Bunny (also known as Kenutters) is the romantic pairing of Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch.

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Fans believe that this pairing can be considered a crack pairing while at the same time, other fans believe this pairing is one of the most canon pairings alongside Style (Stan and Kyle). The origin of this pairing is unknown as the two had not properly interacted with each other on-screen until Season Sixteen's "Going Native". Despite this, however, fans still believe there to be various small hints of a romantic relationship possibly existing between them prior to this episode.

The pairing also may have been suggested as when Butters took Kenny's place when he died, leading to the idea that they should interact more often.



Butters' picture for Kenny to get better.

  • In the episode "Kenny Dies", Butters drew a picture of Kenny and himself together in an airplane which Kyle delivered to Kenny at the hospital.
  • In "Lil Crime Stoppers", Kenny played the "good cop" and comforted Butters, while Cartman yelled at him and accused him for stealing a little girl's doll.
  • In "Tsst", Kenny and Butters are seen playing a board game together and are also later seen playing a video game together.

Butters giving Kenny coffee to cheer him up.

  • In "Major Boobage", Butters made coffee and comforted Kenny while Stan and Kyle held an intervention on him for having become addicted to "cheesing."
  • In "Eek, A Penis!", the two were playing together in a sandbox.
  • In "Guitar Queer-O", Kenny and Butters can be seen hugging when Stan and Kyle break 100,000 points on Guitar Hero.
  • In "The Ring", Butters seemed quite alarmed when he discovered Kenny had a new girlfriend and didn't want Kenny to get hurt after finding out that his girlfriend was a "slut."
  • In the episode "The Coon", their alter egos, Mysterion and Professor Chaos, are shown to be enemies. Mysterion wanted to stop Chaos' plan and they fought. Moreover, Mysterion seemed surprised because Chaos wanted to blow up a hospital, meaning that Kenny usually finds Butters nice and unable to hurt somebody.
  • In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", Kenny is seen shaking Butters' hand after Butters finally has his first kiss.

Kenny and Butters on the beach together.


Butters and Kenny celebrating their hapanoa together.

  • In "Going Native", Butters goes on a rage, his parents tell him and Principal Victoria that is to be dealt with him alone. He is sent to Hawaii, due to the Stotches being Hawaiian natives, to have his ceremony. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and several other classmates were playing basketball when Cartman warns them that Butters was leaving to Hawaii. They all tell Kenny to go stop him from going to Hawaii as he is was the only classmate of his to be seen by Butters as one who has dignity and a good friend (Once in Hawaii, he defends Kenny by saying he is not a traitor as he is one of his only good friends, despite the lack of on-screen interaction). Cartman also teased Kenny by asking if Kenny and Butters will make out. Kenny can be seen holding hands for quite an amount of time with Butters and Butters does not remove his hand, even when he was in front of the staff in the airport. To be frank, Kenny has been shown to be quite sympathetic towards Butters during this episode. Later in the episode, Kenny and Butters both have a ceremony due to Kenny also becoming a native of Hawaii. Although this was because he gave the natives their 'Chi Chi', a mix of coconut, pineapple and vodka. Kenny and Butters can be seen at the end walking down the beach in the sunset, but yet again Butters refers to Jennifer Lopez and how happy he is. This is balanced, though, as Kenny also wrote a sentence in his letter about seeing a chick in Hawaii with a nice rack.
  • In "Obama Wins!", Kenny is the only one able to understand what Butters is saying after his speech becomes muffled as a result of his speech becoming swollen due to having an allergic reaction towards almonds.
  • In "Informative Murder Porn", Kenny can be seen comforting Butters after his dad killed his mom (in Minecraft) where he has his hand on Butters' shoulder.
  • In "Safe Space", Kenny, along with Stan, Kyle, and David, follow a nude Butters to a kindergarten classroom after he begins hallucinating as a result filtering negative comments from Cartman and celebrities' social media accounts at PC Principal's request, to make sure he's okay and doesn't do anything to hurt himself.
  • In "Wieners Out", Kenny is one of the first boys to join Butters' #WienersOut cause to protest against the girls of South Park Elementary.
  • In the recent video game, "The Stick of Truth", Paladin Butters had confessed to formerly having a crush on Princess Kenny.



There are many fanfictions and fanart that include this pairing. Due to episodes such as "Going Native" and the recent "Stick of Truth" game, Bunny has recently started to grow much more popular. It is one of the most popular ships, behind Style, Creek and Kyman.

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