Another Epic Power Struggle Story
Fanfic Information
Author Rhi-Rhi
Genre General
Rating M
Written June 9, 2014
No. of Chapters 6
Completed July 3, 2014
Status Complete
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Fic Chronology
The Great Rivalry Lives On Another Epic Power Struggle Story The Curfew from Hell

Another Epic Power Struggle Story is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Rhi-Rhi.


The Same war, but in a different city and state. The kids of South Park travel to the city to help battle a evil king and his army, along with Dovakhiin, the new kid, who is originally from this town. Meanwhile, the adults drop everything and travel there to find their children before they get hurt or worse... But a big threat is looming upon the horizon!


The story begins at Dovahkiin's house which he had gotten a email from a old friend back in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan which the kids of Saginaw are engaged in their own version of the game like the Stick of Truth which Fairies, rebel humans vs. an evil king and his knights, who turned out to be Dovahkiin's long time rival which they are asking for some help from the combined armies of Zaron to defend their cause to defeats the king for good that the rebel army of the Sunrise Kingdom had read about Dovahkiin's bravely during the Nazi Zombies outbreak in the local papers on Colorado's newspaper site which it had promoted the kids to have a meeting before accepting the plea and heads for Saginaw to join the fight.

But the parents along with Mayor McDaniels, BarBrady, Yates, Harris and a couple of uniformed officers had found out about their march into war that had sent them to Saginaw to look for their kids in out of fear, because Saginaw's notorious reputation as a violent city.

Meanwhile during the kids stay in Saginaw which the combined armies of Zaron and the rebel army which it was led by Dovakhiin and the boys in many small battles with the evil king and his men that unknown to them that the king had drabbled into the dark magic of Necronomicon in hopes to release the dark lord, Cthulhu to destroys his enemies, but instead that he had released a massive black cloud to possessed every Saginaw's residents instead which it is about to crush the army of good , but they were saved by Mayor McDaniels who had knocked a possessed mother out cold to saved the kids from harm with a baseball bat.

After the close call they had with the possessed person, and a warning against their plan by Mayor McDaniels that the kids had gone back into the city and faces the possessed people, the king and his armies during the final battle that Dovakhiin had broken the medallion in half that controls the possessed people which all of the residents had turned back to normal that is when Princess Kenny had charmed the king with her boobs and shot him with her arrows to allows Dovakhiin to delivers the Bull rush attack on the king which the force had sent him into the river below...Which everyone from South Park are happy to return home in just in time for the Fourth of July's fireworks celebration which Mayor McDaniels was very happy to be back in South Park.


  • Dovahkiin's background story comes to the light which he is originally from Saginaw, Michigan (Rhi-Rhi's hometown) which his parents had moved away from there from the high crime rate and the government had been chasing their son for his making friends on social media powers.
  • is a pun on for the local newspapers which it is for Colorado Live.
  • Tom Barton's is a pun of Tim Horton's Bake shop.
  • The story is based on and sort of sequel to Stick of truth.
  • The black cloud had possessed Saginaw residents is based on Supernatural's demonic possession and the citywide possession is a parody of Deliver us from Evil.
  • Dovahkiin's SOT attire had updated with a cape and brand new war paint's color after Rhi-Rhi had been replaying the Stick of Truth game.

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