David Rodriguez
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 10
Occupation Student; Busboy
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "You're Not Yelping"

David Rodriguez is a male fourth grader. David made his first appearance in the Season Nineteen episode "The City Part of Town" but had his main role in "You're Not Yelping". He is also a busboy at his father's restaurant, Nueva Familia.

Please visit his article on the South Park Archives for more information. Background


David is a Latino-American from Boise, Idaho. His parents own the Nueva Familia Mexican restaurant in South Park. David pronounces his name with a Spanish accent "Da-veed." He has a rivalry with Eric Cartman due to his bigotry and ignorance.


David has straight black hair. He wears a white shirt with navy blue sleeves, gray pants, and black shoes.

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