And the Snow Keeps Falling - A Tale of Storms
Fanfic Information
Author Dark Noel
Genre Romance/Angst
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style and Crendy
Written June 30, 2014
No. of Chapters 42
Status Incomplete
Link And the Snow Keeps Falling - A Tale of Storms
Fic Chronology
And the Snow Keeps Falling - A Tale of Storms After School Special

And the Snow Keeps Falling - A Tale of Storms is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Dark Noel.


When Stan and Kyle discover their true feelings for each other, their time is cut short when Kyle receives news he is moving out of the country. Two years later, nobody has heard a word from Kyle. Kenny is developing new feelings for Stan, but Stan's curiosity of Kyle's disappearance leads him to find his best friend and lover, no matter the cost. After a breakup with Stan, Wendy seeks a new love interest, and finds herself falling in love with Craig Tucker. But even her new love has some demons of his past.


The fanfiction is spread between numerous different arcs, and is currently still in production. Please be aware some facts or subjects may be vulnerable to change.

The fanfiction was originally conceived in July 2014. Since then, several different story arcs have been published, and the series is still ongoing. Currently, there are two 'books' published (significant parts between the story as a whole). Currently, the series is expected to be perhaps not one of the longest South Park fanfictions, but perhaps one of the longest fanfictions ever created. The author has stated "I want to deliver the story in a meaningful way, even if that means I have to write a long story."

Current Arcs:Edit

BOOK 1: Prophecy of Five Storms

BOOK 2: The Four Friends

  • To the Stars Arc


The first book primarily revolves around the budding love between Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, and newly single Wendy Testaburger and Craig Tucker.

Prologue ArcEdit

The first and only arc before the two year timeskip begins with Stan and Kyle being assigned a school project to work on together. After falling asleep on the couch with his best friend after a homework cram session, Kyle discovers his true feelings towards Stan. On the final day of school, during exams, Wendy is approached by a curious, interested Craig Tucker. The two begin to date shortly afterwords over winter break. While Kyle is out of town for the first half of winter break, Stan has an ominous dream about Kyle that foreshadows some future events. Shortly after Kyle returns to South Park, determined to tell Stan the truth, he receives news that his family will be moving out of the country, due to his father finding a high-paying job. Kyle instantly objects, but he has no choice but to leave South Park. With time winding down, Kyle invites Stan to sneak into the school so he can tell him the truth. The two swim together in the schools pool during the night as the snow falls lightly outside. Kyle begins to break out into tears and tells Stan the truth. Stan embraces Kyle in a kiss, clarifying the two's love for one another. Shortly after, Eric Cartman discovers his budding feelings towards Kyle. At Stan's house on New Years Eve, the four boys throw a goodbye party for Kyle. Cartman almost tells Kyle his own feelings for him but decides to hold on due to the two not having a good enough friendship. After some light drinking, Stan and Kyle go to Stan's backyard and reminiscence about their lives. The two embrace each other under the dark sky. Snow begins to fall around the two, and they engage in a final kiss before Kyle leaves South Park.

Craig's Past ArcEdit

Two years after the prologue arc, Stan has almost numbed any emotions related to love. Kenny McCormick has became Stan's new closest friend, and soon discovers his own feelings towards Stan. Wanting to be loyal to Stan, Kenny holds these feelings in. Meanwhile, after Craig abruptly leaves from a date, Wendy begins to wonder about Craig's past, something he seldom spoke about. When Craig arrives home, it is soon discovered that his father has been abusing Craig physically since he was a young child. The Tucker family had turned a blind eye to the situation, and Craig didn't want to involve Wendy for fear she may be afraid of him. Craig's father beat him unconscious, where he envisions his past life and his relationship with his family. Meanwhile, Cartman considers losing weight due to being self conscious from multiple criticisms stemming from various South Park residents. Wanting to lose weight fast, Cartman decides to make himself vomit in order to lessen his caloric intake. When Wendy confronts Craig, beaten up and tired, she asks him to tell her the truth about his life. When Craig promises to tell her everything at a later date, Wendy becomes frustrated and decides to end the relationship between her and Craig. Craig begs Wendy to stay with him, but Wendy explains she was fearful of his secrets. On the same rainy night, a mysterious figure wearing all black rides a motorcycle through the South Park mountains. The rider pauses on the edge of a mountain cliff and pulls out a picture of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric. He stabs a knife through the picture, attaching it to a nearby tree, and states he wishes to end the lives of the four boys.

