Burger's Origin Story or Something, I dunno!
Fanfic Information
Author Lolwutburger
Genre Drama/Romance
Rating M
Pairing(s) Burger/Washing Machine
Written September 20, 2006
No. of Chapters 19
Status Incomplete
Link Burger's Origin Story or Something, I dunno!
Fic Chronology
[[[My Little Brony]] Burger's Origin Story or Something, I dunno!

Burger's Origin Story or Something, I dunno! is a fanfiction written and published on DeviantArt by Lolwutburger.


Yet another new kid with an obsession for propane and sandwiches moves to South Park and starts a wholescale war involving S'more Schnapps between the town. Narrated by the Brohrattor, Cartmanbrah and Hennifer Lopez.


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  • There are a lot of episode references in this story, with the returns of some one-offs, the Woodland Critters, Towelie, Lizzy, the Melvins, Kip Drordy, Leroy Mullens, Mike from Dances with Smurfs and more. Chapter 10 is notably packed with references to Randy episode, going as far to have Lorde play World of Warcraft with Steamy Ray Vaughn on discount laptops from Wall-Mart while hopping on their balls. If that doesn't confuse you, then you're every bit as screwed up as the author, which means you can be his best friend.

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