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First Published February 18, 2013
Last Update June 8, 2019
Most Notable Work The South Park Chronicles Series
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Rhi -Rhi (also known as DamienGurl666)  is a fanfiction writer. Her work is published on FanFiction.Net. Her South Park Fanfiction series entitled "The South Park Chronicles" or "TSPC" were formerly scriptfic stories but her writing has improved. Her stories are based on the show's adult humor, skewers at everything, and heavily focus on the town's adults more with their romantic relationships, and dealing with daily life in South Park. Rhi-Rhi has changed her stance on Original Characters very recently; she is more accepting of them and has her own in small roles in the series. And she is one of the featured authors of the South Park Unleashed forum owned by JVM.

Original Characters

  • Officer Alexander Preston McDaniels
  • Anastasia Mina McDaniels - Thomas
  • Officer Ronald Russell (Only appears and dies in "Another Cop and Crime Story")
  • General Cummings of the U.S. Army (only appears in "Virus")
  • Curtis (C.J.) Hutchison
  • Emma Hutchison
  • Zachary McDaniels
  • Edna Jameson *(Only appeared in "Being Offended and returns in the After School Outrage")
  • Dr. Donald Richardson (Only appears in "Virus")
  • Dr. Martin McDaniels (First mentioned in "Newbies, Couponing and Friendships Oh My!!!" & "The Unseen Evil" appeared and dies in Virus)
  • Hannah McDaniels (appears in Newbies, Couponing and Friendships Oh My!!! & dies in Virus)
  • Redmond BarBrady Jr. (appears in "Blood Brothers")
  • Helen BarBrady (appears in "Blood Brothers")
  • Allan Hutchison
  • Louise Hutchison
  • Prof. Nicolas Hunter (appears in the "U.F.O Capital of the World")
  • Candice Lyn McDaniels- Humphrey (appears in "Sibling Rivalry")
  • Melody Claire Humphrey(appears in "Sibling Rivalry")
  • Deputy Mayor Roger Williams(appears in "The Second Wave")
  • Deputy Chief Charlie Gates (appears in "The Not - So Super Ban")
  • Dovahkiin Hughes (Rhi-Rhi's SOT character appears in his full speaking first role in The Night Stalkers)
  • City Councilor Brandon Stoker(Appears in The Great Betrayal)
  • Lori BarBrady(Appears in Blood is thicker than water)
  • Jenna Garcia (Appears in Junior Detectives)

Hiatus: Rhi- Rhi had taken almost  a year off from writing, due to lack of motivation for writing and family problems. She continued to be active within the SP fandom with her fan art and co writng with ImaigneAnnMorgan during the hiatus. February 7 th, 2019 marked her return to The South Park Chronicles series, and will continues as a co writer to IAM's stories too.


The South Park Chronicles

Season 1

  1. "Student Government Day from Hell"
  2. "The Refusal"
  3. "The Great Betrayal" (South Park/First Wave Crossover)
  4. "The Unseen Evil" (South Park/First Wave Crossover)
  5. "The Crime Spree"
  6. "The Worst Flu Outbreak Ever"
  7. "Another Winter Storm Fiasco"
  8. "Newbies, Couponing and Friendship Oh My!"
  9. "Life and Duty of the Badge"
  10. "The Great Monster Mystery"
  11. "The Crackdown"
  12. "Punishment Sucks!"
  13. "Scott Tenorman Rising"
  14. "Tornado Outbreak"

Season 2

  1. "Revenge is Sweet"
  2. "A Tale of a Silly Cussing Law"
  3. "Gone to Springfield" (South Park/The Simpsons Crossover)
  4. "Bad Moon Rising"
  5. "Die Hippie Die 2"
  6. "The Trip from Hell"
  7. "Virus"
  8. "Mayor for a Day"
  9. "Another Cop and Crime Story"
  10. "The Neighbors from Hell"
  11. "Being Offended"
  12. "Secret Invasion"
  13. "The Idiot Squad"
  14. "Summer Sucks 2"

Season 3

  1. "Back from the Dead"
  2. "Frenemies"
  3. "The Three Faces of Evil"
  4. "A South Park Halloween"
  5. "The Blaming Game"
  6. "Blood Brothers"
  7. "Another Stupid A Fad"
  8. "The UFO Capital of the World"
  9. "The Tale of Two Rival Towns" (South Park/The Simpsons Crossover)
  10. "Holidays in the Mountains"

Season 4

  1. "The Ride Along from Hell"
  2. "Sibling Rivalry"
  3. "The Second Wave" (South Park/First Wave Crossover)
  4. "The Not - So Super Ban"
  5. "The Return of the Swaggers"
  6. "Medicinal Girls Scouts Cookies"
  7. "The Night Stalkers"
  8. "The Great Rivalry Lives On" ("South Park"/"The Simpsons" Crossover)
  9. "Another Epic Power Struggle Story"
  10. "The Curfew from Hell"

Season 5

  1. "Blood is thicker than water"
  2. The Mark of the wolf
  3. That banned word for a town
  4. The Return of the green goo ("South Park"/ "The Simpsons" Crossover
  5. The After School Outrage
  6. The Revenge of the Coon
  7. Another Alien Takeover Plot
  8. The Quest for the Stick
  9. "Junior Detectives"
  10. Ghost Stories

Season 6

  1. The Boys and a Bigfoot
  2. A Mayoral Rivalry (South Park/The Simpsons crossover arc)
  3. The Rising of The Shadow
  4. Occupation Earth (AU)
  5. Santa is not coming to Town
  6. Mysterion vs Bartman (SP/ The Simpsons crossover)
  7. Resentment ( The second pequel to IAM's Prognession to Madness)
  8. In search of Hankey (SP/ The Simpsons Crossover)
  9. A Hacker's Delight (Coming soon)
  10. TBA

Other and shorts

  1. Die Elf, Die ( A short Christmas story)
  2. Blue Angel

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