• BlueKraid

    Kyle gets an Elephant

    March 31, 2020 by BlueKraid

    Kyle Gets an Elephant set during An Elephant makes Love to a Pig. Kyle gets an elephant but Dougie inflicts a Simpsons plague on the town again explaining Simpsons did it!

    The school bus stop early one school morning

    The four boys are at the bus stop.

    Stan has a black eye.

    KYLE: Geez dude! How did you get a black eye?!

    STAN: Oh it’s my sister Shelly. She’s been beating me up again....

    KYLE: Well that sucks. I’ve got bad news as well. My mom won’t let me keep my new pet elephant I got delivered from Africa...

    STAN: Elephant?!”

    Dougie illustrated as a Simpsons character runs up to them.

    Dougie: Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

    Kyle: Oh crap! He’s starting a Simpsons plague again!

    Butters: Guys you won’t believe it! But Kenny’s got trapped down a well!


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  • Alex Is Over Here

    A crack pairing is a pairing involving two people who have never interacted. I mean, that's basically what it is, not a pairing that has no chance of happening. So the main question is what crack pairings in SP have two characters who never interacted with each other?

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  • KyleRocks1995

    So this is my first user blog. Enjoy!

    • Butters and his family are truly Hawaiian, and Butters secretly has a Hawaiian dictionary laying around somewhere in his house.
    • The real reason Kenny’s family became poor was due to Kenny’s therapy and care costing so much money. Over time, Carol and Stuart became bankrupt trying to pay for it all, and had to move to a less expensive house in South Park.
    • Kenny’s best friends are Butters, Kyle, and Stan.
    • Eric Cartman’s mother is a literal Nazi.
    • Kanye West will return for a cheesy collab with Mr. Hankey, PC Principal, and Eric Cartman.

    --KyleRocks1995 (talk) 02:33, January 12, 2020 (UTC)

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  • GodzillaIsland7.2

    These are all the South Park episodes, movies and games I would alter:


    • Erase it from existence and replace it with an episode focused solely on both Randy Marsh and Jimbo Kern, truly making this the first episode to focus on the adults rather than the children.


    • Have Mecha-Streisand's design be primarily based off Mecha-King Ghidorah rather than Mechagodzilla but fully mechanical and the arms and the dorsal plates kept from the actual design.
    • Have the episode end with Diamond of Pantheos placed inside a box which would then placed inside a warehouse named "Red Cross 9/11 Relief Funds" instead of Kyle throwing it into a bin just for Ike to get it out and use it to become a giant.

    Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus:…

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  • ObjectOverblast2017

    South Park Abridged is coming in Spring 2020, and i need an help with an episode idea. This fanfic will be in script form. So if you have any idea, let me know.

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  • Liza-From-SP

    Expensive The Rich

    April 7, 2019 by Liza-From-SP

    Expensive The Rich Is Fourth Grade Kids Time, Rich, Famous, Things With Accessories For Making Jewelry Store

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  • Liza-From-SP

    ​​​South Park: Gangs Together ''''[My Fanfiction Series Created By Eliza-Cute-SP] With Crossover? That Been Made 2019,

    Stan Marsh

    Wendy Testaburger

    Kyle Broflovski

    Liza Jurtsenko [Me]

    Eric Cartman

    Heidi Turner

    Kenny McCormick


    Butters Stotch



    Craig Tucker

    Tweek Tweak

    Scott Malkinson

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  • BlueKraid

    BlueKraid Fanon

    March 31, 2019 by BlueKraid

    This is the overall basic structure and present characters in my fanon. I.e. Who's alive and who's dead and how they interact.

    My Fanon series is based on the early episodes where the gang of four (and sometimes their friends) go on adventures every episode. I'm not a big fan of the PC Principal arc, Trump Garrison vs Canadian Trump or Zaron or Coon and friends. Well ok, I can work with the latter two.

    I also don't like major characters being killed off except evil or nasty characters. So Pip, Chef, and Mrs Crabtree are still alive in my fanon.

