Candy is the romantic pairing of Eric Cartman and Wendy Testaburger.

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Wendy briefly felt attached to Cartman in the episode "Chef Goes Nanners". The fourth graders are assigned to do a debate on the changing of the South Park flag. Wendy volunteers to be the team captain for the "Flag Should Change Team" Team whereas Stan is in the opposite team. To her disappointment and shock, Cartman joins her team.

At first, Wendy despises Cartman because of his ego and lazy work ethic. However, Cartman suggests at some point after a couple of meetings that he is willing to help out if necessary. As they do research in the library, Wendy finds out that they have some points in common, like quadruple stack oreos they both enjoy. Later in her dreams, Wendy fantasizes that she wants to be together with Cartman.

Alarmed by her developing crush, she seeks Bebe's advice. She assumes that it is because of 'sexual tension' after working together for such a long period of time.

This deeply affects Wendy's concentration during the debate, unable to continue, she rushes to Cartman and kisses him in front of the South Park citizens, including Stan. Obviously shocked but ecstatic, Cartman taunts Stan across the room while Wendy and Kyle continue their debate without distraction.

After the debate, Wendy is seen with Cartman as she informs him that all the feelings that she had for him had dissolved, much to Cartman's disappointment.

This pairing, from Wendy's side, may have been hurt by the events of "Breast Cancer Show Ever". Although it could be argued Cartman didn't want to fight her as he did have amorous feelings for her and not due to intimidation as the episode strongly implies. Wendy seems to have no conviction and beats up Cartman with little hesitation.

It seems that there is new evidence that Cartman might still want Wendy's attention in the episode of "Fishsticks". Cartman subconsciously remembers certain events incorrectly due to his ego. In one deluded flashback, Wendy approaches him after he slays a dragon and saves the city and remarks, "And He's not fat at all." She praises him during a second flashback, cheering, "You saved everyone from the "Jewbots Cartman!"


The canonicity of the pairing is ambiguous. It was depicted in a single episode, when Wendy and Cartman have to work together for a debate. Wendy starts feeling attracted to Cartman, even has a romantic dream about him in one instance, and eventually sees herself forced to kiss him in front of everyone because she wouldn't be able to concentrate otherwise. Cartman is also shown to become nervous in Wendy's presence while they work together, and is visibly happy after she kisses him. However, after the debate, Wendy declares that she doesn't have any feelings for him, leaving Cartman visibly disappointed.

Wendy has the same temperance as Cartman in some situations, which is why some fans support this pairing rather than Stendy.

For instance, Wendy broke up with Stan and went out with Token, and she has had a couple of crushes with other boys during the series. Although Stan and Wendy try to spend time together, sometimes it does not work. Stan quite often clearly lacks 'passion', something that Cartman and Wendy both have in their character.

They are both manipulative and they are both good at planning, plotting and achieving what they want.

It is possible that Cartman is lusting after Wendy, rather than actually loving her, and is mistaking his strong sexual desire for her for love. Though, it is more probable that Cartman constantly spiting her is simply a display of 'pulling pigtails'.


There are many fanfictions that include this pairing, and is arguably the most popular out of the canon pairings. In most fanfiction that involves the pairing Style, Wendy often ends up with Cartman.

The pairing first appeared on a fanfiction at Mr. Dead's South Park Fanfiction site, now defunct, called "Cartman for Wendy", in 1999, in which Cartman developed an attraction to Wendy when they worked together on a project. The fanfic was never completed, but the pairing (coincidentally) later appeared in "Chef Goes Nanners".

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