Blood Brothers
Fanfic Information
Author Rhi-Rhi
Genre Crime
Rating M
Written October 17, 2013
No. of Chapters 6
Completed November 2, 2013
Status Complete
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Series Chronology
Blood Brothers Blood is thicker than water
Fic Chronology
The Blaming Game Blood Brothers Another Stupid A Fad

Blood Brothers is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Rhi-Rhi.


Someone from Officer Barbrady's dark childhood past has mysteriously show up in town. Strange stuff begin to happen in town. Meanwhile the boys have reactivated the Coon and friends once again.


A strange man shows up in town which he is claiming to be BarBrady's older brother which everyone is stunned about the news that BarBrady was keeping his dark and abusive childhood as a secret that he keeps from the mayor which his mother had fled to Colorado with the future South Park police chief, and his younger sister to get away from their abusive drunk father in Long island while Redmond was in military school as a teenager for his bad behavior at the time.

Which Redmond BarBrady has a very dark secret that he is a psychopath serial killer that stalks women, and Mayor McDaniels almost falls victim to his gruesome terror while she was asleep, but she is protected by BarBrady's presence in the room. The situation is getting tough for the local police to solves the latest crime wave after the mayor had threatened to bring the F.B.I. in to do their job for them which she and Yates don't see a eye for a eye at all, because they've a hate filled relationship with each other.

At the same time during lunch at the school, that the boys are planning to reactive the Coon and Friends to help out with the police. Which Mayor McDaniels is pleased with Mysterion's return while the body count continues to climb at that time. That is when she had issued a citywide curfew to protect the citizens from any harm.

Later that night at Shady Acres nursing home where Redmond was planning to kill his own mother, but he is caught by his own brother and his men which he was arrested for multi murders.

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