    • Eric Cartman (Voiced by Trey Parker. And once by Jesse Harnell)

    A fat (Big boned) racist bigot. He makes fun of anyone's race, religion or hair colour if they're ginger. It's a reoccurring joke for ging…

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  • ObjectOverblast2017

    South Park Kids Adventure (my fanmade fanfiction series) that been made in 2019, but this series will be aired on 2002 (which i was borned).
    This fanfictions series is about Stan,Kyle,Cartman and Kenny and the other childrens are on the adventure for other stuff. Stan is an leader of his gang. Kyle is an hot-tempered and an passionate jew member. Cartman is an evil and racist member of Stan gang. And let's not forget Kenny, an "blonde hair wearing parka that always get killed" member. This fanfiction will have 8 season with 18 episodes. It's will have Humor, Drama, Comedy, and Action.

    Stan Marsh
    Kyle Broflovski
    Eric Cartman
    Kenny Mccormick
    Butters Scotch
    Craig Tucker
    Tweek Tweak
    Token Black
    Clyde Donovan
    Jimmy Valmer
    Timmy Burch

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  • .:dead dorky:.

    Carla Vasiliev

    March 30, 2018 by .:dead dorky:.

    Carla Vasiliev is made by .:dead dorky:.

    Carla is a 10 year old girl that lives in south park, colorado. She is mostly described to be a simple tough girl that always sees a reason to fight someone when it comes to having a purpose in it. she adores people that she befriends and her parents. although she may seem to get along with other people but she does have lots of enemies as well. she works at a fashion shop with her father marice. she lives life in the middle classes. 

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  • Dereviewer

    Hey guys, it's me, Dereviewer. I got a little bored so I decided to write another blog. This one's about the love triangle between Cartman, Heidi, and Kyle. We all know that when Cartman and Heidi first started dating back in Season 20, they were an awesome couple. But then Cartman reverted back to his old self and started being abusive to Heidi. Then, Kyle meddled in their relationship and temporarily stole Heidi from Cartman. Though Heidi ended up rejecting Kyle and going back to Cartman. But in "Splatty Tomato", she finally realized how much she had changed because of Cartman, and finally broke up with him.

    After seeing all that, I've wondered how the love triangle is going to go in the future. Now that Heidi and Cartman are broken up, w…

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  • Dereviewer

    Season 22 Air Date?

    March 4, 2018 by Dereviewer

    Hey guys, it's Dereviewer, and I wanted to talk with you guys about something. So I know we've all seen the finale of Season 21, "Splatty Tomato", and we saw all the drama that went down. But after seeing that, I wondered, when will Season 22 air? I mean it's most likely that it'll air in September since the previous 5 seasons of South Park have. 

    But I wanna ask you guys, when do you think Season 22 of South Park will air? Let me know in the comments. 

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  • Dereviewer

    Season 22 Ideas

    January 27, 2018 by Dereviewer

    Hey guys, I'm Dereviewer, and I'm sure most of you are aware that the season finale of South Park Season 21 "Splatty Tomato" aired not that long ago. But after I saw it, I wondered, what'll happen in the next season of South Park? I wanted to open up a discussion for any ideas you guys might have for Season 22 episodes of South Park. If you've got any ideas, tell me about them in the comments. 

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  • Stendyle The World As We Know It

    Stendyle or Stylendy is the name given to the romantic polyamorous coupling consisting of major characters Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger and Kyle Broflovski. The names Stendyle and Stylendy both incorporate the names of the third character in the relationship into the existing ship names of Stendy and Style respectively.

    While not explicitly indicated, Stendyle is fairly distinctly implied through the fact Stan is canonically romantically attracted to and has dated Wendy and is implicitly attracted to Kyle, whilst Kyle and Wendy have noticeably similar character traits (such as a dislike of Cartman, being fairly headstrong, and a tendency towards liberal political and social activism).

