Dating: It's a Process
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Series Threadbare South Park
Author ThreadbareSP
Genre Humor/Romance
Rating T
Written February 11, 2012
No. of Chapters 11
Completed February 17, 2012
Status Complete
Link Dating: It's a Process
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Dating: It's a Process is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and by ThreadbareSP. The story is written in the form of a script and is planned to be approximately the length of one half-hour South Park episode. It builds off of the events of "One of the Girls".

This story is a Valentine's Day special for the fanfiction series Threadbare South Park.


As Valentine's Day draws closer, Kyle and Charlie decide to become "boyfriend and girlfriend". The fledgling relationship hits some minor bumps over Charlie's preconceived notions of how dating works.


This plot only goes through the published parts of the fanfiction. It will be updated as chapters of the story continue to be released.

Between every scene of the episode, a text block indicating the date, time, information about the scene, and a countdown to Valentine's Day (at the time that the scene takes place).

The story begins on the evening of the Martin Luther King Memorial Dance (the same night "One of the Girls" ended). Kyle, Stan, and Charlie play Xbox at the Broflovski house. When Stan and Charlie leave, Kyle acts frustrated with himself. Gerald asks him what's wrong, and Kyle asks what he should do when he likes a girl but is too nervous to tell her. In a typical "Gerald-gives-Kyle-strange-advice" scene, Gerald relates a story about a girl named Karen who he admired in college but was afraid to ask out. He was eventually set up on a blind date with Sheila, who, obviously, he ultimately married. Kyle is confused about how this relates to the subject at hand, and Gerald admits that he isn't sure. Kyle walks away, annoyed, as Gerald asks him, "Is she Jewish?"

The next few scenes occur several weeks later, at the end of January and beginning of February. The kids get off the bus and head home from school, and Cartman teases Charlie and Kyle. Later that afternoon, Kyle invites Charlie to his house. After a few minutes of rambling, along with some prodding by Charlie, Kyle admits to "like-liking" her, and she immediately confirms that the feeling is mutual. He asks if they can be "boyfriend and girlfriend", to which she agrees, but explains that there is a "process" they must follow first, which involves a date on a Friday or Saturday evening. Ultimately, they agree to have their "first date" at Stark's Pond the upcoming Friday night.

That Friday, Charlie waits anxiously for Kyle to arrive. Stan expresses some reservations about the whole thing, saying he finds it "weird and awkward". When Kyle arrives, Sharon gushes over how "adorable" the two look.

On their date, the pair has a picnic, after which they pass some time throwing objects into the pond. As the date comes to a close, they decide to have their official first date kiss at the pond rather than the traditional girl's-front-door, since they don't want to be "embarrassed" by Stan. Kyle kisses her, which, according to Charlie, makes the relationship "official", then asks for his own kiss in return. Unfortunately, when she tries to comply, she hits their noses together. To Charlie's horror, Kyle's nose begins to bleed. She starts to shout obscenities and cry, convinced that the date is ruined. Kyle calms her down by assuring her that his nose isn't broken and he still likes her.

To be continued.

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