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“How ya doin', Eric? You know, I think you're a real special little guy. And even though you have aids, I ain't gonna act any different towards you.”
— Butters, right before kissing Cartman on the cheek.

Cartters (also known as Cutters and semi-humorously Buttman) is the romantic pairing of Butters Stotch and Eric Cartman.


Butters comforting Eric.

Some fans say that this ship started in the early seasons, when Butters was a minor character. In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" (S4 E2), Butters says that "Cartman's ass is unique and magical", and besides those on the sled, he is the only one of the rest of the boys who is happy when Cartman returns from jail.

Butters feeling shy about Cartman's apology.

At the beginning of the series, Cartman, like the other boys, didn't like Butters very much. However, over time, Butters ceases to be the target of jokes, and becomes Cartman's most important ally and your best friend. Cartman was the only one who maintained a closer friendship with Butters. Eric being the one who highlights Butters in most situations, while the rest of the group maintained a much more distant relationship. And due to this increasingly closer relationship, the two have a lot of moments that contribute to the ship.

Butters feeling shy to see that he would be Cartman's companion.

Many full episodes revolve around the two characters' relationship, with Butters as Cartman's right-hand man, or just showing up to comfort and cheer him up with advice. With this situation repeating itself in many places, like Butters going to Eric's house, or to the hospital to console him, or Cartman himself going to Butters' house to get something off one’s chest. The foundation of Butters and Cartman’s relationship has largely been driven by Butters’ kind, earnest desire to listen to his problems, comfort him after his failures, help him with any scheme he suggests, and allow himself to be manipulated in unspeakable ways by him. In short, Butters likes to believe, trust, and support everything Cartman says and does. Butters at various times is shy around Eric and makes a shy pose that he is only seen doing for Cartman where he puts his hands behind his back and swings his leg looking awkwardly down.

Cartman sometimes has a leader relationship with Butters, and Butters like this relationship of having Eric in charge, there are several times when Eric becomes different (becoming a "good boy") and Butters feel sad or feel very angry with Cartman because of this change, Butters always goes out of his way to bring Eric back to normal and later he literally jumps for joy at the return of old Eric. At various times even though everyone is against Eric or feeling angry at Eric, Butters always takes Eric's side and defends him, being the only one smiling at him.


Moments from the show fans cite as evidence of the pairing are as follows:

In the show (animated series)

