Caroline "Carol" McCormick
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 26
Occupation Dishwasher at Olive Garden
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Starvin Marvin"

Carol McCormick is a character on South Park. She is Kenny, Kevin and Karen's mother and the wife of Stuart.

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Carol on the SP-site

Carol wears a lime-green T-shirt which usually reads "I'm with Stupid", and dark blue jeans. Her hair is a dirty, fiery red. She has a bruise on the right of her face. Sometimes she wears a shirt had an American flag embroidered on it, accompanied by the phrase "God Bless America".

For special occasions, Carol wears a fake fur coat and a mini-skirt.


Carol, like her husband, Stuart, is drunk more often than not. She and Stuart are usually fighting and bickering (usually winning the fight) with Carol saying that if Stuart would stop drinking and being lazy, and get a job, they might not be so hungry and poor. She and Stuart sometimes physically abuse each other, Carol once giving him a black eye.

However, Carol does care for Stuart deep down they usually get along very well when they aren't drunk, such as caring for him when he falls ill.


Carol's family seems to be fairly religious Roman Catholics, like most of the townspeople. Carol yells at Kenny for wanting to miss church in Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, and Stuart stood up for the Church when they seemed to have been one of the few families in town to have not converted to Atheism. The family is sometimes shown praying before their meals, which is meant to be ironic since their poverty means they eat little or nothing. They also continue to pray after Kenny's deaths. Kenny's funerals, when they occur, are always religious in nature.

Despite this, after Kenny's "permanent" death in "Kenny Dies", Kenny is cremated and placed in an urn. Though traditionally cremation is not approved by Christian churches, many Christians do it anyway.

After the Superhero Arc, it is revealed that she attending meetings for the Cult of Cthulhu for free beer. She expressed regret over it because she now has to rebirth Kenny every time he dies.

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