And Then There Were Less
Fanfic Information
Author JVM
Genre Drama, Tragedy
Pairing(s) Stendy, Clybe, Tannie, Tenny, Revin, Kybecca, Jimmy/Nancy, Pip/Sally, Terrance/Lizzy, Token/Heidi, Token/Lola (one-sided)
Written April 21st, 2011
Completed N/A
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And Then There Were Less is fanfic by JVM. It is a mystery fic and follows thirty-one South Park characters as they are gathered at Token Black's mansion with their families and series of gruesome murders occur.


Twenty years after the fourth grade, Token Black invites twenty-eight former classmates to his luxurious California mansion to atone for his misdeeds - setting the path for a series of deadly murders.


The fic opens it's first chapter with a letter sent out by Token explaining he wants to atone for his misdeeds over the years on the citizens of South Park, claiming he's 'changed' since he met his current fiancee, Heidi Turner, and he proceeds to invite all of his fourth grade classmates to his expansive California mansion for a weekend with their families.

The McCormick family, an adult Kenny, now a detective, and his wife Tammy discuss the matter first, unsure whether to go, Tammy particularly worried for their children, Jake and Rachel. Kenny sets up a meeting at Tweek Bros. Coffee to discuss it with his friends. Wendy, meanwhile, leaves City Hall with Karen McCormick, when she's called by Kenny who asks her about the letter. They discuss how it may not check out but agree to go to the mansion anyway, believing in safety in numbers. At the Genetic Engineering Ranch, Terrance Mephesto and his son work on an experiment when Kyle and Rebecca Broflovski arrive to pick up a pot-bellied elephant they'd ordered. Terrance revels in this as he charges them $7.49. At the news station, Kevin Stoley and Bebe Stevens-Donovan discuss the matter over lunch but neither can decide whether to actually go. Stan, Tweek, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Butters gather at Tweek Bros. Coffee and they all debate the matter before settling on all going.


  • Mark Cotswolds and Damien were originally intended to appear, but both were removed to trim the list and due to Damien's supernatural powers working against the fic's plotline.
  • While the first chapter's timeline is unknown, the second through final chapters take place on March 25th and in the morning of March 26th, 2011.
    • Although the story takes place in March, Osama bin Laden's death is mentioned. However, he died in the South Park universe during the kids' fourth grade years.
  • An alternate scene from the first chapter in which Wendy is depicted as the Mayor, rather than with an unknown career, is to be posted after the story concludes.
  • Cartman breaks the fourth wall, mentioning the author refused to give him a family.
  • Bradley references his superhero identity of Mint-Berry Crunch multiple times.
  • Pip's death in 201 is referenced multiple times.
  • Rebecca works at the Peppermint Hippo, the same strip club seen in Lil Crime Stoppers and The Return of Chef


All characters labelled 'cameo' only appear during the first chapter.

  • Token Black
  • Heidi Turner
  • Kenny McCormick
  • Tammy Warner
  • Wendy Testaburger
  • Karen McCormick (cameo)
  • Terrance Mephesto
  • Lizzy
  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Rebecca Cotswolds
  • Kevin Stoley
  • Rebecca "Red"
  • Bebe Stevens
  • Clyde Donovan
  • Tweek Tweak
  • Kevin McCormick (cameo)
  • Stan Marsh
  • Eric Cartman
  • Leopold "Butters" Stotch
  • Bradley Biggle
  • Esther
  • Bill
  • Fosse
  • Millie
  • Craig Tucker
  • Jimmy Valmer
  • Nancy
  • Terrance (mentioned)
  • Phillip (mentioned)
  • Timmy
  • Annie Faulk
  • Sally "Powder" Turner
  • Jason
  • Dogpoo
  • Lola

A number of the aforementioned characters have had children, though they only appear much during the first two chapters:

  • Jake McCormick
  • Rachel McCormick
  • Alphonse Mephesto, II
  • Gabe Mephesto
  • Alan Stoley
  • Henry Biggle
  • Amanda Marsh
  • Shane Marsh

Body Count

To be added after story is completed.

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