    Furthermore, they have been seen to get involved with each …

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  • CraigTuckerFan86

    I don't know if this Wikia is neccesarily the appropriate place for this, but Community Central isn't letting me post this there. But anyway, I want to apologize to the Wikia staff, SPA admins, and anyone else for the mess I caused in the past. I certainly regret it and the decisions I made in the past made me look like a jackass. I deeply apologize for hurting anyone's feelings and harrasing them. What was I thinking? I should've never stooped that low. I promise to never pull anything like that ever again, and will remain a nice and calm person from now on. My Wikia vacation certainly calmed me down and made me reflect on how I should be much nicer. Again, I'm really sorry for everything bad I've done and will never do anything stupid li…

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  • DankRat666

    Darren McElroy

    April 26, 2017 by DankRat666
    • Empty Blog, do not view
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  • Scout Trooper 164

    Can I?

    April 4, 2017 by Scout Trooper 164

    Hello, South Park Fanon wiki. I was wondering if I could make a pairing of my own, a child pairing to be precise. I know it may not be possible, but I still think it might be okay to share. What I had in mind was "Clendy". The pairing is of Clyde Donovan and Wendy Testaburger. It's not a canon pairing, but there's at least one story that goes down that route.

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  • Joey Nigro 2016

    Alicorn Kyle

    March 28, 2017 by Joey Nigro 2016

    If "Yes" gets the most votes, then Kyle Broflovski will have a princess crown, a horn, and wings, and Twilight Sparkle will have a horn only.

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  • StanFord85

    Here is my personal choice for my indie cast for the South Park series. In this casting, I voluntarily chose to take comedians of English origins, and this by mixing the cast of South Park (It's Dream Voice).

    This article presents the list of actors of dubbing who participated in the English version of the characters of South Park in episode "Where My Country Gone" of season 19.

    Let's say this is doubled and announced by ??? and they reached out only for the regulars of FUNimation (Dallas, Houston, some LA, Ocean Group, 4Kids Voice Actors) for this dub. Now I know this will never happen and it is impossible to replace the original VAs (they have made characters the characters we know in love.)

    Episode complete credited or uncredited cast (ful…

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  • StanFord85

    Here is my personal choice for my indie cast for the South Park series. In this casting, I voluntarily chose to take comedians of English origins, and this by mixing the cast of South Park (It's Dream Voice).

    This article presents the list of actors of dubbing who participated in the English version of the characters of South Park in episode "Sexual Healing" of season 14.

    Let's say this is doubled and announced by ??? and they reached out only for the regulars of FUNimation (Dallas, Houston, some LA, Ocean Group, 4Kids Voice Actors) for this dub. Now I know this will never happen and it is impossible to replace the original VAs (they have made characters the characters we know in love.)

    Episode complete credited or uncredited cast (full and c…

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  • StanFord85

    Here is my personal choice for my indie cast for the South Park series. In this casting, I voluntarily chose to take comedians of English origins, and this by mixing the cast of South Park (It's Dream Voice). 

    This article presents the list of actors of dubbing who participated in the English version of the characters of South Park in episode "200 and 201" of season 14.

    Let's say this is doubled and announced by ??? and they reached out only for the regulars of FUNimation (Dallas, Houston, some LA, Ocean Group, 4Kids Voice Actors) for this dub. Now I know this will never happen and it is impossible to replace the original VAs (they have made characters the characters we know in love.)

    Episode complete credited or uncredited cast (full and cre…

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  • StanFord85

    Here is my personal choice for my indie cast for the South Park series. In this casting, I voluntarily chose to take comedians of English origins, and this by mixing the cast of South Park (It's Dream Voice). 

    This article presents the list of actors of dubbing who participated in the English version of the characters of South Park in episode "Le Petit Tourette" of season 11.

    Let's say this is doubled and announced by ??? and they reached out only for the regulars of FUNimation (Dallas, Houston, some LA, Ocean Group, 4Kids Voice Actors) for this dub. Now I know this will never happen and it is impossible to replace the original VAs (they have made characters the characters we know in love.)

    Episode complete credited or uncredited cast (full a…

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  • .:dead dorky:.

    Memory Raped

    August 28, 2016 by .:dead dorky:.