  • "The Cissy": Butters explains to Stan, how Cartman felt about his gender, and says "He's not a woman, he's not a man. He's something that you would never understand. But he would die for me."
  • "Tonsil Trouble": Cartman had AIDS and was sad, Butters comforts him, tells Eric he's special and kisses him on the cheek, promising he won't treat him any differently.
  • "Cartman Finds Love": Cartman asks Butters for help to get Token and Nichole together. Cartman puts his hand on Butters' shoulder and gives him love advice. Later, Token ends up breaking up with Nichole, later, Butters takes the hand of Cartman, who is crying in his room, and comforts him.
  • "Proper Condom Use": Cartman is caught looking at Butters penis while Butters puts on his condom, and he's very embarrassed, Stan claims he's gay, Eric makes up an excuse but the boys don't believe Eric.
  • "Casa Bonita: After Cartman "saves him from cannibals", Butters reveals that he loves him "I love you." Cartman responds by saying that he loves him too.
  • "The Return of Chef": Eric goes to Butters' house to cry over Chef's departure and Butters consoles him.
  • In The Death of Eric Cartman Butters helps Cartman to apologize to people (Eric thought he was a ghost), and in a moment Butters moved by Eric's sadness he cries at him, later when Cartman apologizes for everything he did to Butters, he gets very shy and forgives him easily,and then Butters helps him make up for all the bad he's ever done, and together they have fun making presents and giving them away, they sing and dance together, but then it causes problems for Butters because of a misunderstanding, because Cartman was not really dead, towards the end of the episode, Butters shows concern for Cartman and shyly tells Eric to be careful, and then the two together naively save hostages from armed bandits.
  • Fatbeard: Butters is the only one who gets excited about Cartman’s idea even without knowing what it was about, and he joins Cartman, who names him vice-captain, on a trip to Somalia. They choose seats together on the plane where they have fun together and then they sit together on the bus where Butters sleeps on Cartman's shoulder. At first, they think about giving up, but Butters supports Cartman and convinces the others to continue. Butters is far more enthusiastic about Cartman's plans than the other boys, Eric starts a song with Butters to animate everyone.
  • "Poor and Stupid" Cartman goes to ask Butters for help and when he arrives at his house Butters is very excited to participate in another Cartman plan, he is motivated by Eric, who is fell happy to see Butters' animation. Cartman needs to get rid of his money, and chooses Butters give all your money. Butters becomes the "team leader" for Cartman, who was a "professional runner". Butters cheers him up after leaving the runners debate, and helps him record videos in which the two pretended to be prejudiced rednecks. During the race, another team member offends Cartman and Butters defends him by saying that Eric is a "champion".
  • "The Magic Bush": Cartman and Butters play with Stephen's drone, but Eric ends up inviting Kenny. Butters feels upset didn't want Eric to tell anyone else about the drone. Eric ends up getting them into trouble over the drone, but throughout the episode, Cartman covers up Butters, using silly ideas but with the good intention of not making Butters sad. Butters reluctantly thanks him for his help because Eric was willing to do more to make Butters happy, but Butters is afraid of the trouble Eric's plan could bring, even if he meant it well.
  • "Super Fun Time": Butters, seeing that he will have to partner with Eric, appears very shy and does a shy pose (possession which Butters only does for Eric even in the current episodes in the show). On tour of Pioneer Village and Butters refuses to let go of Cartman's hand, because Mr. Garrison told them not to let go until they get to the bus. He keeps holding on,Even as the two sneak away from the group, Butters refuses to let go. The end up at an amusement center, where an employee thinks that they’re a couple. The two share an ice cream and a couple walks by and looks, much to Butters' annoyance with the couple. Then when they came back for the tour they have their lives in danger, being threatened with weapons to free their hands, but still they don't let go of their hands.
  • "Stunning and Brave" Cartman asks for Butters' underpants and Butters delivers his underwear very happily, being the only one not to be surprised by the order, after, Cartman tries to intimidate the "Main PC" with Butters' underpants, and Eric smells of Butters' underpants and says that recognizes Butters' underwear by the smell. Later Cartman ends up in the hospital, and while Cartman had nightmares he wakes up scared calling Butters name, and Butters was there holding Eric's hands and says "i'm here, Eric", when seeing that Butters was there, Cartman is reassured, Butters stayed at the hospital caring Eric, Cartman started talking to Butters about how he felt, and Butters comforts him, but then Butters manages to cheer up Cartman, who decides to go back and make one of his big plans with Butters as his ally, and Butters fell very happy with the return of Cartman and takes a leap of happiness.
  • "Eat, Pray , Queef": Cartman makes a joke and Butters loudly laughs at it, even after the others stop laughing.
  • "Bass to Mouth": Butters happily helps Cartman spread the news about Pete Melman, even though the other boys said it was wrong;
  • Christian Rock Hard: Cartman forms a band in order to win a platinum album and the first person he recruits is Butters.
  • "Fishsticks": Butters is very excited about Cartman's joke and as he does in other episodes, he laughs very exaggeratedly at the things Cartman talks about. Butters pulls Cartman close to help him find more people to tell the joke.
  • "It's A Jersey Thing": Cartman tells Butters that Kyle hit him and convinces Butters and other boys to arrest Kyle.
  • "AWESOM-O": They spend a lot of time together, because Cartman discovered that Butters had a tape of him dressed as Britney Spears and making out with a cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake. Cartman disguises himself as robot and Butters feels comfortable very quickly with him to tell his secrets, but he doesn’t say where the tape is, and Cartman remains in disguise to find out. During that time, Cartman learns a lot about Butters and never makes fun of his embarrassing secrets, nor does he ever reveal them to anyone else. Butters has a lot of fun with Eric and Cartman is hugged by him while they're sleeping (although Butters doesn't know that the robot is Eric), and the their parents fell very happy with the close proximity of the two.
  • "Obama Wins!": Butters defends Cartman after Kyle speaks ill of him.
  • My Future Self 'n' Me: Cartman helps Butters get revenge on his parents, Eric draws a picture of the two together getting revenge smiling at each other.
  • Raisins Butters defends Cartman as the latter argues with Bebe.
  • Butters learns a lot from Eric and likes to repeat things Eric says to him, such as "Kenny Dies", where he imitates Cartman's way of talking on the phone.
  • Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy: Cartman busts Butters for not having a hall pass, but soon apologizes and asks Butters not to hold grudges. Butters is later Cartman's cameraman.
  • "Go God Go": Cartman trusts Butters to help himfreeze himself. Butters is horrified when he learns that Cartman could die and attempts to save him.
  • . "The Ungroundable": Butters thinks he's a vampire and tries to bite Cartman's neck. Cartman thinks that he's trying to give him a hickey. The Stotches ask him if he "got gay with" Cartman and Cartman tells his mother that he thinks Butters is gay and finds him sexually attractive.
  • Proper Condom Use": Cartman gives Butters the speaker, because he trusts Butters is the best with words.
  • "Canada on Strike" Butters is sitting next to Eric, Cartman makes a joke, Butters looks at him and smiles before the other boys start laughing too. Later, they're on the couch watching television and Butters tells Eric that the show's jokes aren't fun anymore, and Cartman agrees with Butters and is furious with the show. Catman needs to think of something that everyone would find fascinating, Cartman thinks Butters' butt is something that everyone would find fascinating, and maked video that Cartman writes and directs song / music video "What What in the Butt" Where Butters sings about doing sexual things to his ass, Eric is overjoyed and looks fascinated at the result, and Butters smiles too but a little embarrassed.
  • "Taming Strange" After Cartman explains the joke about Kyle, Butters is the only one who laughs;
  • Jewpacabra Cartman and Butters are in line together to sign up for Easter eggs, and he is the only one who really believes in Eric's "Jewpacabra" story, later Cartman goes to Butters' house and asks for his help, says he can't do it without Butters, and Butters faces his fear and helps Eric, later Butters protects Cartman with other armed boys, but Butters ends up running away feeling scared.
    Butters feeling happy to be back with Eric in his crazy plans

