Alone With Forever
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating M/18+
Pairing(s) Kenman, Bunny, Clyle (minor), Style (minor)
Written December 30, 2010
No. of Chapters 11
Status Incomplete
Link Alone With Forever
Warnings Yaoi/Slash, Sexual themes/situations, Rape, Heavy violence/BDSM (non-con)
Series Chronology
Separate Lives Alone With Forever
Fic Chronology
Pandora Alone With Forever I Wanna Ride You

Alone With Forever is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Suki-Itami. The story is told through Kenny McCormick's Point of View. The main pairing of the story is Bunny though non-consensual Kenman is involved. It is the sister story to "Separate Lives".


Kenny is in an abusive relationship with Eric Cartman that he wants out of. Unfortunately, to protect the one he actually loves, Kenny is forced to stay in the relationship until he can't take it any longer.


Kenny is stuck in severely abusive relationship in which he's died multiple times - only once in the story - and doesn't know how much longer he can take it. The only thing that seems to give him any amount of relief from it is when his friends and roommates, Clyde Donovan and Kyle Broflovski are around to protect him. Well, that and when he's around the person he really loves, Butters Stotch.

Compelled to protect Butters from a second round of Cartman's wrath - the first time being when they were freshmen in high school - Kenny stays with Cartman even though he's always subjected to the worst of beatings. Regardless of this, Kenny sneaks around with Butters with the hope that one day they can openly be together.

After two years of cheating - this is mentioned in the story - Cartman discovers the affair and tries to kill Butters, nearly succeeding when he hires a group of Goths to do it for him, (this is prevented by Stan).

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