    A new boy joins his new school and soon to see Carla Willowberg with a weird feeling like he knew her more then he can remember to soon realize carla is getting the same reaction towards the new boy and so at dinner his mom reveals something that changed his life and made it more clear.

    it started off as a normal day when mr. garrison walked in class "ok class again we have a new student named Zachary Richwood and seriously you kids can find out for your self about him i dont give a crap now back to lesson." the girls except wendy admired Zachary style and his body. they kept mention either how cute he is or what kind of girls he would be into. Zachary took his seat kinda next to wendy where he can get a clear image of carla willowberg. "he…

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  • Zachary bee

    Fan Ficton Contest

    March 13, 2016 by Zachary bee

    Hello I'm someone you never heard of. I am making a SP Fan Ficton contest here some tips. Rule 1:The main Character could be your favorite character. Rule 2:You can Make a fan made crossover. Rule 3:Insulting me [Zachary Bee] is not allowed. Rule 4:You can add yourself in your fan fic. and Rule 5:Put your fan fictons down below the comment selection. Read all these rules and you can Finish your fan fic in no time. The Contest Ends:may 13th

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  • RosesRed8

    RosesRed Watson

    October 31, 2015 by RosesRed8

    Ana 'RosesRed' Watson is one of the girls in South Park and is one of best hot chocolate makers, much to everybody's opinion. 

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  • ReAngel

    The New Kid

    September 6, 2015 by ReAngel

       A new kid has enter South Park and has been seen by everyone in Elementary School and the boys and girls questions him why is he not talking to everyone in the school but ignores them and they place a bet to see who can get to him first with money on the line for this bet as the team of Kyle,Stan,Wendy,Kenny,Butters,and Red and the other team were known as Eric,Clyde,Craig,Bebe,Tweak,and Heidi to see who can get to the new kid first would win the bet, as a normal day for the new kid at the park swinging at the swings Butters came up to him to talk but was interupted by Tweak who wanted to talk to him first and starting to argue a bit and the new kid left without saying a word to both of them,  it was the girls turn as both Bebe & Heidi …

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  • Kitty0706Lover

    This is a blog for updates on Thomas Purcell, and other characters, etc.

    Thomas is actually based on me, so he's me as a child; and I was a bit of an idiot. But it's true that I got my first computer when I was 6, and I was obsessed. And my name is actually Thomas Purcell. However, the 2 middle names "William Peter" will not be revealed until one point that I feel is right. So yes, New Kid at South Park is his debut. All the traits that he has, is like me; except the angry type of upset. I was also a bit like Butters, because that's how my life was like. I was scared that in school people occasionally bully me. There was this one boy, named Cohen Matthews; and a year later, he stopped coming to school because his mother unfortunately died.…

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  • JohnVMaster

    Featured Articles

    July 19, 2015 by JohnVMaster

    We're looking for new featured articles. Make some nominations here -- try to look through pages besides your latest OC. Look for articles that are long, well-written and informative! No "stubs" or short pages!

    Now, suggest away! :)

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  • CharlotteSwan(FUN)

    About me

    July 9, 2015 by CharlotteSwan(FUN)

    Charlotte She is 10 years old. She lives in South Park Colorado. She has a Brother his name is Brian. She has a Crush on Kenny. She is very friendly. 


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  • Concernedalien11780

    Hello, South Park Fanfiction Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. Having been a fan of South Park for quite some time now, and having read many different types of South Park fanfiction out of curiousity (which kills a lot more than the cat, as many fanfictions have proven), I stopped after a while due to growing bored with them. However, now I embrace the fact that if you're bored with what's out there, you make stories that you wouldn't be bored with. When it comes to South Park fanfiction, I would like to try to keep it in a similar tone to the show during Season 8, but with slightly more often comedy-drama elements similar to "You're Getting Old/Ass Burgers" and the Netflix show BoJack Horseman and slightly more often action elements. It …

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  • Kidsview

    Alright, this is my best shot at making an MLP South Park fanfic. Think of this fanfic as my asking for popularity.


