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First Published Sep 21, 2010
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Kfirpanther3 is a fanfiction writer. His work is published on DeviantART.


Video GamesEdit

Kfirpanther3 is a fan of Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Men of War, Red Alert 2, and its expansion pack, Yuri's Revenge. He often references them in "2nd Victory at the Vistula"; Chapter XXIII is itself a homage to the YR's Soviet mission IV "Romanov on the Run". One of the upcoming chapters is also based on World Of Tanks, and Men of War, to study tank tactics. His writing style is also influenced by Video Games, especially First Person Shooters, by writing exclusively from a 3rd person Point of View.

Fanfictions Edit

The war between the Ballas and Vagos v.s. San Andreas in "2nd Victory at the Vistula" was inspired by the GTA/Endwar crossover fanfiction "GTA SA EndWar".

World EventsEdit

Kfirpanther3 is greatly influenced by both historical and current wars. The "2nd Victory at the Vistula" is a recreation of the 2011 Libyan Civil War, featuring South Park characters fighting in Poland and Imaginationland in 2020. He is also influenced by the Iran-Iraq war, in writing most of the battle scenes without the main characters involved.

Character PreferencesEdit

Kfirpanther3 prefers writing with Kyle as his main character, since he is so often presented as a vulnerable individual. Kyle is a Polish Soldier in "2nd Victory at the Vistula".

Shipping PreferencesEdit

Kfirpanther3 prefers to pair Kyle with Bebe (Kybe), as he dislikes Style, Kyman or any slash pairing involving either Kyle or Bebe. Stendy and Kelley are also preferred in his work, since they are based them on official canon. Craig/Heidi came from a Kybe fanfic named South Park - KyleXBebe by MarzipanHomestar66.

Cartman is often presented as the main villain in his work, based on Kyle and Cartman's canon rivalry, as well as a reaction to Kyman fanfiction.


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