Arrival of the Dark Rider ArcEdit

Kenny has a strange dream where a dark shadow holds a gun to his head and ends his life. Kenny believes he recognizes the voice of the shadow in his dream, but decides to keep the secret to himself. Elsewhere, Craig runs away from home and finds Tweek at the local playground. Tweek is revealed to have been a drug addict for years, and offers Craig some heroin. Craig accepts, and is soon in a euphoric state. While a blur to him, the mysterious rider approached Tweek and threatened him if he didn't reveal where the four boys were. When Tweek insists he doesn't know, the rider glances at Craig briefly, then leaves. Tweek, being fearful, also leaves. Meanwhile, Eric's mother contracts a cold and asks Eric to go to the pharmacy. Eric begrudgingly agrees, then discovers that his mother's car still had it's keys inside. Eric steals the car and drives to the pharmacy, where he picks up some light medication. Butter's runs into Eric at the store, and requests a ride home. After officer Barbrady pulls Eric over, he is nearly arrested, until Butter's parents intervene saying that there was a mistake. After being doubtful, Mr. Stotch drives Liane's vehicle home, followed by officer Barbrady. The situation is soon resolved with Eric being freed and Butter's being grounded by his parents. Liane has a heart to heart conversation with Eric, and she revealed she knew he had been making himself throw up. Eric promises to stop. On the same rainy day, Craig arrives at a local diner run by Clyde Donovan's father, who offers him free food and explains to him Clyde wishes to rekindle their old friendship. Craig considers the offer, but believes he has more urgent matters to attend to. Craig leaves the restaurant shortly after, and passes by Stan on the sidewalk. Lightning flashes as the two pass each other. As the day slowly draws to a close, Kenny McCormick decides to finally tell Stan the truth. After a sudden phone call from Stan, Kenny mistakes Stan's words for flirting. Stan dreams about Kyle, who tells him that there will be five storms that will happen in his lifetime. Kyle states that it is up to Stan to make it through each storm. Confused, Stan asks Kyle what he means, but Kyle is short on details and Stan wakes up shortly after. After becoming impatient from Kyle's absence, Stan gathers up a few things and decides to leave the country in order to search for Kyle. Stan, Kenny, and Eric all head for the train station to catch a train to New York, but are stopped by the mysterious motorcycle rider. Several South Park police officers, including officer Barbrady, make an instant appearance to try to stop the rider, but are ultimately unsuccessful as the rider slaughters all of them. When the rider seems to freeze for no apparent reason, the boys make their escape and board the train as it begins to leave South Park. The three boys promise they will do whatever it takes to find Kyle again, no matter the cost.

Wendy's Heart ArcEdit

Wendy ponders over re-forming a relationship with Craig. After spending a day with Bebe, Wendy believes she may slowly be developing feelings for Clyde Donovan. After a volleyball tournament is won by Wendy, Bebe, and Clyde, Wendy leaves that evening to return home, but is suddenly assaulted by a strange figure in a black cloak. The figure pulls Wendy in an alley and holds a knife to her throat, threatening to cut her throat if she makes a sound. Wendy is forced to lie on the ground helpless, but is soon saved by Craig Tucker. Wendy leaves the scene, and Craig vows to get revenge for Wendy. The mysterious rider makes a sudden appearance and cuts the man who held Wendy at knife-point, ultimately killing him. After the mysterious rider lunges for Craig, Clyde suddenly jumps between the two, protecting Craig, but sacrificing his own life in the process. Clyde dies in Craig's arms, awakening a new, unknown power inside of Craig. Craig's eyes turn red and his body is suddenly filled with excess strength, past that of a normal human. Craig and the rider engage in battle. Craig is soon defeated and his power dies down. The rider then reveals himself to be none other than Trent Boyett. Trent sends Craig into an illusion world where South Park is seen completely destroyed. Inside this world, Craig sees a slightly older Kyle in warrior gear fighting with a strange figure in the sky. Craig hears Trent's voice, saying that the world Craig is in will be what he will see eventually.

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