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ObjectOverblast2017 is an fanfiction writer and an screenwriter for fanfics. He like to make spin-off episodes. I have 2 spinoff series "South Park Kids Adventure" and "South Park Abrigded" South Park Abrigded is coming in Spring 2020. These fanfics will mostly sometimes will be either screenplay, or on fanfictions. Some of the story will be on scriptfic. This story will be a bit too cartoony to the writers. But it will still have some dark comedy, satires, mature languages, adult's humors, and so much more. I love South Park since i was it in 2017, it's was funny and the jokes are classic. Soi was thinking, why not make my own Fanfiction


South Park Kids Adventure - 12 seasons

South Park Abrigded - 6 seasons (COMING SOON)

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If i'm tired of writing, i'll be on hiatus and work on some different project. I love cartoon logic, and i'm an sucker for anything that's is funny.


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