Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style, Bunny, and Candy
Written February 4, 2011
No. of Chapters 3
Completed February 15, 2011
Status Complete
Link Beautiful
Warnings Slash, Language, Cross-dressing
Fic Chronology
Not-so Forgotten Birthday Beautiful Guardian Angel

Beautiful is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Icelilly.


Everyone has their own insecurities in life. Sometimes someone needs to shake you up to remind you that you're beautiful in every way.


Act 01: StyleEdit

Kyle is sitting in his room, staring at his large mirror and can't help but feel how disgusting he looks. He can't stand the way he looks. He hates his Jewfro, his lips are plump and he looks like a stick thanks to his diabetes. He's been trying to gain some muscle by doing gymnastics but it doesn't seem to be working. He's gotten more flexible but still has the same body from before signing on to the sport.

He is tired of being insulted by both boys and girls. The boys insult him for being gay and beat him up while the girls insult him for "taking their man" and often try to make him jealous by making up rumors that they slept with his boyfriend and that he is a cheater. If he ends up beaten, he often lies to his mother that he got in a fight with Cartman.

He breaks down in tears because he can't take the pain anymore. At the same time, Stan comes over to his house and enters his room. The second he sees Kyle in tears, he becomes worried and throws his backpack across the room while still carrying his bouquet of lilies. He asks Kyle what's wrong but he says that it's nothing. Stan doesn't believe that and continues to ask what's wrong but Kyle refuses to say anything. Stan asks him to tell him (Stan) what's wrong because he can't bare to see Kyle like this. Kyle sees the hurt in Stan's eyes and breaks down in Stan's arms. He tells him that he can't take the pain anymore and remarks that he hates the way he looks. Stan holds him tighter and tells him not to cry and that he shouldn't be listening to the things those people are saying to him. Stan tells him that they're over 6 billion people in the world but there's only one Kyle, one Kyle that can't be replaced, even with cloning. Kyle asks him if he thinks he's attractive and Stan, without hesitation, states that he is. He says he (Kyle) could wear nothing but an oversized Terrance & Phillip t-shirt and baggy sweatpants and he would still find him attractive. He then lets in Kyle on a secret. Stan tells him that he feels hurt every time he insults himself. He wishes that Kyle could see himself the same way as he (Stan) does. Kyle is shocked by this secret and remarks that he never knew that. Stan reminds him that he shouldn't be so focused on his appearance because he's not dating them, he's dating him. Kyle's eyes grew wide as he realizes that Stan is right. It didn't matter others thought because only Stan's opinion truly mattered. He feels guilty for putting the both of them through this but Stan tells him not to worry and without a doubt forgives him and he's happy to see Kyle's smile again. Stan remembers the bouquet of lilies he brought for him and Kyle happily accepts them. Stan then runs over to get his backpack and pulls out a DVD. The cover on the DVD has some questionable content. Stan apologizes for it (as the two of them don't watch those kinds of films) but Kenny begged him to watch it as it's considered "the best gay porn films ever made". Blushing heavily, Kyle agrees to the film stating once doesn't hurt and states that maybe later they can try out some of those moves along as its moves "that don't break his back". Stan smirks at the comment and says that with Kyle's flexible body, that shouldn't be a problem.

Act 02: BunnyEdit

Butters is getting ready to go out to dinner with Kenny. But he isn't going as Butters. He's going as "Marjorine".

Butters has been living a double life. At school and at home, he is Butters Stotch. In public, he is Marjorine Stotch. Only his friends and his boyfriend know about this and are okay with it. He would never break the news about it to the kids at school because of his fears of getting beaten up and being called names. The same goes for his parents.

As he finishes getting ready, Kenny comes in, holding a bouquet of roses. He lays against the door frame as he complements Butters' looks. He's flattered and the two share a kiss. Kenny comments that it was okay for him to get dressed at his place but Butters tells him not to worry as his parents are out to dinne. He then leaves to place the roses in a vase and places them in his room. He finishes up the final touches and the two of them leave. When they get to the door the two of them are faced with a big shock, Butters' parents.

Both of his parents are shocked at what they see, his father especially. His father demands why he's dressed like a girl and having his arm entangled with another man's. Butters begins to feel uneasy and anxious but Kenny says that he has his back. He get the courage to tell them that he is transgendered and has been dating Kenny for 4 years. His parents can't believe the news they're hearing. His father is an absolutely rage stating that could have handled having a gay son but he won't deal with a transgendered one. He yells at him that he is grounded and demands him to go to his room. Butters stands up for himself and says that he won't do it. He tells him that he's happy being who he is because this is how God made him. He then tells them to excuse them because they have a dinner date to get to and they walk off to Kenny's car and the two of them drive off. Linda asks her husband what has happened to their boy. But Stephen responses that he's not quite sure. But he does know that he might not have a son anymore.

Back in the car, Kenny is impressed with what Butters did. He thanks him and thinks it's because of all those years of suppressing himself. Kenny is proud of him but he is worried of what will happen next. Butters says that he doesn't want to think about it. He just wants to enjoy the night with him. The chapter ends with the two of them exchanging "I love you".

Act 03: CandyEdit

Wendy packs up her things and prepares to leave as she plans on meeting her boyfriend, Eric Cartman. She begins thinking back, feeling shocked when the feelings for him returned and thought she got rid of them in third grade. She states that dating him cost her some of her friendships and her reputation but her life still remains normal as ever.

The two don't give each other pet names and tend to insult one another. She states he's not a romantic but she doesn't mind. But she often wonders if he truly loved her or if she was being used because of his manipulating skills. But she puts those thoughts asides for more positive ones. She sees Cartman in the distance as she runs down the stairs. She runs towards him, calling out his name. He turns around smiling and two hug while he places a kiss on the top of her head. He asks her if she's doing well and she replies that she's doing well. She asks Cartman the same thing and he says that's he tired and glad the day is over. He states after the kind of day he's had, he wants to curl up on the couch, eat some Cheesy Poofs and watch the Valentine's Day special of Terrance and Phillip. Her hearts sinks as she hears this. Cartman notices her drastic face change and asks what's wrong. Wendy tells him that she was hoping that they could spend the day together since it's Valentine's Day. Cartman remarks that they can and she can join him in watching the special. The two begin arguing over the quality of Terrance and Phillip and Wendy eventually gives up and yells at him to enjoy his special. Cartman curses under his breath and tells her to come back and that he'll spend the day with her. She turns around smiling and runs back to him, pulling him in for a hug. She can see a blush forming on Cartman's face when he asks her what she wants to do. She recommends getting ice cream and he agrees. The two leave school grounds holding hands.


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