    Butters feeling happy to be back with Eric in his crazy plans

  • "Eat, Pray , Queef" Cartman shows compassion for Butters after one of the girls farted in Butters' face and Butters gets home sick, Cartman visits Butters along with other boys and Cartman gives Butters a gift and participates in a statewide attempt to ban female gases, with Butters as a symbol, suggesting some affection and concern for Butters, as in the end no secret reason behind was revealed, as usually happens in relation to Cartman and other characters, as in “ kenny dies” Where after several scenes showing concern and affection for Kenny, he later revealed that he just wanted to build a pizzeria.
  • Faith Hilling During classes on the dangers of memes, Cartman and Butters sit together and soon after, Butters is worried about Cartman as he continues to do dangerous things.
  • "The Magic Bush" Butters is fiddling with the computer in his room and Cartman arrives in his room and Butters the length smiling at Eric, soon after Cartman lies on Butters bed, Cartman says that he is very bored and Butters tries to cheer him up by showing his newhobby.
  • "Pee" Cartman sings in the car and Butters likes, and he dance to cartman music.
  • "W.T.F." The professor of Olympic Fight, put Cartman and a very strange position with Butters, where he makes everyone in the class think they were doing obscene things (as if Butters have sex Cartman) the boys think the teacher is a pedophile because of that, and Butters threatens to denounce the teacher for pedophilia, later Butters and Cartman set up a wrestling group with the other boys. On the boys' wrestling show after "Irene"(Cartman) breaks up with others, she (Cartman) dates Butters, Eric refer to Buttes as "her man".
  • In Imaginationland Episode III Cartman is overjoyed and congratulates Butters for saving everyone and says he learned a lesson from him.
  • "Super Fun Time" Cartman tries to calm Butters by talking about his life lesson and Butters agrees with him, the police are there because of a kidnapping and Butters thinks it's because they ran away and starts to cry, Eric feels bad and consoles Butters;
  • The two are eventually seen walking and talking together in the background in some eps, as in Douche and Turd that they are seen watching school lectures together and went to watch together debates of the new mascots;
  • Cartman most often tells things first to Butters, and in several eps like "Kenny Dies", "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" etc, Butters is the spokesman of Cartman.
  • in "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" Cartman after being defeated is locked up in prison with Butters;
  • "Reverse Cowgirl" Cartman scoffs at what happened to Clyde, and the room doesn't find it funny, except Butters, he likes and laughs a lot despite not understanding part of the joke (Butters is willing to laugh at anything Eric says, even without understanding).
  • In Butters' Bottom Bitch When Butters arrives to celebrate, Eric is waiting with open arms and Butters hugs him, Cartman is the only one Butters hugs, the others he just shakes hands with.
  • The Snuke Cartman jumps and breaks Butters window to stop a boy he thinks is a terrorist, even that Cartman break his window, Butters looks at Cartman and smiled and gently greets him.
  • In "Guitar Queer-O" Butters will give the message to the boys, but he only makes the announcement after to side with Cartman.
  • In "Kenny Dies" we see one of the first times that Butters is Cartman's right-hand man, where he helps Cartman manage his business and Butters learns Cartman trading techniques.
  • In "Guitar Queer-O" When Kyle and Stan finish the game, Cartman shyly invites Butters to play with him, who happily accepts (before that the game itself says that whoever plays it is gay).
  • "The Poor Kid" When Cartman sings"I m not the Poor Kid in Schoooool" song, Butters is the only one who is not fell angry with him and smiles at Eric.
  • "Coon" While Eric talks about his hero, Butters was one of the only ones who was paying attention to what Cartman was saying;
  • HXu2i2RY1QcsaqDqcp.gif
    Douche and Turd Cartman defends Butters' friendship and opinion, and hugs and cheers him up, Butters fell very happy, and then help Eric with his campaign, even dress up as a Hawaiian wearing a coconut bra and dancing to win for votes for Eric;
  • Ginger Kids after Cartman is "ginger", when he gets on the bus he sits next to Butters because he believes he would be the only one who wouldn’t laugh at him because they are closest friends.
  • "Margaritaville" Butters accuses Kyle of being the reason they are in that situation and, questioning why Butters thinks so, he says it was because Eric said;
  • "T.M.I" Cartman when measuring Butters penis size, is surprised and praises Butters;
  • "Poor and Stupid" Butters visits Cartman at his home, Eric was upside down on the couch and Butters smiles and tries to help with his plan, then afterwards they go to the store, where Butters is covering Cartman.
  • "Crack Baby Athletic Association" Cartman and Butters founded more a project together, Catman recording and Butters managing the Internet, and the business grew until it brought together other boys. Butters helps Cartman persuade other boys, even doing a "sexy dance" for them, and then Butters and Eric alone convince the women to put their children on the project, midway through the interview with the women, Eric and Buttes look at each other and smiled at each other.
    Cartters (2).gif
  • "Obama Wins!" Cartman only trusts Butters to tell his plan, and Butters is willing to stop at the hospital to keep Cartman's secret, but later at the hospital after being threatened by the other boys Butters ends up telling, and Cartman is very disappointed.
  • The List Butters is the only one who is excited about Cartman while explaining the plan, and when the list is revealed, Butters mocks the ugliest boy (Kyle), but not Cartman (who was the second ugliest).
  • "Ginger Cow" Cartman "assumes he was wrong" and Butters praised him for it and Cartman thanks;
  • The Ungroundable Butters felt honored to receive a mission from Cartman;
  • Ginger Kids Cartman captures all the children who are not redheads to kill them, except Butters;
  • "Woodland Critter Christmas" Kyle wants to interrupt Cartman's story, but Butters defends Cartman and protests to let him finish the story, which motivates the other boys to protest too;
  • "Jared Has Aides" when the Chef’s idea of one of the boys marrying Butters, the first person Butters looks at is Cartman, the two look at each other at the same time, and in the same ep Cartman is seen trying to offer motivational helps Butters to lose weight;
  • Quest for Ratings Cartman sets up a newspaper with Butters and the other boys, and in celebrations Cartman and Butters are seen hugging each other;
  • You Got F'd in the A Cartman was feel very happy with Butters' victory and, together with Stan, they lift him up to celebrate;
  • "Smug Alert!" show Butters and Cartman's closeness, and Butters praises Cartman for going to save Kyle in San Francisco, where Cartman entrusted his life to Butters, who depended on Butters pull him if something went wrong;
  • "Coon Professor Chaos (Butters) says Coon (Cartman) makes meetings with him just to tighten his nipples, (which is "a little weird";)
  • "Dances with Smurfs" Butters is the only one who pays attention and trusts what Cartman says in the warnings, then creates and leads a protest movement in favor of Cartman's ideas, where he wears T-shirts with Eric's face. at the end of the episode Butters is the only one who celebrates that Cartman became the new classroom representative.
  • Hell on Earth 2006, Cartman is the only one who is concerned about Butters about "being tormented by a spirit";
    Cartters (363).png
  • Last of the Meheecans Cartman is the only one who remembers Butters who had been forgotten in the forest;
  • "Coon 2: Hindsight", Cartman's plan to blackmail Captain Hindsight involves taking sexy photos of Butters dressed as Courtney Love. Clyde and ‎Bradley find this suspicious.
  • "Cash for Gold" Cartman and Butters team up to become jewelry sellers;
  • "Cartman Sucks" after sleeping at Cartman's house, Eric goes to the house Butters the next morning and Butters is singing " help me, i think i'm fallin in love witch you ";
  • "1%" Butters agrees with Eric and creates a "99%" movement to get Eric out of those assessed on the physical exam, so the other students at the school don't fell angry at Cartman.
  • "Lice Capades" Cartman wonders what the boys would do to get rid of the charges, and Butters was not commented, feeling excluded by Cartman Butters shyly asked what Eric would think he would do.
  • "Go Fund Yourself" Cartman and Butters together with the other boys start a company, the members end up in a fight and separate, Butters stay on Cartman's side.
  • "A Nightmare on Face Time" Cartman praises Butters halloween costume;
  • "Reverse Cowgirl" Butters and Cartman apparently went to eat alone at "IHOP", and are seen together in line for the bathroom;

