Caught in the Act
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating M
Pairing(s) Style
Written August 27, 2008
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Caught in the Act
Warnings Slash, Language
Fic Chronology
Truth Caught in the Act Death

Caught in the Act is a Style oneshot written by Icelilly.


Stan and Kyle were caught making out by Cartman. Cartman puts their picture in e-mails and all over the school. It's just not going well for the two lovers.


It's Kyle's birthday and Stan planned numerous surprises for him. One of those surprises was a romantic evening in the park. The two begin to share a romantic moment until Cartman spots them and takes a picture with his camera. After creating shock within Stan and Kyle, Cartman explains all the things he plans on doing with the photo he took. After Cartman leaves, Stan begins to blame himself for what he did but Kyle insists it's not his fault. Stan then walks Kyle home.

Stan arrives at Kyle's house to pick him up for school. Kyle asks if there was anything in the mailbox and Stan says no. He also said that there wasn't any thing in his mailbox either. Kyle seemed to have gain a bit confidence and the two walked to the bus stop.

The two arrive at the bus stop. Kenny was the only one to be seen. Kyle asks if he got an e-mail from Cartman in which Kenny replies that his computer is broken. The bus arrives and they board the bus.

The two sit at the back of the bus where they are greeted by Clyde and Craig. Clyde asks Stan if he and Kyle had kissed a girl before. Stan says they have and asks why. Clyde refuses to say why but by Kyle's bullying, he admits to seeing the photo that Cartman took.

The two get off the bus and find that the school is covered in with sheets and sheets that have the photo on it. Kyle and Cartman confront each other but Kyle almost punches him. However, he stopped by Stan who says that he's wasting time trying to deal with him. The two then head to class.

The two are in class and more students are giving them odd looks. Mr. Garrison arrives but he doesn't say anything about the photo. The boys are later called down to the principal's office.

As the boys wait, Kyle becomes scared as they never did anything wrong. Stan says that everything will be fine and the two hold hands. A woman then brings them in but it is not the principal. She is the principal's replacement named Ms. Campbell.

Ms. Campbell asks the boys why they were here. They didn't know. She then holds the photo that Cartman took and asks them to break off their relationship. Stan says that they can't do that. Ms. Campbell then says that they are at risk of suspension. She also says that their parents are on their way down.

Their parents arrive however, Sheila didn't come with Gerald. Ms. Campbell introduces herself. She then shows the picture to their parents and they become shocked. Gerald asks why Kyle didn't tell him and Sheila and Kyle says that he wasn't ready to tell them yet. Ms. Campbell says that they refuse to end their relationship and are at risk for suspension but Randy insists that she can't do that but Ms. Campbell says that she can because she is in charge. Stan becomes frustrated and leaves. Kyle follows him.

Kyle tries his best to calm him down and it seems to be working as they hug. However, Cartman comes and ruins the moment. After Cartman picks on Kyle some more, Kyle says a heartfelt speech on how no matter how many times he (Cartman) insults him and Stan, they will always love each other and don't care what others think. Cartman says that one day he will make Kyle cry at his feet and then begins to touch himself. Stan and Kyle, terrified of the scene that was happening, leave the building.

Stan and Kyle are on the steps of the school building. Kyle says that they should be heading back to class in which Stan says only when second period comes. Kyle asks what should they do until that time comes. Stan gets an evil grin on face. The story ends with Stan saying, "I have an idea..."

Stan's SurprisesEdit

  1. A card and a bouquet of lilies in Kyle's locker.
  2. A lunch made by Stan.
  3. A small cake for the two of them.
  4. A stuffed bunny with a green ribbon around its neck.
  5. A romantic evening in the park.


  • The line "What's wrong Kyle, you got some sand in your vagina?" comes from the episode, "It Hits the Fan".
  • The line "Watch Me" is famous quote by former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre E. Trudeau when speaking to a CBC reporter about putting the War Measures Act into effect during the FLQ crisis in Quebec in 1969.
  • Ms. Campbell is not related to Liza Campbell at all.
  • This fic was an entry for a fanfiction contest. It did not win but was in second place.

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