    (South Park Elementary)

    Kenny: Hey Stan, i remember something and I hate you.

    Stan: What? Ummm...

    Kenny: Remember when you thought Kyle would die, and you were really scared and sad?

    Stan: Ummm... Yeeeeeesss???


    Stan: But Kenny, I-

    Kenny: SHUT UP!

    Stan: Kenny i'm-

    Kenny: SHUT UUUUUPPP!!! *does a powerful punch that sends Stan flying*

    Stan: AHHHH!!! *hits head hardly which fractures skull and breaks the wall*

    Everyone besides Kenny: OH MY GOD!!!

    Kyle, Butters, Eric, and Wendy: ARE YOU OKAY?

    Stan starts crying.


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  • Ely Pewnif

    About Me

    December 19, 2014 by Ely Pewnif

    'Ely Pewnif

    Thats Ely She is 9 years old. She lives in South Park Colorado. She is a Shy person.She has a Big Brother his name is Noel. She has a secret Crush on Kyle. She have meany Boys as friend but she has not meany Girls as friends.

    First Day First Blushing That's Ely's First Date

    ~The Sick of Truth Syle~

    10+ good at archery

    1- fear of ugly things

    10+ open the Darkness

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  • SonicMan2

    Sonic Ace Blur

    October 5, 2014 by SonicMan2

    Sonic Ace Blur is a secret kid with special power that can help or cause destruction against the earth. When he is in danger he will use his chaos powers but will have no memories about the event, also because of his destruction power he have amnesia and cause his own family death.

    Every emotions can cause different effect of his power of good or bad

    Increase his power, uncontrolled and unstable power, and can transform to his dark form

    Emotional waves, increase power and defense, and happening events around him

    Increased power and defense, speed double, happening events around him

    Static Powers, Increased power and defense, emotional waves, and elements powers

    She is like the other peoples. She have blue hair which is always out. She wears a bl…

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  • JJHero

    South Park Season X

    August 12, 2014 by JJHero

    "South Park Season X " is a fan-made spinoff of South Park created by JJHero. The season consists of 20 episodes. New episodes will be uploaded approximately three times a week.

    Cuts at work cause Randy to end up on the short list for downsizing after a disastrous situation at work. Worried for his family and his 'expensive social life', Randy decides to enter a new, far more dangerous business to keep the money flowing: the drug business. But to protect himself and his family, he creates an alter-ego with a history of drug dealing: the mighty Meth Man.

    Randy is sitting at his desk doing nothing. Every now and again he pushes a button on the computer. He sighs with boredom and continues doing nothing. He looks around and checks to see if anyo…

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  • JohnVMaster

    South Park FanSpace

    April 11, 2014 by JohnVMaster

    For several years, there was a small site called the South Park FanSpace that served, largely, as sort of a Wiki of South Park OC's from 1998 until 2002. It was one of the foremost inspirations for me making this website and it's been deleted for a few years. I'd like to try to start a Wikia project to transfer these characters to their own pages. The awkward situation, however, is that many of these fanfictions are either no longer online (Mr. Dead's FF site went offline last year and it harbored many of them) but I'd still like to preserve them somehow.

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  • TheFourSisters


    April 11, 2014 by TheFourSisters

    Sorry I havent been blogging in a while, BUT ANYWAY! (I dun have any excuses .3.) I'm currantly workin on 'School: the Opposite of Fun' and hopefully it'll be a tiny bit more of a success then 'The Four Sisters' cuz not a ton of people viewed it *SHRUG* WHO CARES :D

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  • DanChan123

    Brainstorming Ideas

    April 8, 2014 by DanChan123

    This blogpost is used for something NOT South Park related. This is used as a brainstorming window for a comic series currently being developed. If your looking for ideas for South Park, please leave this page.

    • On one hand of the story, Diego, a Mexican survival expert and zoologist who has his own cartoon show, must save Peru. In real life, Diego is a macho Mexican bounty hunter, carries microwaved, portable burritos, knows martial arts, and has a pet genetically modified super-jaguar. He must go to Peru, and face one Peru's worst enemies, PETA, aka People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who wants none other than the end of the guinea pig meal. Meanwhile, VJH hires some animal carers from the Humane Society [HS], to teach the kids som…

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  • TheFourSisters

    Apirl Fools!