    cartman drawing

  • "The Poor Kid" Butters does advanced research to help Cartman know who the poorest child is, and ends up discovering it is Cartman, Butters tells Eric that he won't tell anyone and comforts Cartman;
  • "Truth and Advertising" While the boys investigated Jimmy, Cartman makes comments aimed only at Butters, then the boys go for ice cream and the two together have fun telling a joke together.
  • "Black Friday" Butters is on Cartman's side in choosing the video game, and is one of his closest allies who accompanies Cartman during recruitments;
  • "A Song of Ass and Fire" Butters is doing a training match with Scott Malkinson, while Cartman watches the fight, Butters was losing, Eric intervenes and teaches a fighting lesson, to help Butters. Later, Cartman takes Butters to a garden to talk to him and gives Butters a flower and Butters smells the flower, Eric asks Butters for help in defeating Kenny and asks him to go after RR Matin, (Butters is the only one of the close allies that Cartman doesn't talk about cheating on him with the other boys).
  • "World War Zimmerman" Cartman performs a singing performance with Butters who sings the background music;
  • "Let Go, Let Gov" Butters, as always, is the only one who takes what Cartman says seriously, keeps an eye on the government that is watching him, and say: "please watch over Mommy and Daddy and my friends Stan and Kyle, Craig, Token.... And even ol' Eric Cartman. I Know he can be a meanie sometimes, but please watch over him, too.", Cartman ends up failing in his plan and Butters goes to Eric home to comfort and say that Eric does not need to run away, and gives him a solution and calls he to be part of his "new religion" where sing together.

    Cartman feel sad on the street, later goes too Butters' home, to Butters comfort him

  • "Butterballs" Butters is being bullied but is afraid of getting a bad name and Cartman supports his decision, and then Eric participates in an anti bullying video to help Butters, Eric dresses up as a girl to participate in the video.
  • "Stunning and Brave" Butters informs the boys that Cartman has been detained and finds Eric's behavior strange, and then joins the other boys to motivate Cartman to be himself again.

    Butters giving him advice and listening to what Eric was getting something off his chest

  • "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" Butters agrees with the boys that Eric's ass was not valued, Butters says that "Cartman's ass is unique and magical", and besides those on the sledge, he is the only one of the rest of the boys who is feel happy with Cartman's return from jail;
  • "Canada on Strike", Butters is seen supporting himself on Cartman to get out of the taxi;
  • "Poor and Stupid" Cartman goes to a race and Buttes helps him get in a car and supports him in the race through the "walk talk", but cartman suffers an accident and Butters feels very worried, at the hospital, Butters consoles Cartman, placing his hand on him and supports Eric's dream, Cartman says he is going to kill himself and Butters scolds him and says "Eric! Never talk like that!", after a long time insisting and cheer Cartman, Butters finally succeeds and opens a big smile when he sees Cartman getting determined again.
  • "Truth and Advertising" Cartman and Butters investigating together, and they are going to tell the other boys together what they discovered;
  • "Fishsticks" in the perfect imaginary world of cartman, Butters is the first to notice and comment on his incredible accomplishments, and in the second version of Cartman’s perfect imaginary world, Butters asks for Cartman's help and is very happy to have been saved by Cartman.
  • "Truth and Advertising" Stan and Kyle are fighting and Butters encourages the fight and Cartman says he is "loving this",and Eric and Butters watch the fight between the two smiling together;
  • In most episodes, Butters sits next to Cartman in the classroom, even when they go to different classrooms, as in Faith Hilling;
  • Butters always supports for cartman in fights, as in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", "Breast Cancer Show Ever", "Doubling Down" etc;

