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First Published November 9, 2006
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JVM (also known as John-SP150 or simply John ) was a prolific South Park fanfiction author, fan artist and wiki editor.

He began writing fanfiction in November 2006, with over a hundred fanfics published throughout his history, but his updates became sporadic in early 2012. He specialized in humorous works although he also worked on dramatic and serious fic as well. He deleted most of his works in late 2019 and has expressed a desire to retire from South Park fandom.

His fanfiction work was published on FanFiction.Net as well as Archive of Our Own, and he was also active on DeviantART, Tumblr, Twitter, and South Park Studios, where he often discussing characterization and recent episodes.

He was also an active wiki editor for South Park-related content on Wikipedia, and South Park Archives; he was a moderator at the Official South Park Wiki for five years, and founded the South Park Fanon Wikia, which he helped maintain for over a decade. He has since describing wiki editing as a "complete waste of time and effort."

He has worked in the past with fellow writers such as Mutt13, Disneychic01, Mad_Cow5678, and Joo Hor, most of which are no longer active. He also participated in the South Park Universe project.


The following consists of his still online work.

  • "The Future"
  • "RIP Jenny McCormick"
  • "Overprotective"
  • "The Clyde Frog Foundation" (AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "Real" (AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "Make a Wish" (AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "Daddy" (AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "Bleeding" (AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "Kevin and Red Are Dead"(AO3 only; removed from FFN)
  • "My Name is Pip" (on South Park Studios)


Both fics listed below were co-written with Joo Hor, who produced more than fifty percent of the final product and should be attributed primarily to her.


The below fanfics have been taken offline and are no longer publicly available. As many fanfics have been uploaded and subsequently deleted, particularly in early 2008, this list is incomplete and will likely remain incomplete.

  • All "South Park: The Virtual Series" (2008-2009) Fanfics
  • "South Park: Vengeance"
  • "Please Don't Frown"
  • "Carnival"
  • "Goddess"
  • "Beep"
  • "Six"
  • "Pop"
  • "Squish"
  • "The Debate"
  • "The Movie Theater"
  • "Kenny's Dilemma"
  • "Nicknames"
  • "The Locker Room"
  • "New Year's Drabbles"
  • "Happy Birthday, Carsen!"
  • "Happry Birthday, Mutt!"
  • "Happy Birthday, Madi!"
  • "Happy Birthday, Amanda!"
  • "Happy Birthday, Kitty!"
  • "Interviews"
  • "Poison Ivy"
  • "She's On AGAIN!"
  • "The Egg Project"
  • "Repaid"
  • "Kenny's Parka"
  • "South Trek: The Wrath of Khartman"
  • "This Is The End"
  • "From The Ashes"
  • "Fortune Cookie"
  • "Interviews: Phase II"
  • "Untitled Kenny McCormick Project"
  • "When Fans Collide"
  • "The Cliches Were True"
  • "Secret Identity"
  • "The Return of Towelie"
  • "The Return of Towelie" (fully rewritten)
  • "I Love You Forever"
  • "The Man Behind The Mask"
  • "A Very Kenny Christmas"
  • "Play It Again, Stan"
  • "The Last Episode"
  • "Shark Zone"
  • "Fanfiction; Surrounded By Idiots"
  • "The Girl Who Loved Cartman"
  • "Stoley's Log"
  • "And Then There Were Less"
  • "Six Drabbles"
  • "Harry"
  • "Dear World"
  • "Tapestry"
  • "Fandom Debate"
  • "Image"
  • "Nazi Zombies"
  • "Hats"
  • "The Truth About Slash"
  • "Gardening With Towelie"
  • "Fat Elf"
  • "Meet the Samuels"
  • "Truth"
  • "You Probably Won't Be Surprised How It Ends"
  • "And Then There Were Less"
  • "The Former Life of Stan"
  • "John's Crappy Drabbles"
  • "Rich Boy, Poor Boy" (original Pip Pirrup version)
  • "Rich Boy, Poor Boy" (fully rewritten)
  • "The Ads Awaken"
  • "My Name is Pip" (original version)

Original CharactersEdit

He created a number of original characters in his early years in the fandom, all of which have been permanently retired since late 2009, though he has allowed other authors to use them with permission.

  • John Vanson (deceased in "My Name is Pip")
  • Michael/Daniel Thompson
  • Sarah Jennifer Graves
  • Laurie Thompson
  • Adolf Cartman
  • Maddison "Maddie" Vanson
  • Don Vanson (unused)
  • Stephanie Kimble

Although not technically an original character, he also developed a distinct version of Karen McCormick before her first speaking appearance in South Park, based on her brief cameo in "Best Friends Forever", with a distinct personality. This version was retired following the canon version's development.

The character Mitch Connor is technically original, although with a canonical basis.

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