    April 1, 2014 by TheFourSisters

    Today is April fools, not much really happened at my school. Adrianna kept poking me then would run away screaming "APRIL FOOOOOOOOLS!", I kept telling her thats not a joke or prank but she insists it is. I got a slurpee on the way home, (coke is my fav flavour

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  • TheFourSisters

    Today was normal, I sat in class like nooothing was happening. annnnd at the end of the day the teacher was all "You have two assignments to finish by friday and A project due two weeks from now" I nearly flipped. I wasnt paying attention the whole class sooooo I guess it serves me right? No idea how I got in this situation. But anyways, after school I got to finish the character entries (YAAAAY) my fingers are cramping right now but ya know, the most time I've spent on the computer is 13 hours so this finger cramping is normal for me. I'm thinking about skyping my friends but im not sure, Adrianna is probably still annoyed that I made her a South Park chacater considering she hates South Park (Anything I like that she doesnt understand sh…

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  • DanChan123

    Childhood is nonexistant show but existant cartoon, created by DanChan123. The characters of the cartoon are largely based of childhood friends as well as some stories partially created by peers, so credit is given to them. This show is largely based off of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park, a huge inspiration for this idea. There will be no plagiarism. Thank you.

    This is a pretty long list, so navigate using the contents bar. Enjoy!

    "Childhood" is a story about a group of normal 6th graders... well actually, not normal at all 6th graders, whose childhood troubles and social incapability brought them together, to go on miscellaneous and sometimes stupid quests either in or past their lovely home of Columbia Valley, Oregon, a fictional …

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  • Gumball2

    Stop SOPA 2014

    March 12, 2014 by Gumball2

    Attention fans of all fanfiction. It has come my attention that SOPA has returned and once again we are threatened to have our rights on this site and others taken away. Imagine a world where we can't openly express our feelings about copyrighted works through fanfiction, fanart, or even discussion.

    We still have time, though. There is a petition on White House Gov to sign. Just google it, get an account (if you don't already have one) on White House. Gov, and sign the petition that says "Stop SOPA 2014". But we have to act fast. We only have until March 19, 2014 to reach 100,000 signatures. If you love to work for this site and others like Deviantart or even just a small fan page, then act now! Fight for what you believe!

    Here is the link: …

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  • DanChan123

    Northern Bastards

    February 27, 2014 by DanChan123

    This fake, fanon episode was created by DanChen123.

    Its almost time for the Park County Soccer Tournament, and Cartman is determined to humiliate North Park and show that they are dirty "commies", to all of Park County, so Cartman decides to join the soccer team, though against his will, since he's out of shape and is terrible at soccer. But after killing the star player of South Park, Kenny, Cartman is kicked of the team days before the tournament. Can Cartman join the team again, and defeat North Park?

    North Park is a small town about the same size of South Park, located 5 miles North, and the kids their at NPES, are "huge d*cks" according to Cartman. Soon, there is a soccer tournament in Park County, between East, West, North, and South P…

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  • DanChan123

    Fanon episode Ideas

    February 27, 2014 by DanChan123

    These ideas are NOT free to take. This blog is used for rough drafts for stories. I you really want to use one, tell me. I may give you an idea that I have failed on.

    One day at South Park, a new family has moved into town. The family is Muslim, the only ones in the town, in which is made up of a kid with a bloody patch near his ribs, his dad, who has a stereotypical big beard, and the mother, who is pregnant. They all have Syrian accents, and everyone is friendly to them except for Cartman, who wages they are terrorists, and Kyle, who is suspicious of the dad, named Amaso Aladdin.

    What happens is, Kyle and Cartman reluctantly agree to team up, to figure out the mystery of the family. Here is what they find out.

    1. Amaso wanted to move to an …

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  • DanChan123

    South Park 2: War of the Stick, is a non-existent game following South Park: The Stick of Truth, an existing game based on the show which was officially released on March 4, 2014. 