    Cartman comforting Butters

  • "Le Petit Tourette" Butters feel happy to see Cartman, Eric asks Butters for advice and accidentally telling Butters that he and his cousin once made "sausages touched", and Butters seems very curious about it.
  • "Grounded Vindaloop" inside Stan's head, in his virtual reality, he imagines that Cartman and Butters would be "playing together", and Butters boasts to the other boys, because he was playing and keeping a secret with Cartman.
  • "Raising the Bar" While the boys speak ill of Cartman, Butters is the only one who feels sorry for Cartman;
  • "Sarcastaball" the boys are felling sad because they don't have a coach, but Cartman says "who needs one? we have Butters" and praises him for being the best in the game. Later Cartman goes to Butters' house and asks to enter (which he usually no does) and Butters looks at he very happily and says "sure, Eric", and Cartman get your feelings out to Butters and Butters comforts him and tries to help him by giving him "goo" (sperm, because he thought it would help) and Cartman ends up drinking and it changes Eric's ways, making him a more positive person at the moment.
  • "T.M.I" Cartman feel very angry and complaining to the boys, who don't react, except Butters who greets him and smiled sweetly at Eric;
  • "Ginger Cow" It shows one more example that Butters has enmities with people who don't like Eric, even if the person has nothing against Butters, Kyle was called to the principal's office, Cartman says nothing, and it is Butters who implies and makes fun of Kyle;
  • "Member Berries" cartman looks scared and Butters is the only one who is very concerned about him and asks what happened;
  • "The Cissy" Eric begins to identify as a girl, and Butters becomes an sympathizer and supporter of the movement for Cartman, (Butters was a male chauvinist character) Butters confronts Stan because he "was intolerant" of Eric.

    Butters celebrate the return of the "old cartman" with a bounce of joy

  • "Wieners Out" Butters gets tired of the ideas of Kyle blames him and the girls for what happened to Cartman, Butters uses what he learned from Cartman and makes a speech and starts a movement against the girls. Kyle then asks Eric for help saying that Cartman is the only one who can stop Butters, but Cartman refuses to do anything against Butters, because "Eric is now a changed person" But Butters doesn't like Cartman has changed and feel very angry and disappointed with him (Oh, Jeez). Butters also looks fell very angry with Eric's girlfriend, he says that Cartman has become the girlfriend's toy, "Oh God, listen to you, you've changed, Eric, you've really changed" showing that Butters likes Cartman the way he is, and doesn't want him to change. "Stunning and Brave" we see Butters celebrate the return of the "old cartman" with a bounce of joy. Butters pretends to have changed too and joins Cartman "on the trip to Mars", but there he talks to Cartman and ends up pitting Eric against Heidi, Butters fills Eric's head with ideas against Heidi, saying that Cartman gett duped, Cartman asks Butters what he should do and in the end, thanks to Butters, Cartman returns to normal, consequently Butters leads Eric to break up with Heidi later.
  • "The End of Serialization as We Know It" Cartman easily believed everything Butters told him about Heidi, and Cartman says he saw the future (in fact, Eric dreamed of what happened, where Cartman dreamed of Butters talking to him on dream). They come together to convert more people, and the two support each other to convince more people, Cartman ends up confused and asks what he should do and asks Butters for advice, Kyle calls Butters, and Butters feel angrily at Kyle for getting in the way him and Eric. Later they start a plan together to destroy the place and they succeed, then we see that Eric no longer feels what he felt for Heide because of the things Butters said.
  • "Fort Collins" Cartman doesn't like a movie and the first thing he does is send an email to Butters, telling him what he thought of the movie;
  • "Put It Down" Butters seems to be the only one who is "upset" because Heidi and Eric are dating again, and asks "why did you take her back";
  • "You're Not Yelping" Cartman takes advantage of his privileges as a gastronomic appraiser to get a special snack for Butters, and Butters fell very happy with the gift.
  • "PC Principal Final Justice" Cartman does a pose on the side of Butters, and Cartman ask "do i look sweet, Butters?" and Butters answers "Yes" smiling to Eric, later, we can see that Cartman and Butters are together watching the Gun Show.
  • "Holiday Special" Cartman talks about a movie and Butters is the only one who likes the movie too and smiles saying "I love that movie!" for Eric;
  • "Informative Murder Porn" Butters is crying at school and Cartman is comforting Butters;
  • "Hummels & Heroin" Cartman and Butters play video games togethe, later Stan wants the boys to help him, but Butters, Cartman and Kyle refuse, so Butters only agrees to help when Cartman takes the initiative.
  • "Super Hard PCness" When Cartman fights Heidi, Butters is the only boy who seems to be rooting for Cartman, the others wanted to see Eric being beaten;
  • "Sons a Witches" the boys are talking at the table and Cartman ignores the boys, but Butters insists on talking to him and asks for his opinion on what Cartman thinks the boys should do, and Cartman undoes his evil face to hear him, and with an evil- understood Cartman ends up understanding that Butters is claiming that Eric should get rid of Heide, and Cartman ends up agreeing with Butters' idea, later the boys are trying to think of something, and Cartman comes up with a plan. Butters, excited, says "I knew Eric would come up with a plan!".
  • "Rehash" Butters but once is the only one who agrees with Eric and defends Eric in front of Mr. Garrison, Cartman then says "Butters will support me in anything" and ends up saying that Butters is his bitch, and Butters smile and agrees that he is bitch of Eric.
  • "Dead Kids" Butters is being the hall monitor and is very scared, but when he is called and sees that it is Eric he fell very happy, and Cartman says he needs his help, and Butters agrees to help him and offers to help Cartman study, then a school shootout takes place and Butters defends Cartman
  • "A Boy and a Priest" Cartman defends Butters, because Clyde was angry at Butters for bringing the priest;
  • "Tegridy Farms" Cartman and Butters are together selling "vape", and Kyle ends up finding out and Butters and Eric trying to convince Kyle him, but he is not convinced and says " you're such penises", bute they manage to convince him later, Eric and Butters eat the table with the other boys, they act out together to attract customers, so Kyle tries to help the two who owe money, but Butters and Eric make a plan between them. Other day then Cartman and Butters are seen together talking to Mr. Mackey about "some college opportunities" and Kyle arrives and Cartman and Butters again try to convince him, but Kyle end up Kyle ends up handing Cartman and Butters to Stan dad.
  • "Cartman Sucks" It is shown that Cartman invites many times Butters to sleep with him, and in some of those times Eric is taking pictures of Butters for jokes, and in one of those jokes Cartman puts Butters' penis in his own mouth and takes a picture, because he thought it would be funny, but after being criticized by the boys, then Eric goes back to Butters' room and tries to remake the situation with butters, because Kyle told him it was the only way his friends would stop making fun of him, but Butters' father arrives and interrupts the situation, and then takes Butters to the "bisexual rehabilitation center", Butters, not quite understanding why he was in that place, outraged by the prejudices, makes a speech and proudly says he is bisexual. Cartman to prevent the other boys from spreading the photo, he himself shows photo to the whole class.

