Website Information
Launched September 7, 2007
Owner Yoshino (ヨシノ)
Type Art Blog
Language Japanese
Went Offline on: 2009

BIG SIZE MAFFIN! (also known as BSM) is a Japanese art blog site run by ヨシノ (Yoshino). The site was launched in 2007. The site celebrated its first year anniversary on September 7, 2008.



BSM's layout on September 11, 2008.

The site's layout consists of a banner and 3 strips of different blues in the background. The layout has been the same since its opening in 2007. However, recently, the layout colors change as well as the banner when one of the main boys is having a birthday. For example, on May 26, 2008, the background changed from 3 different shades of blue (the usual layout) to 3 different shades of green and the banner changed to an all-Kyle banner as a way to celebrate his birthday. The same thing happened again when Cartman's birthday passed on July 1, 2008 only with the color red. It happened again on September 11 and October 19, 2008 for Butters's and Stan's birthdays; coloured light blue and dark blue respectivily. Kenny's birthday was the last time that this was done on March 22, 2009 due to the site's lack of updates.


Many images posted on his site are solo character images. However, there are some pairing images and group images.


The site usually is updated weekly. However, there have been times where the site was updated for only a month. The most common sections to be updated are the gallery and the offline (where preview screenshots of doujinshis are found) section. The site had its last update in March 2010 and it is assumed that the site has died.


The site is run by ヨシノ (Yoshino) and is the site's only owner. He was born in 1982 and is a doujinshi artist. His favourite pairings are Clybe and Webe. His favorite character is probably Cartman as he does many doujinshis dealing with Cartman.

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