him to be truly dead this time. Many characters had left South Park (having all graduated High School) but all of them returned. Butters and Kyle talk after the funeral and Butters states that he will still wait for Kenny to return, no matter what.

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