    Butters keeps in his room the statue he made of Cartman in the episode "casa bonita"

    "The Scoots" Butters is in the classroom, looking mean to everyone, but he and Cartman suddenly look at each other, and Butters immediately smiles after looking at Eric and fell very happy.
  • "Band in China" Butters fell happy to see Cartman returning from migrant detention camp, later Cartman agrees with Butters about supporting Stan against China.
  • "Shots!!!" Cartman only tells Butters about being banned from school, Butters says Eric called and told about how he felt.
  • "Season Finale" The boys are playing football together, and Cartman is swearing and the other boys are all bothered by Eric taking time, except Butters, he is smiling at Cartman, later at "Randy's prison party" the two are playing together with Stan running around the house, "the Whites" arrive and make a speech, and Butters laments to Eric, and Eric agrees with Butters, and motivated by Butters decides to help people.
  • "Board Girls" Butters and Cartman have fun together playing board games, along with other boys, but their fun is muddled, then Cartman and Butters have an idea of playing violent games and they are fell very happy with the idea and they look at each other smiling.
  • "Let Them Eat Goo" Butters and Eric are together in the cafeteria line and sing and dance to a song they did to celebrate "Sloopy Joe Day", which is Eric's favorite day, Butters says it's his favorite day too, and the two stop and start to dancing again and singing together, very happy, but the school changed the food, and Cartman and Butters are very disappointed, and furious fight with the girls, Butters realizes that Eric is getting nervous and feels worried about him, Butters tries to calm him down saying that "everything is fine" and placing your hand on Eric's shoulder. Cartman starts to feel bad and Butters is very worried about him, Eric passes out and is taken to the hospital, when Cartman goes back to school, gets in a wheelchair, and Butters takes care of Eric and pushes him in the wheelchair, later other protesters confront Eric but Butters tells Mr Mackey stop them.

    Butters tells Cartman the truth, "because he hates lying to him"

  • "Let Them Eat Goo" Cartman gets fell angry again and goes to bicker with Wendy, and Butters runs and tries calm him and reassure Eric several times , and gets very worried about Eric, Cartman asks Butters for help "don't let me die Butters" and Butters starts screaming for help from other people, Cartman falls and Butters tries to hold him in his arms, when Cartman returns from the hospital, the school tries to trick Cartman with "fake meat", but Butters fell really bad about lying to Eric, and Butters ends up telling the truth, "Eric, I .... I just hate lying to you", and takes Cartman to the origin for the new flesh, and Butter fell very concerned about Cartman's reaction, but Cartman is not fell angry and apologizes to everyone.
  • "Let Them Eat Goo" It is shown that Cartman and Butters have a special dance and music between them for each day of the week, that they always dance and sing together in the cafeteria, which surprises Eric when Butters seems not very excited, because of that Cartman feel worried about him, and asks Butters if something is going on.
  • "Ass Burguers": Butters helps Cartman sell his burgers.
  • "Basic Cable" Scott Malkinson asks Cartman for help with a girl, and Cartman tells Scott the same thing Butters said to Cartman in "The End of Serialization as We Know It", showing that he kept the advice of Butters.
  • Cartmanland: Cartman needed money, so he lets some people into his amusement park, Butters is the first person that Cartman lets into.
  • "City People" Eric get something off one’s chest and asking help for Butters, while Butters consoling him, Butters immediately happily agrees to help Cartman, and Eric praises Butters' abilities "you've always been great at taking pictures, Butters", and Cartman says he won't forget Butters when he's rich, Butters feels happy and grateful. Butters is one of the only child characters who refers to Cartman as "Eric" which can be another sign of affection.


