Black Hearts
Fanfic Information
Series Chrome and Battlescars
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Action/War
Rating M/18+
Pairing(s) Candy, Style, Bunny, Sherry, Creek, Clybe, Dip
Written August 9, 2012
No. of Chapters 4
Status Incomplete
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Black Hearts
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Abysmal Black Hearts

Black Hearts is a fanfiction written and published on DeviantART by Suki-Itami. The story jumps around to follow multiple canon characters, and so far doesn't appear to have any original characters.


The apocalypse has fallen upon Earth in the form of World War 3, and the center of the fighting is based in America. Everyone able to fight has been technically drafted and all unable are hiding underground in an unknown location. The residents of South Park, Colorado have blockaded the town off as best they can, and fight everyday to keep alive. But this doesn't stop life from going on with semi-normality for some people.


A letter written by Wendy Testaburger that is addressed "to whomever may find" it starts off the entire Chrome and Battlescars trilogy. In it, she mentions the year, 2023, and also describes briefly how things have changed since the third world war broke out along with what countries have been attacking. At the end of the letter, she asks for forgiveness from whatever future generation may find her writing.

The first chapter is quick to show the town being attacked by an army that is either Russian or German. The many people who were on watch throughout the night sounded off a war cry, which, alongside the gunfire, awoke the sleeping people in the town. Wendy is continued to be followed from her earlier letter as she grabs a gun she keeps and goes to join the fighting with her boyfriend, Eric Cartman, who had been on watch during the night.

The battle turns out to be a short-lived skirmish, the end of which is announced joyously by Shelly Marsh - at this point, she is referred to as Shelly Feegan, the wife of Larry Feegan. At the announcement, Wendy and Eric talked for a moment before she left for home to sleep before he returned home from the end of his watch.

When Eric later returns from watch, Wendy is awake and making them breakfast, explaining that she took Shelly's shift on watch so she could spend time with Larry, who is currently hospitalized.

The story then jumps to Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh, who may or may not be involved in a romantic relationship. (It has yet to be directly stated.) They sit and talk for just a little while before Stan tells Kyle that an eatery run by the Stotch family actually got enough food to serve all day, something that he seems only a bit enthused by as they go there.

The Stotch eatery, located in the former Bennigan's restaurant, is busier than usual when Stan and Kyle arrive. A happy Butters Stotch, and Kenny McCormick are the waiters at the place, and are revealed to be secret lovers when Butters freaks out about a comment Kenny made to him in a joking manner. When told that he couldn't say such things to him around others, Kenny explains in an almost-chastising manner that, with the war, nobody was going to care what they were doing together, and walks off.

The most current chapter shows the members of the first response squad, as well as finally revealing some of the shortages that are occurring around the town. So far, only Stan and Token Black have been shown to have any outstanding scars as Stan is blind in his right eye and Token wears a mask to cover his slashed cheeks, (from the way they've been described, they're much like The Joker's cheeks from The Dark Knight).


(Only one faction has appeared thus far, but it has been suggested that others could exist)

The First Response SquadEdit

The The First Response Squad goes to the frontlines of a battle, and also acts as a scouting unit. The group has also acted as the middleman for getting much needed supplies to the town via the American military.

All the members are easily identifiable by the scars crisscrossing the body.


  • Damien Thorn (Leader(?)) -- Weapon: Flamethrower
  • Stan Marsh -- Weapon: Kopis
  • Karen McCormick -- Weapon: Double Sai
  • Token Black -- Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • Red -- Weapon: Cestus and Makraka
  • Pete -- Weapon: Ninjato
  • Craig Tucker -- Weapon: Double Pistols
  • Clyde Donovan -- Weapon: Machine Gun

Death TollEdit

(Known to be dead thus far)


  • The Chrome and Battlescars trilogy was inspired by the Black Veil Brides song, The Legacy.

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