    The story starts in the town of South Park, where the kids in the town have been caught up with a live-action high-fantasy-themed RPG. After the events of South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Stick has been thrown into Stark's Pond, and thus the Elves and Men may have peace. The world of the game has improved, and the kids have formed many "towns" in their backyards and garages, and clans within social ranks and interests. However, two Jakovasaurs have discovered the Stick, fetching it from the water; one named Azhul and the other named Tebaug. The Az-hul wants th…

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  • JohnVMaster

    Latest News & Updates

    October 12, 2013 by JohnVMaster

    I've restored a lot of features that were previously removed today - including Live Chat, Blogs, and Forums! Please try to make the most of these features as a way to help the Wiki grow and prosper and to build a stronger community here - feel free to use the Blogs to actively express your creative side and post your own fanfics, fan scripts and ideas for open discussion with other Wiki users. Practice is a great way to improve your writing abilities - and you can always share and invite users to read them here without needing a Wiki account, so you can share them on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook!

    The other key piece of news is for the first time we will be taking suggestions/submission for Featured Articles. Please nominate or second a nomin…

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  • AMBC

    Mythology had it coming.

    After the coffee shop goes out of business, Tweek and his parents leave South Park and move into the city of Spitontopolis in Montana. Believing there is no purpose for them in South Park anymore the Tweaks hope to start a new life in the flat land city, but Tweek soon learns that like his old mountain town his new home is far from normal. Famous for being 'one city, a million problems' Spitontopolis is constantly ramphant by crime, lawlessness, evil and disasters that are considered beyond natural. As a result it's up to Tweek, his new friends; Josh and Clara, the Super Best Friends, Professor Ernest Trophe and their forth grade dick of a teacher Patrick Whishluck as they fight to keep peace in the city and take on…

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  • Matteso586

    Saga Idea

    June 9, 2012 by Matteso586

    South Park: Beyond Time And Space

    So here are the plot holes for each episode.

    • Brainwashed- Wendy realizes that Tween Rave is brainwashing people, so she enlisted Coon & Friends to help her shut down the music. Meanwhile, Professor Chaos has become more evil and has recruited Trent Boyett, Dougie (who is already with him), and Scott Tenorman to commit a terrorist activity at New York City.
    • Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 1- The boys (including Butters) discovered a time traveling stop watch during a field trip to the Grand Canyon. But things get out of hand when Butters accidently sent them and himself back to season 1.
    • Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 2- Kyle, Stan, and Kenny secretly changed the past and the present has been altered…
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  • GodzillaIsland7.2

    "South Park: A New Adventure" is a fan-made spinoff of South Park created by GodzillaIsland7.2. The main characters of this series are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Like the 8th-16th season(s) of South Park, each story arc will contain 14 episodes. If anyone wants to give me episode suggestions/ideas for un-announced episodes or what I could've for any of these episodes, then feel free to submit them by comment.

    Mecha-Streisand is back for the third time to wreak havoc in South Park, but this time she's even stronger than ever before, she's so strong and devastating that not even Robert Smith can stop her.

    At the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, Dr. Mephesto was working on one of his latest experiments until a bunch of m…

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  • LThomson

    Hey I'm new to this wiki and I am just telling you all that I'm making my own South Park script series. When I've created the page for it I'll make an edit here and link to it.

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  • AMBC

    Here is the original plot for my story South Park: Religion Exposed. There may some spelling mistakes and a few words missing...yeah.

    Act One: Gods don't Exist

    The story begins in an unknown street with a lone man, running from something. He is carrying a cube shape object in his hands. After reaching a dead end he is approached by a figure who was chasing him. The man called Erastus tells the figure that he now knows what the figure is up to and that he has no idea what he's tampering with. The figure however brushes the warning off and proceeds to shoot Erastus.

    At the same time, inside Mount Olympus, figures of what look like knights are mysteriously brought to life, ready to wreak havoc on the world...

    The next day in South Park Elementary…

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