Cartters movie.webp

"South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" Cartman asks "who wants to touch me" and Butters is the only boy who goes and touches him, and keeps passing the hand on hand of Cartman, later when the kids sing with Mr Mackey, The two were sitting together, they look at each other and smile while they sing.

Cartters adult 2.webp

"Special Vaccination" Cartman to defend Butters, Cartman confronts Butters' father and threatens him (in promotional scenes) Cartman makes a joke with the teacher that most of the class doesn't like, but when the boys pass in front of Butters house , Cartman tells him what happened and Butters finds it very funny.

"Apecial Pandemic" Cartman is the only one who supports Stan with the idea of helping Butters, to get things "back to normal", Stan was holding Butters, but Cartman withdraws Stan, so he can hold Butters.

Cartters holding butters.gif

"Post Covid: The Return of Covid" In the future with the adult boys, when Cartman meets Butters in the bathroom, he is surprised and asks Eric "are you trying to see my dick?". No one could convince Butters to help, but Eric did, and together they form a partnership to save Eric's family. Even though Butters lost his memory, in a short time they revert back to their classic dynamics. Butters later clashes with the other guys to keep them from getting in the way of Cartman's plan, Butters is the only one fighting to defend Cartman.


Butters fights elves who were trying to steal the "stick of truth" and injured he runs after Eric, and Cartman protects him;

Stick of Truth

  • Cartman is the Wizard King, and his closest ally is Butters (paladin), at the beginning of the game Butters will introduce Eric to the "new boy", and Butters upon seeing Eric greets him saying "all hail the Grand Wizard!";
  • Butters fights elves who were trying to steal the "stick of truth" and injured he runs after Eric, and Cartman protects him;
  • Cartman was the one who taught Butters to fight, and Cartman says he had to be very patient for teaching Butters;
    Cartters lauch.gif

  • In Giggling Donkey Cartman is captured and injured, Butters heals his "wounds" and comforts him, holding Cartman in his arms;
  • At the "Human and Elf meeting", Cartman in the middle of the meeting, makes jokes for Butters, and the two laugh together, Stan gets angry and attacks Cartman, but Butters defends Cartman and attacks Stan, and helps Eric to argue with the Elves, and Cartman thanks "Yeah, you-you tell 'em, Butters";
  • Butters sees Cartman's wardrobe, and there are things like the robot costume that Cartman wore when he spent several days "being Butters' best robot friend" Butters seeing eric's things praises them "wow, Eric has a lot of cool stuff";

    Stan gets angry and attacks Cartman, but Butters defends Cartman and attacks Stan.

  • In Butters' closet we can see that he keeps the statue he made of Eric in the episode "Casa Bonita";
  • Butters is losing the fight against an Elf and Cartman feel worried and says "you are losing Butters, stop losing" but butters responds "I don't want them to feel bad";
  • Butters often leaves the character and ends up saying "twitter" instead of "messenger crow", at first Cartman gets angry, but later then he becomes tolerant, and just kindly corrects him;

The Fractured But Whole

Cartters (136).png
  • In combat when Coon is falls in the fight, Butters thinks Cartman is cute and says: "Aww, the Coon looks like a sleepy kitten."
  • Butters, seeing Cartman's attacks, praises "" You hit like my grandma. "Although Cartman doesn't understand;
  • When Butters defeats an enemy, Cartman praises him "Savor my begrudging respect, old nemesis" and Butters is very happy with the compliment " Oh boy, begrudging respect! That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

    looking at Cartman's closet, we see that he keeps a bottle of Butters' semen.

  • looking at Cartman's closet, we see that he keeps a bottle of Butters' semen;
  • Cartman has a secret notebook featuring various drawings of Butters involved in sexual acts;
  • In a fight Cartman is concerned that Butters will use all his power and run out of: " Don't blow all your Chaos in one load, Professor! "and Butters replies "Don't worry. Lots more Chaos where that came from!"
  • Cartman notices Butters' speeches during the fights and answers them, which results in moments like these:

Butters: " Muwahahaha !! Remember this day, for it is the day you die! "

Cartters (666).png

Cartman: "How can they remember it if they're dead?"

Butters: "They ... uh ... Oh darnit."

  • Butters praises Cartman in the fights but calls him a temporary ally, "very well my temporary ally", but while Cartman gives something to Butters in the battle, he asks Butters to remain his ally "Stay with us, professor"

    In the fight against Mitt / Eric, Butters defends Cartman's innocence

  • When the boys accuse Cartman of kidnapping the parents of the "new kid", everyone gets angry at Eric except Butters, who still believes in his innocence;
  • When Cartman is captured and tortured, Butters is the only one who is saddened by the situation
  • In the fight against Mitch/Eric, Butters defends Cartman's innocence "Maybe Mitch Conner really has taken the Coon captire" and Cartman says "See? Professor Chaos gets it."
  • When Butters is grounded with the "new Kid", Butters plays a song that Cartman invented in the episode "Jakovassaurs";

Phone Destroyer™


Butters worried about Eric asks "How's your ass, Eric," and other boys scoff at the double meaning in Butters' speech.

Eric creates the game's setting and Butters helps him by being the item seller, wearing a "Chinese" costume referencing one of his adventures with Cartman.

Deleted Scenes

  • In the storyboard, from "The Ungroundable" ep, butters kissed cartman.
    Cartters storyboard.webp
  • You have 0 friends” Kyle confronts Butters because he is no longer his friend on Facebook, Butters says he watches Cartman's Podcast and following Cartman's advice, he is no longer Kyle's friend on Facebook;

    Butters offers to regulate Cartman's regulator to leave him with a giant penis as well;

  • "The End of Serialization as We Know It" On Cartman's dream Butters has a giant penis, Butters says it's because of the gravity regulator, and Butters offers to regulate Cartman's regulator to leave him with a giant penis as well.

    Butters makes an insensitive joke, and looks at Eric expecting him to laugh;

  • "Reverse Cowgirl" The boys are making a joke to cheer up Clyde, and when it comes to Butters' turn he makes an “insensitive joke”, and looks at Eric to see if he would laugh at his joke (or looked at Eric waiting for his approval), but Eric sees it wasn't the time for that, and Butters feels bad too.
  • “naughty ninjas” Cartman sits next to the Butters on the couch and puts his hand on Butters' shoulder, and tells him how he think cool ninjas, waiting for Butters to confirm.
  • "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" The boys are writing something and each has to make jokes, Butters is laughing a lot, feeling very happy with the idea of Eric, Cartman says super excited that it is Butters' turn, but Butters only responds "rainbow" and no one laughs, Cartman trying to alleviate the situation turns to Ike, that makes a good joke and everyone laughs again.


Face cartters.png
  • According to the official South Park Twitter account, Cartman and Butters is Matt Stone and Trey Parker's favorite duo on the show, "We always love when it's a Butters and Cartman show. With those two as the main characters, it’s a little easier to write."
  • According to the official South Park Studios website, "Gradually the two boys have developed a genuine friendship over the years and Butters’ naivete seems to have invited Cartman to trust and confide in him in ways he rarely has with the other boys."
    Cartters friend.png
  • The duo are often used in publications celebrating best friend's day on the show's social media, and also to represent on South Park's official website the "best friends" category of episodes.
  • Both characters are shown to be bisexual.
  • They're neighbors, you can see, when showing their houses in different angles, or realize by some things that they speak, but it is much more noticeable in games.


(by @udondon09)

(by @udondon09)

(by @udondon09)

The couple's fanarts are mostly recreating the duo's canon moments, due to their large amount, and because many of these moments are the most talked about in fandom.

The couple share opinions in fandom, being admired for their constant positive evolution and large amount of canon moments and being criticized on the other kside of fandom for their past of enmity.

Cartters' shippers wonder how little recognition the shipp has in relation to the other ships of the show, given the amount of moments they have, and raises several points such as fatphobia and rivalry between ships. Many of the fanarts portray Eric as a moody and silly person who doesn't notice how Butters blatantly shows that he likes him romantically.


Toxic or 100% healthy ?

Cartters is 100% healthy? We have to keep in mind the evolution of their relationship, remembering how the situation was at the beginning of the series where all the boys, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, etc. They ignored, mistreated and used Butters as a guinea pig for fun, this was undoubtedly something extremely toxic, but over the seasons the evolution of the characters and the relationships between them, especially in relation to Eric and Butters, who are currently best friends a from the other.

Regarding Butters, there is nothing toxic in how he sees Cartman, the respect and admiration he has for Eric is evident, Butters likes to be with Cartman and to support everything Eric does, as he says himself, in the ep "Rehash";

The really controversial issue is Eric, does he act healthily towards Butters? not 100%, although he treats Butters pretty well these days compared to how he treats most people, (Eric trusts him blindly, protects him in some situations, it's Eric's safe harbor etc.) But we're talking about South Park and Eric Cartman, we still have situations where Eric loses patience with Butters talking too much and looks at him with an angry look, repressing him, so that's a toxic attitude he still has between them;

But it's probably never going to change 100%, because it's part of the mood of the show, and all of South Park's relationships are full of problems and toxic stuff. Part of Fandom thinks such complaints about toxicity in South Park, in a show where giant toxic things happen all the time like humor and social criticism, are unnecessary.

Although their relationship is much healthier these days, we can see how Eric treats Butters these days and things he does for Butters, things Eric has never done for another character, which are listed on the wiki, but giving some examples we have: when Butters asks for Cartman a special snack and Eric finds a way to get and give Butters to please him (ep You're Not Yelping), at another point Eric sees Butters is feeling sad and asks if it's okay if anything happened, Eric became concerned for Butters when he realized he wasn't so excited about the daily dancing and singing that the two sang together every day (ep "Let Them Eat Goo") Eric expresses to Butters all his feelings by asking Butters for advice, which Eric takes seriously (You're Not Yelping), etc.

In short, It is undeniable how the relationship is very healthy in several points, but not 100% healthy, it has its problems, Cartman is still in a dominant relationship over Butters (although Butters demonstrates and says he likes it). But Eric acts much healthier with Butters with each passing season. Never quite the same Cartman from "Casa Bonita" and "Awesome-o", their relationship is going on a pretty good path of steady evolution, Eric's already happened to try to become 100% healthy with Butters and everyone else, but Butters didn't like it one bit, Butters felt very angry and disappointed with Cartman (s 20 ep 7 - Oh, Jeez) and in "Stunning and Brave" " we see Butters celebrate the return of the "old cartman" with a bounce of joy, and later Butters convinced the return of the "old Cartman" at the end of season 20.

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